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Within a week of publishing this video we will give out a $50 gift card to Tiger fitness.com2. One lucky person who does all of these steps boom what’s up everyone Mark  Loeb liner Tiger Fitness comm CEO mgs nutrition I recently watched this movie called what the hell the documentary on Netflix.

I got to say it was one of the most one-sided opinionated propagandist piece-of-crap documentaries I’ve ever seen in my life I’m not saying that everything about it was wrong.

I’m saying that it presented one side completely neglected the other side of the story as with any video like this they’re going to vilify the government which even the pro fat people do I mean for example I have pointed for years and years and years the fact that childhood onset diabetes did not really exist till we started putting out low-fat foods because what happens when you take fat out of the diet what’s going to happen.

We’ll going to replace it with something fat satiates fat blond hunger fat can blunt insulin in certain cases so when you just keep ingesting sugar and carbohydrate because the food pyramid has on the bottom , while simple carbohydrates so what’s going to happen.

Well, you can eat more type 2 diabetes syndrome acts a bunch of bad stuff happens so but we always blame this on the government right as the government’s fault.  However,  the movie what the health actually blame the government the other part of the government. The Center for Disease Control the American Health Association to catch society.

They blamed all of them so the bottom line is who’s right who’s wrong it’s in between it’s all about a balanced diet. I’m going to go over this movie in parts of it. Why I think that well toss him waste your time watching it but if you do just keep an eye open for this one thing is you notice all the studies they have were kind of like the China Study which I we did give us a lot of insight into some ideas of healthy eating’s but the reason they keep doing studies is because there’s no definitive final answer on studies right.

They always go to replicate a study all the studies he pointed to were either a website saying something or correlation studies there were a little actually to actual controlled lab studies on human beings which.

I know would be extremely hard to do so essentially they go by surveys and so all these people ate this and they end up getting heart disease.

If one of those do help they give us a view an insight into what’s going on it’s not a hundred percent I found this to be more a hit piece on me saying that eggs are the most concentrated form of deadly food ever which I believe is pretty much what they said.  Chicken is the most dangerous thing you can eat I believe it’s quite silly I do believe the environmental issues they brought up in this are very valid very valid.  However to link 100% undeniably the fat people are dying from cancer to meat is a bit far-fetched.  It’s a bit far-fetched there’s a lot of environmental factors you can’t just say okay this is it and the bottom line is he’s neglecting a lot of good things because essentially he said even sugar has helped me but we’re vilifying saturated fat which I’ve done a video the coconut oil video that coconut is healthy for you.

Now saying, get 100 million grams of coconut a day but don’t avoid it for example improve cardiovascular health on the addition of saturated fats a diet reduces the levels of a substance called lipoprotein a that correlates strongly with the risk for heart disease research showing that women who diet those who eat the greater percentage of total fat saturated fat lost more weight.

Saturated fat also helps us stronger bones saturated fat also helps with improved liver health because it helps protect the liver from alcohol medications such as acetaminophen.

It also helps with a healthy brain share the fatty acids in your brain our saturated proper nerve signaling stronger immune system.  All these things have been linked to saturated fats. There’s ad nauseum also remember a lot of studies with the very low carbonated carbohydrate diet done by Dr. Jeffrey Bullock have shown that saturated fat and a higher fat diet very low carbohydrates I have the opposite of what this movie saying are extremely beneficial for lipid profiles and health measures of health.

So here’s the thing I’m not saying Dr. bollocks right I’m not saying the movies wrong what I’m saying is we can’t just see this movie and automatically that’s it not eating chicken anymore. It gives us a view of something some ideas some concepts to incorporate into our diet and also gives us an idea of the damage we do to the environment weeds certain things but to have a definitive view on something this movie hardly does it hardly does so one thing I’d like to point out they say that sugar is not a bad thing in this movie.  However , we can point to a lot of things there’s also some articles circulating around the internet that I’ve seen that show that you know basically the sugar lobby the sugar people lobbied for the food pyramid we have so both sides but for the meat side the sugar side.

They all have some form of government corruption involved so what do we find out here well a couple things one is that a healthy balanced diet is good including a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet with their high antioxidants is a good thing.  We  also know from looking at Dr. Volek studies it’s good to have some fat your diet I recommend about 30 percent of your diet be fat okay more of a zone diet.  If you’re looking for overall health forty thirty thirty protein carbon fat forty thirty thirty is good to go right and then about 20 to 30 percent of your total fat intake which is 30 percent your diet coming from saturated fat which should be coconut oil which can be eggs any form of saturated fat trying to board trans fats however if you have a couple micrograms of that it’s not going to kill you.

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