For over 20 years he has passionately studied the art and science of natural healing and made it his mission to spread the word of health and wellness to the global community.

Since founding global healing center in 1998 he has led the research and development team in formulating groundbreaking nutraceuticals designed to promote internal cleansing and good health.  His approach is based on the understanding that disease is caused by an accumulation of toxins within the body tonight Dr. group will be sharing with you his expert opinion on how you two can discover the secret to health.

Dr. Edward group is a Doctor of Chiropractic a naturopathic physician certified clinical nutritionist.  A holistic health practitioner certified clinical herbalist and a diplomat of the chiropractic board of clinical nutrition a published author frequent radio and television guests an internationally known speaker his accomplishments in science and natural medicine have garnered worldwide recognition under his leadership global healing center has become one of the world’s most respected natural and alternative health resources .

His passion integrity truly solidify his position is a modern-day Renaissance man please join me in welcoming to the stage Dr. Edward F Group.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate that I don’t know about Renaissance man more like renegade man but thank you so much for coming out and listening this tonight this is very important and it’s close to my heart because you know originally.


I wanted to be a medical doctor and ended up meeting somebody that got me into natural medicine and kind of had an argument with them and you know the way I was trained really was that you know medicine is everything and it wasn’t until I actually went and started looking and breaking down the prescription medications really and found that that was just a band-aid.

It wasn’t it was just you know putting something over a symptom but not addressing the root cause of disease and that’s what led me to develop the secret to health because really disease is not something that people should be fearful of I mean right now 10 out of 10 people pretty much are suffering from something whether it’s a headache once a week or joint pain or muscle pain it’s not something that everybody needs to run to their doctor for and even when I was going through training and trying to learn everything I can about natural medicine still even.

When I was meeting with medicine man or if I was going through chiropractic or I was going through nature naturopathic or whatever it still didn’t teach me the root cause really I mean still all of that was okay well instead of prescribing a medication let’s prescribe white willow bark for your headache or something like that now chiropractic is awesome because there’s so much that it does to reactivate all the organs and everything.  But what I wanted to do was figure out what is it that causes all negative health conditions what is the root cause of all disease and that’s what I’m going to share with you tonight so basically everything is in simplicity you know you can you can look for all the answers out here for years and years and years.  I mean I had a degenerative disease clinic because cancer was really something that I wanted to focus on.

That was you know I’m the type of person that I want the hardest thing and then I want to learn every single thing about it if nobody in the world knows how to cure cancer.

I want to figure it out and myself and a few other people just don’t really deep into that years ago while we were studying all this and said we’re going to figure out how to teach people because everybody has a self-healing mechanism inside their body that’s what’s not being taught you know the best medicine and the best doctor is you.

You know you put you’re supposed to listen to your body and you’re supposed to listen to your symptoms that the body gives you because the body will always give you symptoms that headache is not your body telling you one to get some ibuprofen that’s your body telling.

You ate something wrong you slept wrong something is malfunctioning within your system you know I was young and getting out of school we just you know.  I went down we trained with all the doctors in Mexico because they have to go down there because you’re not allowed in the United States to heal disease or teach somebody how to heal disease.

I mean anybody that starts to become successful will get run out of town or they’ll get raided or anything like that I mean some of the stuff that I’m going to talk to you guys about hopefully a lot of you already know it but I mean.

If you pick someone off the street you start going into a lot of the stuff we’re going to share tonight you have to have an open mind because some of this stuff every single thing that I’m going to tell you tonight is a hundred percent true whether you agree with it or not is up is up to you.

But what I say is I’ve spent twenty years doing research on every single one of these topics that I’m going to share with you tonight and if you want some of that research feel free to contact me.  But I always recommend people do their own research because that’s what that’s what really changes you.


You know somebody can come up to you and say yeah gluten is bad for you and you know maybe that person will believe them but I’m the type of person that I want to see all the research behind it so when we felt comfortable with our theories and with you know what we had learned we opened up a degenerative disease clinic and cancer clinic even though everybody told me not to in 1999.

Here in Houston actually and it got so big so fast because we had such good success rates and when the patients would come in and we would talk to them… I would say we ended up having people from all over the world flying in with all different types of diseases that had already seen 10 15 20 different doctors and even natural doctors that still couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

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