Hi.  I’m Priyanka Chopra I am presenting on happy Mother’s Day to all the gorgeous mothers out there!

The all my music returns learned from my mother when I was four years old.  I suppose my fingers into her lipstick and grab them all of my face.  Whether it is stand whether it is an area seeing all the most enables chicks in the world I’ve learned from my mother the first thing though she did teach me was how to live – from Tanika one is that beauty is what you teach us.

So I’ll be a good person and always like don’t are you know always don’t forget to be nice to everyone that one of the biggest beauty tips.  I think I can make awesome carajo see for yourself what is we had to boil our hair be something and the other thing she says every time we got ready to drop you – you’re wasting your time those of you for you and for an actual note of because my boss would be like don’t you think up slow and we would take the flight speed on our character and I fresh you feel good I think that dog whenever I feel or say of minimalistic sheep just use a lot of makeup she’s a single woman and enhance is a good energy.

So I think that tells that we be happy today I’ve got something that I get the biggest beautify of my mother was also paying for charge after emotional changes it’s such a simple beauty tips when its dirty work that our skin accident is also much because you freeze goes expensive now ready it gets all commercial to fix one for any purpose what I have learned from a month if the fact that I’ve got my brand philosophy love yourself from her it’s very important to love your family at the same time look after yourself she believes in drinking water and that’s something that we have we taught from time your little kids a lot of drunk water and that we do.

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