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I’m Jamie and this is Jude and today we’re going to be sharing with you guys five easy hacks to help you look put together even if you’re really nice.  So like I said my name is Jamie and I upload to millennial mom’s every Monday.

If you’re new here welcome subscribe down below so you don’t miss any of our future videos and if you like videos like this be sure to let me know by giving us the big thumbs up this if you guys are moms then you know time is very limited that’s why I’m holding my little one while.  I’m filming today we are crazy busy our kids schedules can sometimes run our lives and life is just really crazy so it can be difficult to do a full face of makeup when you’re on the go but you also don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed when you’re out in public.

So today,  I’m going to be sharing with you guys five simple hacks to help you look a little bit more put together the first hack that I have is to learn how to put a braid in your hair something as simple as the braid that I have in my hair right now literally takes a minute or two to do and it makes me go from looking like I just rolled out of bed to I put a little bit of effort into the way that I look.  The next tip that I have is to use an under eye brightener I love the Maybelline age rewind brightener underneath my eyes. I feel like it does an excellent job of making me look like I’m not so tired even though lord knows it’s been a long time a full night’s rest number three is to get your eyebrows on girl get yourself some eyebrow gel it can be tinted it can be not tinted something that is gonna give you a little bit more life to your face eyebrows are all the rage right now but they really do frame your face you don’t want to go too dark and you don’t want to just be like a face for but having a little bit of definition in your eyes.

At least maybe some clear gel that will help tame and shake them a little bit I really do feel like it makes you look a little bit more put together put some perfume on I like to keep a rollerball of my favorite perfume inside of my purse so that when I’m out and about I can just put it on what’s your greatest current favorite perfume my favorite perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs I feel like it is so sweet and springy comment down below and let us know what your favorite flat pack that I have for you guys it’s to throw on a star even if you are in jeans and a t-shirt and nothing else sometimes a little accessory like a scarf really I have to pop to your outfit and makes it look like you put in a little extra after alright guys so those are my simple hat to look put together I hope you’ve enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not already tang will be uploading tomorrow so you don’t want to miss that and my personal channel Jaimie Kight will be links down below I hope you guys have a fabulous put-together day and I will see you next Monday on millennial moms!

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