Hi guys!  I would talk to you from glam lead guru.  I absolutely love her channel I’m going to post it below and Wow okay,  I have three hours of sleep last night hmm it’s okay buddy and in five minutes we do fabulousness.

I’m Ella and I’m passionate about filmmaking and finding ways to be a great mom all right so something that anyone can benefit from even if you do just this mascara and some gloss it’s so essential to use a concealer that will illuminate and brighten the under eye area.  You’re gonna make a v-shape underneath the eye and just kind of right in those dark circles thank you.

Yes. Immediate look like I got a lot of sleep but I didn’t okay to even out the complexion the fastest easiest way to go is a powder foundation you don’t have to deal with a messy liquids I like a flat top brush you just kind of use circular motions around the face this is very relaxing like where I can be flow do mega go back to bed yeah now we want to add some color to the face and make everything look alive all you’re going to need is a blush brush and some blush not directly on the apples of the cheeks maybe a little bit higher.  It’s a little more anti-aging makes you look a little more lifted yes we can all use that if you have time for only one eyeshadow you’re going to want to go with a medium tone matte Brown and this is so simple you don’t have to be a pro.

Don’t let this intimidate you you’re just going to use windshield wiper motions in the crease back and forth back and forth back and forth and just blend everything out you can put color on the actual lid we took this shimmery shade but you can apply it with the same fluffy brush and then you’re not going to pick up so much shimmer it’s just gonna give a sheer wash so you’re not looking like a disco ball you’re looking still appropriate for daytime. I really prefer gloss over lipstick for anyone in a rush it’s not going to get on your teeth you don’t need to like pause life and you know go and apply Lu probably actually applies my lip gloss yes she’s very good at it well a little makeup artist and maybe add a little mascara and that is your perfect daytime look.

It looks good it’s just really natural which is perfect if you want to take this to night time if you want to lose its date time you can take a darker shade we use this shade sable stain brush I wanted to keep things really simple just go on the outer corner of the eye this is really going to easily smoke things up make it look like you just spent all this time on your shadow and really you just did a couple little tricks and you’re out the door so we did that we applied a little bit of brown liner which i think is much easier to work with and black liner it’s more forgiving smudge it out a little bit and you’ve got yourself the perfect smoky eye for date night yeah that is the finished look thank you so much if you guys want to check out more of Toddie and her awesome tutorials please please go to the link below and we did a little video together.

I’m gonna show you a little trick on how to make your mascara look much thicker and more volume line really works so I was kind of amazed yo soul is bringing like the makeup tricks to my channel which is I only know one good you guys gotta go check it out thank you so much for watching and subscribing if you like what you see bye guys now I gotta go I gotta figure out where it can go we need a babysitter now yeah you look hot you need to go wink you need to go somewhere other than cpk yeah that’s my vote!

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