Guys I am here today to talk to you about what is in my travel bag because a lot of you guys been asking because I do a lot of traveling and so here it is I recently just got back from a trip.

I went to Tennessee to go to Bonnaroo which was super fine if you haven’t seen the vlog.  Go through the vlog we had a good time so in preparation for this video.  I decided to not unpack my carry-on bag so that I could show you guys all of the fun things all of the necessities and all the random things that are in my carry-on bags that I have to have with me when I travel. There’s really not much else to say so let’s just go ahead and get into it first of all let me say that I have gone back and forth between different types of travel bags.

I’ve had backpacks I’ve had large totes I’ve had gym bag like the crossbody gym bags.  I’ve had simple crossbodies like big purses kind of situations and I’ve done like the carry-on roller my favorite by far is the backpack I think it covers everything.  It’s easy to travel with your hands-free so you don’t have to hold on to something.  It doesn’t like weigh you down like bags do so backpacks all the way for me that is my that is my ticket.  So let’s get into the good stuff now the most vital thing for me.  When it comes to traveling especially for longer flights is a pair of socks normally I do like this blue pair or this red pair but I couldn’t find the matching pair.

So, for example,  sake here’s both and my experienced flights are always freezing especially the long one so I always carry a pair of like thick thick socks so that I don’t freeze to that try it next time you know thank me the biggest game-changer that has ever happened to me ever when traveling is a pair of bose noise-canceling headphones.

I’ve heard about these for a very long time I finally got my own in December this last Christmas it is a Christmas present and I use them constantly first of all it’s bluetooth everything is cooler with Bluetooth. It has this feature where you just turn it on and it pairs she’s talking to me not for her off she’s talking it pairs up to any electronic device that you have it’s cordless again because it’s bluetooth when you turn it on it automatically like cancels out all noise outside which it’s very helpful when you’re in a plane.

Because it has a constant buzzing sound it’s hard to hear trust me you don’t think you need them until you try them and then you’re like what is life without these.  Next, I have another pair of headphones and this is the pair of headphones that comes with the standard this jack I don’t know what it’s called airplanes only have these jacks available for watching TV and for watching movies on the screen in front of you.  So it’s very important to have this kind as well so I’ve learned to just always bring these just in case I forget my other cord so that I just always have headphone option.

Since the new Apple phone has the different plug in I’ve also learned to always carry my little adapter around when you purchase your iPhone this comes with it and I’ve learned to just keep it with me always because you never know let’s get into the charger section of this video phone chargers so on bigger planes. They have like the USB import where you can plug in your cord and charge your phone from the seat which is what I always do like first thing.  Once I sit down,  I just plug my phone in but even if that’s not there I always bring this box just in case because if something happens and you miss your flight or your flight gets cancelled and you’re stuck in the airport for a long time.  You need to have one of these otherwise you’re going to end up having to buy one at the airport which is like so expensive.

The next treasure I bring is my most charger and this is a little travel external battery that I bring with me everywhere so this is my legs back up back up phone charger in case there’s no outlets around.

Next,  I have my laptop charger because while people like to breed and watch movies and stuff like that on the plane I always have my laptop with me.  Because I’m usually editing a vlog with smaller flights they don’t always have outlets but again with bigger flights that usually do right under your seat.

So what I do is I just plug this in and I plug it into my laptop so that my laptops always charged and it will be charged for when I land also like if something happens and your flight gets canceled and you’re stuck at the airport for a really long time it’s nice to know that you could be on your laptop the whole time getting work done or procrastinating and watching Netflix the whole time.  Because it makes sense to say it next my laptop is the next thing in my backpack I keep this with me always whenever I go anywhere because again I’m a vlogger.

I need to edit the vlog I know this is heavy and you don’t always want to lug it around I’ve never trusted leaving something like this in my actual suitcase which I check so because I don’t trust that I prefer to keep it with me at all times I always keep it’s not with me in case I get hungry and the stewardesses don’t want to give me another bag of peanuts oftentimes the airplane food sucks and oftentimes the airplane food is not very healthy it’s a lot of like pastries and breads and desserts and like bagels and stuff like that.

I don’t want that you know I’d rather have this because I am a germaphobe but I always have hand sanitizer with me at all times because you touch a lot of stuff on planes you’re surrounded by people that are sick and that is okay.

I have my phone which for all these reasons is with me gum because it is pop on planes and it’s annoying and gum helps with that and I’m just like a gum addict so I love having just little tiny wallets with me especially when it comes to traveling because it’s really small its compact I can throw it with me wherever so a little wallet for the wind they don’t take up a lot of space and it keeps you organized so this is my blog camera if you guys do not follow me on my blog channel than you really should because we have a good time there and we want you to have a good time with us so come join us in our vlog.

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