You guys welcome back to my channel! And welcome to my first video in my new apartment!

You can’t really see much I’m still like completely putting together my beauty room so before that’s done I thought it would film my video today in the kitchen for you guys because I’ve been moving for the past two days.

I did not have any food at my new place so I had to resort to eating out and it did not go good girl okay — let’s just say I may have had like a day and a half of a cheat day which is so bad.

So I woke up this morning not really feeling my best so I wanted to meal prep today so I’m going to be making six or seven meals for throughout this entire week, and a lot of you have asked if I would make a meal prep video in detail and show you guys every step of what I do.

So that’s what I’m going to be doing today. this is pretty cost effective I spent like sixty five dollars at the store this morning and it’s going to last me all week and it’s also very easy like once you learn or do this once or twice and then you go to do it the next week it’s super easy it’s nothing hard to remember and I didn’t really buy any like crazy exotic foods or anything this is all stuff that you guys can get at your local grocery store or supermarket stater brothers Albertsons.

I did not go to Whole Foods today so it is just stuff that you guys can buy at any regular grocery store I just wanted to make it as simple as possible for you guys so I’m going to go over everything that you need for today’s prep and let’s get right into it the first thing obviously that you will need is Tupperware I bought mine at stater brothers this morning because my old Tupperware is that my old place we’re getting gross and I was just like “No”.

So,  I throw those out so this is the pack that I decided to get from stater brothers all of these right here were a total of $5.99 and you get more than five Tupperware. So if you break it down you’re paying less than $1 per container which is really great so this one comes with some little ones in here which you could put like little snacks in or something like that. Then you get six meal ones like these are perfect.  These are the perfect size for my turkey or salmon or whatever is going in here for the week. Then you also get some bigger ones here these are just more like sandwich sized, actually get a really good amount for the price so that’s what I’m going to be putting my food in. Okay, for this week the two main dishes that I’m doing: grilled chicken and salmon. Then I will add the rice and the veggies on the side, so the grilled chicken that I got is actually frozen now.

I would not recommend this every time, if you are running late or you’re just a really busy person and you work a lot this is going to be the easiest it’s 90 calories for every three ounces so if you weigh out your chicken three to four ounces is a lot of chicken that you get for a very low amount of calories it’s not crispy or anything it’s already cut for you it’s grilled chicken this one’s by Tyson. You can get fresh chicken and you have the time do it that way. I just wanted to show you guys a quick way and I do this a lot of times when I honestly cannot get fresh chicken so we are going to be using this which is literally takes five minutes to do. Then I did go ahead and get French salmon this week.

I have never cooked salmon in a meal prep before. Today is going to be at first I usually do grilled chicken or ground turkey from Jenny. But I love salmon and I just never really thought of putting it in my meals and I watch Arika Soto’s video last week on her meal prep and she use this and it looked so delicious. So we are going to be making this for my snacks I got a bunch of apples and then I got some bananas just something of course really easy fruit is really great for you. I bought 2 packs of strawberries because these were 2 for $3 this week at stater brothers so we’re going to be chopping these up as well also for a good afternoon snack.

I got a kind bar this has really good protein and really good macros because the fat in fat content in these bars is very low so this is much better for you than having a Cliff Bar or a power bar or something like that and they’re kind of salty so they taste really great I believe they have under 200 calories for the whole bar yeah 180 for the whole bar so they have a bunch of flavors of these also you guys can find these at Starbucks. Then for the vegetables which are going to go in the Tupperware with the salmon and the chicken.

I got regular carrots which we’re going to be chopping up and we’re going to be actually frying them on the pan with a little bit of seasoning it makes them taste really good and of course they’re super healthy and then I just got regular Brussels sprouts now I know these may look kind of gross or you may have never had Brussels sprouts and you’re like girl those are going to be nasty but actually have these at a restaurant the other night for the first time and they were amazing. I was like you know what I’m going to give it a shot at home and try to make them so we’re going to saute the carrots and the Brussels sprouts in the pan together so oh and then of course brown rice which is in my pantry and I do have a rice cooker.

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