hey everyone welcome back to mom minute I’m Mindy from cute girls hairstyles now I personally know that one of the most challenging things as a mother is trying to teach your kids healthy eating habits life is just so busy and everything is so easy and convenient these days it’s much quicker and faster to just run through and grab a happy meal or to hand a cookie to your toddler so they’ll stop crying so when I saw this question I definitely could relate Lindsay asks do you have any advice on how to get kids to eat healthy I am an extremely picky eater and I do not want my baby to be this way I’m going to introduce new healthy foods when the time is right but would love some tips my first tip with a big exclamation point behind it is lead by example if you’re not eating healthy or you’re picky eater chances are your kids are going to do the same thing if you think you can live in an environment where you’re teaching your kids one thing and you’re doing and a completely different other it’s just not gonna work the kids are gonna watch what you’re doing and follow the lead of you so if you want your kids to eat healthy you need to eat healthy if you don’t want them to be a picky eater and you want them to try new things you need to be trying new things my next tip would be keep fruits and veggies around now by around I don’t necessarily mean just in the fridge although that’s a great idea too I mean around like visible in view all the time when my kids come home from school I like to have fresh watermelon on the table or a freshly cut sliced apple or cut celery stick something around because I know as a mom my kids come home from school they’re immediately hungry they’re they’ve been going foodless for several hours so they’re gonna grab whatever is in plain sight what I want that to be is something healthy not the cookies or the brownies we made the day before I am also a big proponent of sending food from home so when my husband was working out of the home and in his office I was always advocating sending a lunch with him and I do the same thing with my kids I know schools are getting better these days but I just don’t feel like the lunch schools they’re providing are as healthy as something I can send my kids with from home so we always prepare their lunches beforehand and this is our general rule of thumb my kids in their lunches get a healthy and unhealthy and a Maine what I mean by these things are a Maine is like the main dish like their sandwich or their salad or whatever their main item would be for that lunch and a healthy is they often take two that’s like your carrot sticks your celery sticks your apple slices a fruit of vegetable anything like that now an unhealthy in my house is something like crackers or chips it’s not necessarily what we call junks junks are for Friday’s only every other day of the week they take an unhealthy so they might take some graham crackers or they might take some cheese nibs or something like that but they’re not gonna take cookies and brownies every day of the week those are only special Friday things now some ways to help speed up dinner because I think this is the hardest one as a mom because the evenings get very very busy when the kids come home from school and if you haven’t already made dinner you’re probably not going to you just run out of time so one of the things I did for years was a food co-op this is where several families all cooked for each other and they would bring over dinner some nights and only one one day a week I would take dinner to them so every night we were still getting a very healthy well-balanced home-cooked meal and it’s cheaper to to boot but we were doing it in such a way that it wasn’t taking all of my time and my energy to prepare that food I’ve also heard of women that do where they cook like all at once like they’ll cook a whole month’s worth of meals like soups and put them in the freezer then you can just pull them out put them in the crock-pot or whatever something like that and I think those are great ideas too anytime you can speed up the dinnertime process you’re going to be more likely to do it and continue those healthy eating habits now if you find yourself stuck in a rut you just have to run for fast food try to grab something a little bit healthier instead of running down to the local burger joint with the french fries and the milkshake try run into the next closest sandwich place and picking up something that actually gives you some healthy calories instead of just a lot of fat I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to implement healthy eating with your kids and I’d love to hear what healthy snacks your children love so leave a comment below telling me what their favorites are if you have a question for me be sure to tweet me at the moms view hashtag mom minute subscribe for more episodes and I’ll see you guys next week bye guys