hey guys I’m Ashley folds from mom dot me and I’m here today with Ewa amore Martino she’s an actress turned blogger and you have a new lifestyle blog happily ever after and you are a new mom to one-year-old Marlo I am a new mom and all of the trials and tribulations that comes along with that I feel like you have so much advice to share and so many good like insights and tips and tricks to give me so you know one of the biggest challenges I think when you become a new mom is the breastfeeding sort of through my own experience I’ve developed a few little hacks just to kind of help you through the process one of those things is drinking a ton of water okay so it’s kind of cute to have these little um pre-made spa waters that you can make really easily so pretty it’s a malicious yeah so I sort of have done three flavors for you today okay the first one here is an orange and vanilla extract water yum look like creamsicle yeah yeah yeah so this one is just you know you slice up an orange and you put like one or two drops of vanilla extract easy this one is strawberry and mint which is a classic combo I love them just cut up about you know eight to ten strawberries and you put a few sprigs of mint and keep that in the fridge so doable so doable and then this last one I’m gonna actually make for you guys so I have lavender in my garden and I’m gonna just put that right in our little water continue so pretty even if you weren’t drinking it I don’t want this in my house you know interesting I love it and then here I’ve just been chopping some cucumbers you want to get them this little size where you can you know super thin rod I know we probably need that as Newmont right so you’re just gonna put these right in here as well okay you can just get a little spoon push these in here put some more in there if you’d like so one thing that I love to keep on hand that was really really easy simple for when you’re starving is these little um yogurt parfaits so they have all of these amazing ingredients that really promote breastfeeding are delicious looks so yummy and easy to make so you’re just gonna put a little layer here in the bottom okay and then you know kind of the toppings are up to you the things that we really want to make sure we include the first is cashews so cashews are known to promote breastfeeding and lactation testing I know yeah so these are roasted unsalted and then what we have here is papaya also promotes breast feeding unlocked ation so it’s nice just to include this in there it’s really healthy it has tons of enzymes if you have leftover papaya you can always smoosh it up and put it on your face then right here we have granola so the biggest most important thing is that they have oats so oats are also a lactation aid so if you just sprinkle some and then here I just wanted to kind of play up the tropical aspect of this parfait today so this is just some classic pineapple cut into a little bit and then these are chia seeds so chia seeds are amazing they have tons of fiber they have a lot of protein now what we’re going to do is just do a little bit of a second layer here and then you can just sort of repeat the process okay having these you can make them ahead of time you can put them in the fridge with a little bit of saran wrap over them and then I love to put a little bit of raw honey on the top a little drizzle because raw honey is so good for you it has so many benefits Mui you eat it so as you can tell it’s pretty so pretty thank you guys so much for watching and definitely check into at his blog happily-ever-after and my blog the style editor comm for more lifestyle and parenting tips we’ll see you guys soon