hey you guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new I’m in the middle of a series called the mom fitness files where I’m sharing with you guys some of the most important things I think that are out there for women and moms especially to know as they get going on their fitness journey I am a personal trainer slash homeschooling mom and so that’s what you’re going to hear a lot about on this channel so before I get into today’s video which would be the next part in the series so there are other videos I will leave a link in the description box if you haven’t watched the series you should probably start at the beginning because I’ve sequenced them in the order that I have for a reason and it kind of makes sense so if you haven’t checked out those other videos be sure to go down and check out that link that I’m gonna leave down below and go and watch them if you’re new I’m so glad you found my channel I would love to have you subscribe please hit that red button over here so you can finish out this series with me if you are new to my channel so on the note of being a homeschooling mom I know I said I was gonna get these videos up every week and I’ve done pretty good for myself however I did miss this past week and I apologize if you’re a mom out there come on let me know in the comments if you feel like October is a crazy month especially at the end I feel like fall season being a homeschooling mom has gotten pretty much just a busy ad like the Christmas season and we’ve had some fun parties and tons of field trips and costume things and just like a lot of stuff going on combined with regular school and keeping up with the house and my clients and sports and so I’ve just been running around crazy so hopefully I’m not the only one but I do apologize that it took me an extra week to get this video done for you guys so today’s video is going to be on nutrition and if you notice the common theme in my videos I’m not saying this is what you should do I’m just giving the information that has worked for me and then it’s up to you to determine if that is gonna be best for you or it’s gonna help you meet your goals so today’s video I’m talking about nutrition and I’m not gonna talk about all the different nutritional diet plans that are out there I’m gonna talk about what I’ve done because I feel like that’s important to just share with you guys what I’ve done and what I recommend to my clients so before I get into that know that this video may not be the nutritional advice you’re looking for but I’ve seen it work for hundreds of women in my own personal experience and so I know that it works so here’s my nutrition advice and you’ll and I also want you guys to know that next week’s video is gonna be on how to build a weight training program for yourself and I’m covering nutrition first because nutrition is largely important like I’ve said a million times over but you won’t see the results that you want to see from strength training if you’re not eating right ok so here are the two food nutritional programs I followed notice I do not call them diets I do not believe in diets I do not believe in anything that is so restrictive that you start on day one and you end on day 30 and then that’s that I think that that leads to a lot of other issues like binge eating I think that that can get inside your head mentally and cause a lot of problems later on if you keep going with that where you’re on a diet off the diet yo-yo dieting so I don’t recommend diets so if that’s been something you’ve been doing I would recommend that you stop doing that so in my fitness journey like I said I have only followed two nutritional programs and the first one is beach bodies 21 day fix meal program I did that when I was interested in losing weight and now that I’m not interested in losing weight that program doesn’t work for me and the reason why is because it is a calorie restricted program and it is not enough food for me now where I’m at in my journey to build the muscle that I want to see built now I know that there are other people out there who have counted macros and lost weight but I didn’t do that when I was losing weight I did the 21 day fix program it’s a huge very popular program I know you’ve heard about it you can check it out from anyone you can go online you can go on youtube and watch millions of 21 day fix videos so I’m not gonna really go into that but the reasons why I liked it and why it worked for me was because I could choose my foods so I didn’t feel like I had to eat separately from my family it gave me lists of foods that were allowed and it taught me to stay away from processed sugar boxed foods it taught me how to eat clean taught me how to really look at portion control without weighing food or getting really into it and at the end of the day I didn’t have to track anything except for my colors so it’s a color-coded program your vegetables are green you get a certain number of those to your protein is red you get a certain number of that and that’s how it worked so if you are looking to lose weight I would recommend the 21 day fix but now where I’m at in my journey now I’m not looking to lose weight I’m also not looking to lose muscle mass so in order for me to not lose muscle mass and not lose weight I cannot be in a calorie deficit each day and all that means is that I can’t be burning more calories than I’m consuming otherwise what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna be on this hamster wheel of working out really really hard not fuelling properly and not seeing the muscle growth or strength gain that you want to see so that is when I discovered macro counting and a lot of you guys have questions on macro counting again I’m not gonna go so into detail but basically what macros are or are your macronutrients they’re the biggest nutrients your body needs and those are your proteins carbs and fat when you’re tracking your macros you are looking to hit a number in each of those every day now with counting macros you’ll see some people they eat whatever they want to eat which is nice because it’s flexible say you’re gonna have pizza with your kids and you don’t want to not be able to have that well sure you can fit that into your macros but it’s gonna use a lot of your carbs and a lot of your fats so then your other food throughout the day would need to compensate for that so that’s all it really is now you can get your numbers from an educated personal trainer like me you can get your numbers from a online calculator you can do them yourself there’s tons of websites the iifym if it fits your macros calm has a calculator on there the more accurate the info you put in the more accurate your results are or your numbers are gonna be and then your results are gonna be so those are what your macronutrients are that is what I do now I like it because like I said if I want to go have frozen yogurt with my kids no big deal I can totally do that so I just put that in ahead of time on my macro tracker which I use my Fitness Pal to do that and I just plug that information in then I know it’s already in my day I adjust my other foods around it and I’m good to go the thing that has helped me with macro counting is I used to do like low carb high protein diet like that’s a the diet I followed was I just tried to eat a lot of protein lower carbs fruits and veggies just fresh I kind of followed that in-between weight loss on the 21 day fix and where I am at now and a couple of things I noticed we’re starting to happen with me the first thing that I noticed was that I was planning when my cheat day was gonna be and I was really looking forward to cheat day I would essentially I don’t want to call it binging it wasn’t quite that out of control but I definitely just ate whatever I wanted on that day and I noticed over time that that probably wasn’t a healthy mental thing to be doing restricting these certain foods that I would call bad foods and then just devouring them on one day a week I felt like that probably wasn’t very good so since I’ve started tracking my macros I don’t have that desire anymore because I don’t need a cheat day because if I really want to have a cupcake or I really want to have a cookie I know that it is not going to undo all of my results in all of my progress in the gym if I have one cupcake or one cookie now if you have 20 then there’s a problem but I have the control to just be able to have one and so I have taken away the stigma of bad food and that has helped me desire it less and certain times of the month when I really want some chocolate or something like that I’m just going for it the other thing that I’ve noticed since I started counting my macros is that I’m satisfied if your weight training and you’re always hungry something is wrong so I I that’s where I was I wasn’t eating enough I would literally finish my meal and I would still be hungry and I would say to myself how can I possibly be hungry I just ate all this food and I just was never satisfied and I think that’s because I didn’t have enough healthy fats in my diet having healthy fat helps me personally feel satisfied and like full not uncomfortably full but where I don’t want to eat anymore and then the third thing I’ve noticed since I’ve started counting my macros is that I am a heck of a lot stronger um I have hit 1 rep maximum and tons of different things like increasing my weight like crazy on different exercises and so I have the energy in my weightlifting workouts to lift heavy for long enough to really make strength gains and I wasn’t really doing that before so that is what I do now I track my macros I’m not gonna tell you what my numbers are because my numbers won’t be your numbers you need to discover your own numbers but that is what I do that is what’s been working for me I realize that that might not be the nutritional advice that you are hoping for but I’m only talking about things that I have done and seeing work for many other people so if you’re looking to lose weight I could recommend to you the 21 day fix you’re going to learn how to eat clean you’re gonna learn how to get rid of processed food in your diet you’re gonna have a clear start and clear end and you’re gonna learn how to eat um through life and just make the best choices you can it’s great for weight loss then if you’re not wanting to lose weight and you’re wanting to see muscle mass be built strength the increased energy increase I would suggest to you that you figure out what your macro numbers are and start tracking them and seeing if that helps you feel more satisfied have more energy more strength in your workouts so that you can achieve the physical results that you’re looking for so I would love to hear from you guys if you are a macro counter let me know down below I want to know if there’s any better apps than My Fitness Pal I refuse to pay for the upgraded one although I should and I feel like there’s probably something better so if you track your macros and you have a really good app let me know in the comments below if you guys have any questions about counting your macros or the 21 day fix program or anything nutritional go ahead and leave me a comment – I love to hear from you guys and I always try to answer you back and I think I’m pretty good about it so this was the nutritional part I want to let you know the rest of the videos in the series are going to entail next week we’re gonna cover how to build a strength training program not everybody knows how many sets how many reps how much weight you should use if you’re just starting or if you’re advanced or any of that so I’m gonna give you that I’m gonna use the format that I use for all my personal training clients and then once I cover how to build a weight training program I think I’d fit all of the important Fitness themes so that if someone brand-new needed to know anything about fitness they could just watch the videos in the series and cover lots of different things and feel ready to go that was my goal and then the last week I’m gonna do for the mom fitness files is I’m gonna do what I do because I know a lot of you guys want to know specifically what I do so I’m gonna show you that I’m gonna show you what I do for workouts now I’m not gonna show you my full workout that they’ll show you what I do on what days and then I’m gonna show you what I do for nutrition and and then you guys will be able to see what I do and how I have achieved the results that I have this bar so if you want to see that make sure that button it’s not red please hit subscribe if you like these videos please give them a thumbs up so I know that this nutritional stuff and fitness stuff is helping somebody out there and once I get through these mom fitness files we’ll be back to doing some homeschooling videos for you guys if that is why you’re subscribed to this channel so I hope you guys are doing good I’ll talk to you soon bye