Hello everyone! This is very exciting day because our officer here being here for Mother’s Day.

So excited but I did not know am I going to be made beautiful or am I making someone else or already yes and Linda is equally as dazzling Khloe beautiful we are James Jane Ellen L.  Do you guys plan that we did you did years ago so have you both watched the show you seen.  What’s your favorite episode or most memorable.  I had to stop after watching after a while it was getting a little itchy you love the Ghana members.

I don’t think you were when you were doing that that water dripping down on your outside okay so today if we’re being totally honest we don’t really have much of a plan we just want to hang out with our moms but then we realized that we have this airbrush makeup kit that clearly none of us know how to use so we’re gonna try this back let’s write oh yeah drop something I said oh I love of his – I love tiny sachets like Oh tiny little bags. What color do you think we should do this is definitely this is definitely or nothing well let’s set it ours Oh connect the airbrush now us compressor B so this we have to hook it to that tube though where does it to poke on down here 20 minutes lay down let’s see is any air coming out feel oh yeah.

We think I’m more of a honey or a or a suntan go o go pretty good though we are going to Coachella so we should why don’t we add some color to our faces I would like some contouring prepared you do when you’re drugged a long time portable latex – am i doing this one yes on you all right I my fingertip over the tip so be sure to close your eyes she wanted to brother blinds daughter no drapes oh my gosh you look so much different is it coming out these days oh my gosh you look.

Maybe not if it were oh yeah there it is you see it oh yeah there it is you look flawless oh my gosh you look you get it in my hair huh we’ll see look amazing oh wow that’s like I mean it’s definitely not the right color we’re doing all it’s pretty cool it actually works pretty well it it looks like pretty awesome actually okay all right okay mom I want to do contouring do you know what contouring it yes ooh tropical bronzer do you want doing it what do you want to do like what you want okay look at my Talon that’s what you have to work with one color and then the contouring or do you just want I don’t only want you to our face.

I want like really intense contouring I like to make my face look okay chica you’re saying so we’re getting all of it out oh my gosh whoa yeah oh there we go it’s all out okay so are you sure you want to trust it right there you’re so detail-oriented like I’m not like you act literally Jocelyn instead cuz I like to go big and then she would have put all of these in there one time and like dumped it like literally the opposite of you I wish I was more like you okay I wish Aries more like you know like you thank you I love you are you love me more I love you more we love each other say I’m your favorite on camera oh I’m not saying yeah there’s your children watch this show yeah okay mommy see you to not only date okay good all right okay you’re gonna turn okay ah it’s actually kind of mashing your skin oh never mind okay flip to the other side I’m not sure Oh Mario probably gonna be good at this probably you know my nose on each side to make my nose look skinnier okay oh my god I want you to just leave it like this and not blend okay yeah okay get it together getting together mom okay where else do I go up here all along here to make my forehead look better and prettier I never really understood that the top of the room yeah OMG can I walk so you go like this okay I just don’t wear anymore India there we go right.

That’s good Lily it’s so like thinning and angular and then my double chin you know the gobble peasants always been a problem yeah it brands like Lily’s fat I’m like no even when I was skinny it with a problem okay now it looks like my nose your nose oh yeah click on the side each side you get it okay I meant for the top of the forehead yeah oh wow looks so good oh it’s cold so nachi we both look slowly hello welcome we should have a lot of public yeah we’re going on top of this so you guys are in for a treat are you ready lows okay one two three Oh Oh Oh my dreams I’m ready lying if I said I’ve never if I’ve looked for people I’ve met like I think I look worse than I came in.

I think I’m this we just don’t really tan and natural and I don’t think I think we could like leave this makeup on for all Coachella for sure like the latest Coachella I think if you can learn how to use this as a awesome tool we could open a business sell computer we should open a business the four of us and we could go do makeup for people oh my god you guys use them okay so before we leave I think we should react to a few oh yeah oh yeah yeah so Judy over here she’s very passionate in Twitter now she’s in the Twitter’s and like she’s all open thanks for the retweets by the way she art even a little welcome present we’re welcome mom and she’s not happy with you of the comments we received which one really stuck out to you that really angered Jill we’re really grinding your gears well it was a couple of weeks ago and it was someone we’re commenting about you not liking Lily anymore so ridiculous see you guys and it’s ridiculous.

I mean that the hair color went crazy um yeah there was um the eye and yes I’m Lana and she’s brunette so we like don’t get along because me and Megan are like family cuz yeah exactly it adds what makes us and it’s not fair to discriminate people or make sergeant favor but they love me because I’m so jealous oh pretty sure you care about me more than anyone I know thanks for the two paragraph comment also what no Jade Neil called us low-class drag queens look glass not even high class come on misty aqua says this segment should be called we don’t read directions watches watch everything we did probably true elections wouldn’t be funny wouldn’t have a funny outcome and thank you they’re here to entertain you and you be funny and inform what you think why was a funny kid yes or yours awkward this is my child.

I’m sure you weren’t there oh my I like to do too you know I wasn’t funny me and like a comedian fuck no no you were pretty funny sometimes but like not perfect on accident like you being dumb funny absolutely well that’s what’s how do you feel that you’re familiar with honey boo boo right yes I really think Lily would fit in with honey Boo Boo’s me I don’t know why wonder why our mother would do with you as weird as like are you offended then should she be and honey move obviously you should yeah sugar bear too normal for that being offensive mom you’re so offensive you’re really dropping the boat by saying that but we’re about to go depart on our lunch break adventure yeah our moms but someone said on lunch break but um every time they hear us say let you break it they throw up in their mouth a little bit gross if you can’t say something right yes exactly anything right word both of that if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all so Judy here love snapchat love snapchat whatever she called it you do love it don’t act like that force what do you love about it she look one more thing I have to say hold on break back I gotta say one and then so she loves damage it’s so quick and I try to get you to do body rolls and then you said I’m not into body rolls I’m into cinnamon rolls so me too thank you anyways mistre during my mom and dad out very fun day for me driving the two of them out deep into the Inland Empire and we will stop over it’s Starbuck if I was like moving my mind love you so much yeah go inside the Surma looking like zombie killers and I go to the bathroom then fill in junior in the bathroom and I’m just like waiting out there and this girl comes up she’s like oh my gosh tell them hey what’s up I love being break and vote.

I was like oh cool thankful my forever Judy comes walking to the bathroom I did not she did not it was true you’re famous on snapchat it’s really weird well we brought you here we put you through some against time you guys were great sports we really appreciate it yeah and we even have no mother stays in motion so really though what is your one piece of beauty advice yes for all the people out there for all of our viewers out there who love you now uh-huh we’re gonna dance my way yeah you’ll both have hands well something that did not exist in my earlier anyway is sunscreen and so now I would say and you’ve taught me to use sunblock yeah careful of the Sun but I love the Sun but if you ever go over the dermatologist and they put that and you can see don’t do steroids are scary.

I would I would absolutely agree with you totally do we’re at this thing because that not only bring spots but wrinkles absolutely right okay guys still shaken by your mom gigabyte around and also if you leave any mean comments about our mom we will cut you we will cut you or I will bond quick we will come cut you cut you happy Mother’s Day mom these are your guys hug your mom and follow us on the social media should turn the community on why we should make you a Twitter a family out yeah.

Would you guys follow that there’s like three show oh my gosh what kind of show is ready to put your day jobs become youtubers if it has widget and if you guys loved our moms and such we obvious – then you’re gonna love my dad so click to the left to see him make fun of me it’s great or click to the right and see my mom’s favorite episode ironically it’s the condom challenge funny yeah!

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