hey guys welcome back to my channel so I don't know if you guys can tell but it is late at night it's actually about 10 o'clock at night when I'm filming this but I just kind of really wanted to do this video like this I don't know why I just feel like I just want to do a video where we sit down and kind of just chat like girlfriends and so we're doing this video late at night and I have a HomeGoods Hall where I bought a ton of fall candles and some of these I feel like can even be used for around Christmas time so that's why I kind of went overboard because I was like you know what let me just go ahead and buy in bulk and this is gonna have me set probably until the rest of the year the only other candles that I plan on picking up like in December baby is the Christmas tree scented candles cuz I didn't get any of those I don't think those are even out right now but these are some really yummy fall cents and I am gonna save the best for last like my absolute favorite fall candle for last so make sure you stay tuned for that so let's go ahead and get on into them I have 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 candles to show you guys so we got to get started the very first candle is from Sand and Fog and it's white pumpkin this is what it looks like super super pretty packaging this is like really nice if you have like a farmhouse or even just a really modern house like this would go with anything candle was originally $12 and I got it for $7.99 and it smells it's got like a very vanilla but spicy scent to like I would say I could definitely pick up on some nutmeg in here I don't know if it has like a description it doesn't it doesn't have a description on the bottom so I'm just gonna have to figure it out but it's like you can definitely smell like a spicy scent to it and this is one that I feel like I could definitely burn in the winter to doesn't have to be burnt in the fall it's um next up I feel like has a very masculine smell this is from the DW home brand and that is my absolute favorite candle brand and that's why I love going to like home goods TJ Maxx Marshalls and shopping for my candles because not only are they cheaper than like bath & Bodyworks oh they also have the DW home candles there and I just love the that brand and love how they burn but this one super Vannelli vanilla II I wonder if this one has a description – it doesn't oh my gosh okay anyway not a spicy scent at all it's called ambered musk so it's like a mix between like a masculine like almost men's deodorant smell or men's cologne smell but with a lot of vanilla mixed in and it also has the really cool like crackly wick in there – this one I actually didn't pick up at HomeGoods I picked this one up at Marshall's but how beautiful is this candle let me show you all up close it's from Yankee Candle and it says joyful I definitely plan on burning this on Thanksgiving I love how tall this candle was I got it for $12.99 and it's originally $19 because it is Yankee Candle it is a little bit more expensive than the rest but it's called sugar and spice and to me it smells like pumpkins next up is one I've already been burning this is also from the DW home candles and it is lavender and chamomile so this is what the packaging looks like and I just got a small one it's purple on the inside you can tell I've already been burning it I know why when I smelled this one I immediately thought this needs to go in my office or our office I don't know why I like maybe because it is lavender so it's soothing and relaxing but I just wanted it to go in the office and it really does have a masculine smell as well so I wasn't expecting that being like a lavender scent but it kind of does smell masculine – next up is another one that I got these are $2.99 by the way this one is in hazelnut maple hazelnut that's what this packaging looks like and I'll show you all the inside these small little candles have 18 hours of burn time that's a really long time for a small candle like this and this was originally $5 if you get it from like the DW website but I got it for $2.99 next up is another DW home this one I'm actually not that excited about I don't know like if that sounds bad but I did spend money on it just because it's candy corn so I had to have this especially to burn on Halloween know that might be like the most ridiculous reason anyone would ever buy candle but it got me I bought it anyway it was originally $14 I got it for $7.99 so not bad at all and the candle like it doesn't smell bad but it's not something I'm like super excited about the way I would describe this is like plastic vanilla like you can smell the vanilla in it but it's not like a great candle that I'm super excited about but I just I really wanted to have this up in the house it just looked super festive like for anything as a decoration is what I wanted it for and I definitely plan on burning this like probably two weeks up to Halloween and stuff just to really get us in the mood and have this candle out so this candle is actually one that I'm very excited about and this one is from DW home I should have known at first when I picked it up I didn't realize it was DW home because it says harmony like in big letters and then I realized up here in smaller letters it says DW home but it's called November nights so I'm obviously burning this in November oh man I don't know how to describe this one it's very like you can smell the apples in it maybe more like apple cider it's a very apple cider e scent and this one doesn't have a description on it either but I thought it was cool in the black smells amazing I wish you guys could smell these candles if you're in HomeGoods or t.j.maxx anywhere where they sell these definitely hit these up oh my gosh it does say okay right here as a description that says scents of baked apple with nutmeg and cloves so that is what this one is all about packaging kind of got me on this one as well I just I loved this candle because it's so big and fat it's technically supposed to smell like pumpkins but I had my husband and my cousin who was here smell these and I was like okay tell me what this one smells like to you because I already had it in my mind and they both said the same thing I did it's perfect it's birthday cake it is not pumpkins where there was either a mixup at the sensational company or they don't know what pumpkin smells like that because this is straight-up birthday cake but I love birthday cake so I got it anyway and like I said the packaging on this one just really got me I love how big it is like just to compare this is what it's like compared to a normal sized candle it's super big I mean look at that this candle right here actually isn't a false scent but it's Himalayan and sea salt and it's from the DW home brand – this one was twelve dollars I got it for $6.99 and I was actually looking you know just for fall candles but when I smelled this one I couldn't pass it up and if you guys have been watching my channel for a while you know that I always pick up like light pink candles like this to go in our bedroom to kind of go with the color scheme that we have in there so when I smelled it and saw that it was pink I was sold and oh my gosh guys it smells so good I don't know I anything with sea salt honestly has me sold I also thought the lid was really cool too I've never seen a candle lid like this before it's very flexible and bendy so I technically have three candles left but the last two I bought two of the same one so we really only have two more candles to talk about this one was a close favorite like absolute favorite so it's from village candles and it's in orange cinnamon is what it looks like I definitely plan on burning this one in December this one smells like straight-up Christmas time to me just I don't know what it is about oranges that always makes me think of Christmas so this one will be burned in December and I cannot wait to burn it was originally $17 I got it for $9.99 the best way I could describe this candle is it does have a lot of orange in it but it also has a lot of cinnamon it's a very close sent to the mulled cider at Walmart so if you like that you'll really like this but I personally like this better and the mulled cider used to be my absolute favorite fall candle so it means a lot for me to say that this is actually better than that one as promised I saved the very best for last in my opinion this is my absolute favorite fall scent right now and it is from DW home candles and it is in apple cider and these jars have 56 hours of burn time in them so even my candy corn one is gonna get 56 hours of burn time when is originally $14 and I got it for $7.99 and I picked up two of them because I love them so much but this is just what it looks like up close super pretty I love the ombre look too it just looks really pretty burning in the house and all after this video I'm gonna start burning one immediately because I love them so much and I don't doubt that all probably but I want more before the end of the year so I hope you guys enjoyed this style video where we kind of just sat down and taught like girlfriends and I talked about my candles leave it a thumbs up if you like this video I don't know that I've ever done a video like this before the only other video where I think I filmed at night and just sat down and chatted was my testimony video so it's been a long time and I don't think I think that's the only other video I've ever done like that so if you guys like this style video leave it a thumbs up and comment down below what is your favorite fall scented candle I would love to hear what your favorites are you guys are looking for some cleaning motivation for today I will leave my ultimate clean with me playlist right here on the screen for you guys and I will see y'all in the next video bye