hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video I'm gonna be giving you a children's clothing haul I got everything from Walmart and this is all stuff that we can use to transition into fall we've had a week's worth of 70 degree weather and so that definitely inspired me to go out and buy some stuff next week we're supposed to be back in the mid-80s so that kind of sucks like I wish it would just say the 70s and 60s through fall but here in the south it might not do that so a lot of these things are definitely for where we live this is kind of like our fall it's gonna be like very thin long sleeves so that is what we've got here and we're just gonna go ahead and jump on into it I feel like I bought Julie and Ross about an equal amount of things so if you have boys or girls you should like this video so let's go ahead and jump in one thing that I picked up for Julie was just this little outfit right here I love that Walmart has outfits for little girls and I think they'll have some for little boys too but normally when I'm shopping for Ross I do like I just buy his shirts and pants separately but for little girls their outfits are so cute when they put them together so it's just this little flannel top right here super light long sleeves and then it just has the navy pants to go with it which I can mix and match with lots of different things so I love that for that reason too this outfit was 998 next thing I picked up for her is a very similar outfit also flannel or I can't remember what you call this oh no but Buffalo check I think and it's just black and white and then it has like the hot pink line right there which i think is adorable on her and it also comes with black leggings and like I said can go with anything doesn't have to go with this top I want to say yeah same price 998 for this outfit the next outfit I got for her she loves because she said it looked like her and I totally agree with her it's got blonde hair and blue eyes and it says brave and strong I just I really thought this looked like Julie as well and so I thought that she would love it and and then the pants are so adorable they're just floral I can definitely see me putting other tops with this as well maybe a white turtleneck with a denim jacket or something cute like that this outfit was actually cheaper this one was 748 the next thing that I got for Julie was this cute outfit right here it's like a purplish pink top very light long sleeves and then it has the sheer material down here super cute with a little bow on there and then some pants to match with it oh this outfit was 998 like the first two so a few of these things the kids have already worn and this next outfit I'm gonna show you she wore the other day it was super cute on her and fit perfectly but it's just this top right here and it's got a crescent moon on there with lots of designs like paisley designs and stars in there and it says kind of cool on the top and then the bottoms these are pants to match and this also has like the stars and moons on there as well I cannot remember the exact price of this but I do know that it came exactly where the other ones came from so it's probably somewhere between seven dollars and ten dollars so I think that this is the last thing that I got for Julie and it's just a nightgown I want to go back and get her a few more of these but this is what it looks like it's just got a unicorn on there because what girl doesn't love unicorns Julie sure does and it says I believe in unicorns and she loves sleeping in these like super soft like long-sleeve outfits she's one of those kids that kicks the covers off of her all night long and then she won't cover herself back up so these are good for her like no matter what time of year but especially in the winter my son Ross he will cover himself back up but for some reason Julie has never been that kid to cover herself back up so we definitely need those for her all right so speaking of pajamas we're gonna go ahead and jump into Ross's stuff he wore these the other day because he was so excited so the first day we got these he had to wear them but it's just a little pajamas and it has PJ masks on there PJ masks I think they're called and it says we're on our way but he is such a PJ masks fan right now this is what the pants look like it's just got little characters on there as well but I can't remember the exact price of these like I said it's probably around $10 or so he also really loves Mickey Mouse so I saw these and I don't know what it is about kids pajamas that have the buttons down the front I just love those those are definitely my favorites and so I thought that these were super cute these were let's see 998 the next top that I got for him has these cute dinosaurs on there and this one was 388 so super cheap I mean you can't go to the thrift store and get prices that cheap but I absolutely love it when Walmart has these t-shirts laying out that are just really cheap but also super cute this shirt also came from the same section so I think it's the same price yeah 388 and it's just got these cute little monsters along there monsters are also one of Ross's favorite things to wear anything with a monster on it he will always pick that out so I got him this and I think it's at a perfect time as well because Halloween is coming up so I thought it looked kind of festive as well so we got that for him I ended up loading up home pants for Ross because he is so hard to buy pants for he's very skinny but very long so any pants that I buy for him that fit in the waist don't fit in the length and if they fit in the length they're too big in the waist but I finally found some that fit him perfectly and they are adjustable as well so I stocked up I'm going to show you guys all the pants that I got for him this is the first pair and they're just like this not really navy blue it's like a little bit lighter than navy blue but not blue-jean either so I thought that he could wear these for like everyday but also to church as well because they look a little bit nicer and can go with like a nice button-up shirt these were $10 there were 996 exactly and on the inside of it have these little buttons that you can move and adjust so it tightens the waist as you need it which is perfect for us these are Wrangler jeans so good brand as well so these are the exact same pants I ended up getting them in this olive green color like I said I felt like these could go with lots of different things so why not go ahead and stock up I also got him these which he did wear to church the other day and they're just khaki ones you can definitely tell he has worn these so this is what the khaki ones look like exactly the same as the other ones that I showed you guys same price and everything I also ended up getting him some of these camo ones as well he loves camo he is a total boy so he loves that and then speaking of total boy these were just so adorable to me these were 996 I feel like these are a little bit different than the other ones that I got I feel like these are kind of like Carhartt pants this is what they look like and I thought that they were super cute these are also Wrangler jeans as well though and also have the adjustable waistband in there so lastly for him I ended up getting three of the same kind of shirts and I just love these like flannel shirts for boys I love it when my husband wears these as well but I just think it is so super handsome and cozy looking like when I see a baby wearing these are not necessarily a baby but you know a preschooler which my kids are now I just want to hold them and squeeze them and hug them and cuddle so these are super cute on Ross I ended up getting this blue and gray one and this olive green color with grey and orange in there which is screaming fall to me and then I also got this one that is red white and blue and yellow all of these were 698 apiece super cheap as well and I just thought that these would look so cute by themselves or with a white turtleneck underneath so I think these are going to be so adorable on him so I hope you guys enjoyed this haul leave it a thumbs up if you would like to see more I'm pretty sure I will go shopping eventually later on I do want to pick up some boots for them and some coats and also like some long sleeves to go undershirts that they already have I love doing that that is just a tip that I have for you guys if your kids do have like short sleeves go ahead and pick up a pack of solid color long-sleeve shirts just to go underneath short sleeved shirts and no one even knows it looks like a shirt that just goes together and that is definitely one thing that we do all the time so I do want to pick up some packs of solid color long-sleeve shirts and things like that so if you all want to see more hauls like this leave this video a thumbs up and go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see y'all next time