good morning guys today we're going to do a day in the life we're actually going to Charlotte for a few days so we are packing right now we've got our suitcases right here vacuum because I was just vacuuming and the kids are actually cleaning up the playroom right now but we're actually bringing my mom too so we ended up running a house while we're down there and so I'm gonna give you guys a house tour when we get down there because it looks really nice y'all are doing so good it might not look good to you guys but the before was way worse than this so they're actually doing really good yeah [Music] by the way I wanted to show you guys our new rug that we got I love it in here I think it brings out all the brown accents a lot more but we ended up putting our old rug in here in the kids rooms just because I feel like it brightened it up a ton whenever we had the black rug in here it just darkened it so much so I wanted to put this in here and we ended up going to Home Depot and we got this one there and it was actually one of the ones on sale it was I want to say a hundred and sixty dollars but I just love how it looks in here ever since we got it every time we walk in our room we're like we love this rug we're commish you baby girl yes we are aunt Rachel's gonna be here soon to be with you oh she keeps going out to the car like no I'm going with y'all you're not leaving me you can miss Molly what is up with your hair girl I know she's all wet it is a yucky day this is escalating quickly okay one problem at a time you can't get the hair off of you okay and then what Ross we can't go outside it's just a little bit rain toughen up boy we are on the way to go get my mom and I just got an Instagram message from one of my viewers and she was saying that I posted my my bag video this morning what's in my bag and I showed you guys where I got the bag from and she says that she contacted the shop to see if she could get the bag and the lady at the shop was like I have gotten 30 to 40 emails this morning about this bag because I mentioned it on my channel I was like oh my gosh how crazy is that that makes me so happy because their shop seriously is so good I never miss an opportunity to go in that shop when I'm in Savannah right every time I am like I have to go to find things under 20 or whatever is your gulp because I love it so much but that just makes me really happy like supporting our small businesses [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so we are just getting here if my hair looks like a rig I headed up the whole town or in the car but the house is really cute super oh this is pretty so once we came in the house I kind of had to get acquainted with the house I was gonna do a house tour but I was like wait a minute I need to find my way around first because this house is huge I did not expect it to be this huge you might can hear an echo because it's that baby um but let me show you guys around downstairs like as soon as you come in the door they've got this little like office area which could come in handy a lot with Justin having to do what he's got to do and then they've got a bathroom over here really nice bathroom for just like you know off the off of the office and then they've got this closet here which is chained up I guess it's got their stuff in here we did kind of like a Airbnb thing we rented this place for only $200 a night then they've got the stairs coming out the entry I mean coming in the entryway and then we've got the dining room I love this blue color really pretty and then over here we're going into the living room and actually there's like two closets right here but you can't get into those but then this is the living room really big and open really tall ceilings and we also have the kitchen off of that so it just makes it feel like even more open I love like the subway tile and the marble so pretty all of this white I just I wish our kitchen was all white like this so pretty and huge and like I wanted to show you guys this too when you look up you can see like up the stairs that's awesome like someone could be upstairs and shout from down here that's cool and then over here you go into like the master bedroom there's me but you go into the master bedroom also really tall ceilings and so this is where Justin and I will be staying check out this bathroom when I saw it I was like can we just move here but I've got a closet here and a closet here this is the bathroom so pretty I just want to show you guys like every little detail I've got like two showerheads in here that's huge my gosh and then of course they have like the toilet room right here but that's basically how the downstairs looks we also have the laundry room over here but I'm gonna take you guys upstairs now so this room right here was one of the reasons why we decided on this house they have a playroom so that's going to be awesome the gingerbread house it's not just any door yeah what do you call those Dutch doors I think that's what you call them but yeah lots of toys in here for them and we've got a little couch over there too I think there's also two other bedrooms up here yeah here's one oh I see you guys have already put toys in here too there's more in the closet yeah what this place is awesome yeah this is where Jamie's gonna stay and we got another bathroom off of here too yeah Jamie's got her own bathtub yeah very nice and then over here okay what I'm probably making you all so sick yes knock knock who's there okay should I close it yeah okay and you stay right here okay right here all right yeah yeah knock knock the last room is the room that the kids are probably gonna stay in I'm not sure yet but they've got a little daybed in here and then there's also a crib which I found really like convenient if you do have kids I don't think our kids will stay in that crib unless they just want to but yeah I thought it was really useful because you know when you have babies and stuff we were always looking for places with a crib so that really comes in handy but this is what that room looks like so I think the kids might actually stay in here the water falling back into you if i wiii be sparta got a thing left to lose he said you forgive me by the fire go study better [Music] but I need you close I was for you to prove me wrong you change it I call us I can't I could never let you go [Music] plenty rocks Wow so I think I'm Justin and tell him this is his Steve Jobs outfit honey I know you like it you wear it like five times a week but the cool thing is I have different black shirts different shirts so I'm always wanted a different shirt yeah yeah and honestly I've always said that I like black on you best so I just got off the phone with my life coach I absolutely love her like she's so good for me I talked to her for 30 minutes every Monday and then I can text her anytime I need to which I was doing this week so today we had a really good conversation and we always talk about like business like mostly and she just makes me realize so many things and so she was talking about how your imperfections are your perfections and it just makes so much sense because like the other day I was watching Emily Norris I love Emily Norris and she was kind of talking about how like some haters were talking about her oh my gosh I've scratched herself but she was talking about haters and hell you know they were complaining about the TVV and one during dinner and I was like girl my TV's on during dinner a lot too and I like that like I like seeing real people on YouTube and like sometimes people will see that as being like not perfect and be like oh nope watching you anymore but then there's gonna be these people like me who see that and I'm like that girl is real I want to watch her and so it makes me realize that about my channel like sometimes I'm like oh no I'm not going to show that because people won't like it like throwing away the scoop full of macaroni and cheese the other day people blew up about that like but at the end of the day like it wasn't even that much to say like I'm a real person I was going out of town there was no need for me to save that I throw food occasionally I'm not perfect and that's what she was saying like it makes people love you and I just love her like we had such a really good conversation about how like your strengths are also your weaknesses and your weaknesses are also your strengths and just being real and being the authentic you is going to make people love you and hate you but at the same time like you found people who love you instead of just being silent about everything and just acting like you're perfect all the time you you don't get the people who love you or the people who hate you so it's better just to be your authentic self and find a few people who love you and the people who hate you can just wait please have some tea you hope this place has some tea yeah cuz I love paint some sweet tea for my southern girl yeah you ready go eat yeah I'm starving [Music] [Music] it's Julie's had to organize [Music] [Music] so I am getting ready for bed now I just got out of the shower by the way I know you guys are gonna ask where I got my pajamas from you guys can probably guess they're from Walmart I love them I think they're adorable they've got matching pants to go with it and I think they kind of look like Victoria's Secret's or something but it's not it's Walmart and I think there were like $12 or something but I'm about to listen to my audio book now and this video is actually sponsored by audible so thank you audible for sponsoring today's video I love audible I listen to audio books all the time you guys know that I'm obsessed with self-help books and I'm gonna show you guys the book that I am listening to right now have you guys heard of the movie unbroken I'm obsessed with it I love that movie it's one of my favorite movies and so I'm listening to don't give up don't give in from um I think it's Louie Zamperini but it's spelled like Lewis but I don't know it might be Louis but with audible you can like keep your books and stuff so I love that because even if you do like a 30-day trial or something like that you do get to keep your books so that's really awesome they have tons and tons of books on there seriously you can search and they will probably have it normally like nine times out of ten anything I search is on audible already you also get a free book every month so that's really cool and audible is actually giving my viewers a 30 day free trial all you have to do is text love Meg to 500 500 if you want it on your phone and that's you know normally where I like to listen to my audio books but if you like to listen to them on your computer then you can also go to slash love Meg and get your 30 day free trial like that it's l.o.v.e ma g with like no spaces or dots or anything like that in between just LOV eme Jake but anyway I'm gonna go ahead and close today's vlog out I hope you guys enjoyed it please leave this video a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to check out audible down below and I will see you guys in the next video bye make me play it will always be there there's no doubt in my mind you will always be the head