hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video we're gonna do a what's in my bag I haven't done one of these in a while and I've been getting a lot of questions about my bag recently it's this one right here I actually got it down when I was in Savannah Georgia that is where I buy all of my purses they have a store down there that's called everything fine under 20 or something like that I will link it down below this video is not sponsored but it's where I buy all of my purses basically because all of the purses there are like 20 dollars or under this one was 20 dollars every person I've ever bought from there is 20 dollars but I think that's actually a really good deal like if you go to Target or even Walmart sometimes there are more than $20 there and all the persons that they have there I absolutely love so I will leave that link down below they do have a link I think it's to their like Facebook page or something but I will link it down below I forgot to link it in my giveaway video but since this video is all about my bag I will make sure to link it down below in this one so let's go ahead and go through my bag and I'll show you guys what I got in here I'm so excited to announce we are fully potty-trained with everyone it was I really a few months ago that we were fully potty-trained but I haven't done a what's in my bag in gosh I don't even know it's been over a year but it's no longer a diaper bag and I am so excited about that it's been like the first time I have not had a diaper bag and forever but I do still have kid stuff in here so the very first thing I'm pulling out are these I spy books and I don't even know where we got these from they say scholastics at the bottom so it's part of their like book collection but we still have the Christmas ones but these are really cool for like preschoolers because you can go through them and so it's really cool Oh miss Michelle sent us these she's one of my subscribers and best friends she came to see me a little while back so we're really good friends but she sent these to us and but anyway you look on the page and it says find the white horse and then you look through this picture right here and you try to find each of those things kind of like Where's Waldo but it's different things that they have to find but these are godsend they them occupied in the car they keep them occupied when we're waiting on food at the restaurant it's just amazing the book that I have for myself is girlboss I've started reading this I'm really excited about it I just finished up another book so I'm just getting started on this one so I can't wait to see how I like it I'm sure I'm gonna love it because I'm a girl boss and I love anything self-help so all self-help books up pretty much love unless they bore me some of them bore me and then I can't finish them but I'm sure this one's gonna be right up my alley because I watched girlboss on Netflix when it was on I'm not sure if it's still on Netflix but I watched it I really liked it so I'm sure I'm gonna like the book then the next thing I'm pulling out is this wallet that I have I've shown this and every one of my what's in my bags I've had this wallet for over ten years my husband's Nana gave this to me before like we were dating but it was like we had just started dating she got this for me for Christmas one year and she watches so hey Nana if you're watching I still have this wallet and I love it I've just never had a use like to go by any other wallet it's perfect like it fits everything I need in here so I've kept it for that long you guys know in the comments below are y'all lipstick hoarders like me I have so many lipsticks I'm like not even that into makeup I like makeup but I'm not like a makeup addict or anything but oh my gosh when it comes to lipsticks I have them all but so I have this case right here where I keep all like my favorites um so this is what I have I'll show you guys the one that I'm just like obsessed with right now the Burt's Bees tinted lip balm and pink blossom and get this on the growth collaborative website but this is my go-to if I'm like out and about and I just want some color on my lips really quick but I don't want to like go to a mirror and have to pay attention to like lip liner and all of that this is like my go-to what I'm gonna put it on this was like a lifesaver when we were at Disney because I was constantly like eating obviously all the food there and then having to reapply but this is just something you can put on super quick and then I obviously have some of my favorite Mary Kay stuff in there cuz that's all Mary Kay the next thing I have in here is excedrin migraine my husband suffers with migraines so I have to have this on me at all times just in case normally if you can catch it before it gets really bad then it he's okay so that's why I carry it around everywhere and then I also have hand sanitizer of course I have to have hand sanitizer what mom doesn't have sanitizer in her purse but this one is from Bath and Body Works and it is in Island margarita it smells really good I feel like I'm pulling out stuff from the Barney bag like every time I reach out and pull something out I'm like what else is coming out but anyway I have my canon g7x this is my vlogging camera and kind of just like my non-professional camera is what I call it but it's actually a really good camera sometimes I prefer this one over the one I'm using now the one I'm using now if you're wondering is the Canon 80 D the number 80 and the letter B like that's the one I'm going with right now this one is the canon g7x and i really love this one the only thing i don't like about this is you can't like adjust the colors like on this one you can bring up the brightness so if you're in a really dark place you can it's in a really dark place if you're in a really dark place you can like brighten it up or darken it down if you need to whatever you need to do this one you can't really do that with it kind of has like an auto adjust and it works really well this is what all the big vloggers use I really like it as well this is what I use for a long time sometimes you guys actually tell me whenever I film with this it's it looks like more crisp than the one that I'm filming with now which is crazy because this one is way cheaper than the one I'm filming with now but then the next thing I have are my sunglasses these are my Walmart sunglasses they just look like this I'm not really dirty no not look through them but they're just they have like a zebra print on the back side and just some like rhinestones but yeah I'm not really picky about glasses at all another thing that I have are these oh my gosh I literally feel like there is like noise after noise like I've had to stop so many times cuz my husband left and the garage door opened and then the garage door closed and then a helicopter went by and now a motorcycle goodbye I don't know if I'm ever gonna make it through this one but anyway I have this pack of hair ties for me and Julie we've got a lot of hair both of us do so I carry hair ties with me and then I have two pins for two kids you can't just have one pin you guys know if your mom's then you know you got to have as many pins in your purse as you have kids and also carrying around floss with me everywhere I just have to like I'm really picky about that if I have something stuck in my teeth I've got to get it out like immediately so I carry floss around everywhere I go and then I also have I don't even know why I have these in here but two pairs of kid's socks so in this little pouch right here I have all my feminine products pretty sure you guys don't want to see that but I did just want to let you know like this purse has like all the pockets in there it's got one like zipper pouch and then the two on the side where you can put like your cell phone and then it's got one more on the backside here that opens up too but that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and seeing what all was in my bag where I got my bag from since a lot of you guys have been asking leave this video a thumbs up if you liked it and don't forget to hit subscribe if you are new to my channel and you want to see more videos from me and I will see you guys in the next one bye [Music]