alright guys today I have a fabfitfun unboxing video for you guys and I just got this in the mail today a few hours ago and I'm so excited to open it up I have cheated a little bit and I opened it up and looked at kind of like the first layer of what's in here so I kinda know what is in here a little bit but I don't know what is in the rest of the box and I just wanted to thank fabfitfun for sponsoring today's video and sending me this box this is their fall box and they just came out with this one and that fit thong is a seasonal subscription box so you're gonna get it four times a year with each season and I'm so excited to be getting the fall box because nothing says fall like pampering yourself and they give you full size fashion products beauty products lifestyle products all kinds of stuff so that's one thing I love about that fit fun is that they will give you full sized instead of sample sizes so each box is $49.99 but you're getting $200 worth of products in here so it's definitely worth your money and I have a coupon code for you guys so you can get $10 off your first box with the code meg love so I will have that down in the description box in case you guys want to use it alright so let's go ahead and jump on into this box and see what I have in here so I've shown you guys the Box a million times already but this is just what it looks like super fall and festive when you open it up this is how it looks on the inside you just get like a little newspaper which i think is super cute and it says fall in love on there so this basically just talks about everything that is in the box I'm not going to read any more because I want to be surprised with anything else that's in here that I haven't seen yet you're also going to get this little flyer for you to Ceph on here and UNICEF actually if you give to this it's going to help children in need go to school so that is really awesome that they've partnered up with them the first thing I'm pulling out I was obsessing over in my Instagram stories I was like oh my gosh I already know I'm gonna love this and it is a wrap this is by the brand merci merci it's m ER and then it has like a line and then SCA like the sea like the ocean always by the sea and I just love these colors here I got the one that is like green and it has like different green tones in there I'm gonna go ahead and open this up cuz I want to see how it looks on oh my gosh guys this is so cozy it is so soft like this is softer than my kids baby blankets oh my gosh okay I'm done I'm going to bed like see you guys later so the next thing I'm pulling out is this Tris teak lipstick and I have it on right now if you guys are wondering I could not wait and I'm wearing leopard print today and so I was like this is going to be perfect to wear in this video so I went ahead and put it on but I'm loving this color it's a perfect fall color and this tube has me very impressed because it's like a magnet so it just like attaches itself if you get it close enough so that I mean I could play with this all day I think that that is really cool and then on the other side you just have like a little lip balm here to moisturize your lips with and on this side is like the color if you guys are wondering and this is in the color Tuscan wine the next up is this heart ceramic jewelry holder so I can't wait to see what this looks like I have a lot of jewelry so this will be really cute and I have a little dresser in my closet where I put all of my jewelry and kind of display it so this is gonna be really cute oh my gosh it's like you know like a rose gold color so once you put it together this is what it looks like I cannot wait to put this to use hang little earrings on here maybe put some rings on the bottom super cool so the next thing I pulled out of the box is from I want to say this brand is called molar it's mo L R but it's a dental club so I'm assuming they mean molar it's smaller but it's my C and C whitening Factory coconut and carbon teeth whitening so I'm gonna try this out tonight definitely next up is from the brand Miami and this is cuticle oil and it's in a lavender scent so I'm gonna pull this out and see how it works I just got a manicure like I never get manicures but I just got one last week my husband like surprised me with a whole spa day so this will be really nice to keep my nails up looking nice you can definitely smell the lavender in there and feels really nice on – that feels really nice on I just keep like rubbing it in I feel a spa night coming on like a DIY at-home spa night coming on and next up I have no idea what this is below the belt is the brand so I'm assuming this is a belt oh this is really nice oh my gosh I know exactly what I'm gonna wear this with I just bought a yellow dress from Target I might put it on and overlay it in this video so you guys can see but this is going to be perfect with that dress whenever I put that dress on I was like it needs a belt it just it's missing a little something it needs a bill so this is going to match it perfectly I'm so excited about this next up is from wish and it is a mud mask so I can't wait to try this out I don't think I've ever done a mud mask before maybe I have and I just didn't know it but normally I just get those like masks from Target and they're just like you know in the different colors and stuff so I've never I don't think I've ever tried a legit mud mask it doesn't have like a great scent to it but I don't know if they're supposed to you know it's just a mask but this is what it looks like it's like a gray color you guys probably know all about this you guys have probably done tons of med mud masks before and you're like yeah Megan so what they're all like but like I said spa night for sure coming on okay this is another thing from molar and this might be what you put it yeah okay so this is oh it's a toothbrush or maybe you this to put the teeth-whitening on but we'll figure it out we'll read the instructions we'll figure it out but this toothbrush is just in a cute turquoise color another thing stuck in this box is from Cottonelle and they are just flushable wipes and these are really nice it's like 10 and a pack so you can carry these in your purse which will be really nice for me because we don't have kids and diapers anymore so that's been super nice but occasionally you want to bring some like wipes around because you know toddlers so these will be really nice to carry in my purse and not have to carry around like a huge pack of wipes hey what's next I'm gonna be excited desires yours next okay this one is from private party and I've got a little website on here shop private party com so oh and see what it is so this is just a little gym bag and it says oh my gosh so cute meet me at the bar oh my gosh a funny story for you guys we have a gym here in our neighborhood and I think I'm just gonna have to break down and go to it because today was my first day of doing t25 I don't know if you guys have done that yet but it was killer I only got through like 13 minutes of it because I just I was about to throw up pass out and pee my pants because I'm a mom and I've had two kids and the first day was like non-stop jumping and I was like I can't do this I've had two kids I'm literally gonna pee my pants and there's like a lady on the sideline and she's doing like the modified workout and he said on there that she had just had a baby I'm like see that's the reason why she can't do all this jump in either she's not a baby like she'll definitely pee your pants so I'm gonna use this to go to my gym I need to go to my gym because there ain't no way I'm doing t25 alright last thing in the box and that is a hot and cold pack from my Tagalongs so this is cute it says you give me fever I love that song and um cold-hearted snake Wow but so I guess this is just a cold and hot pack Joe Peck it says it's freezable microwavable and reusable definitely gonna be needing this after today after my workout it's only been a few hours after my workout and my calves are already so sore and right back here is already so sore normally I would get sore until the next day so I'm wondering what its gonna be like so this could not have come at a better time alright so that is it for my fabfitfun box I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up if you did and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new I will have fabfitfun link down below in the description box and you guys don't forget to use my coupon code for $10 off your first box and I will see you guys in the next video bye