hey guys and welcome back today's video is going to be ten habits for a clean home and I've actually done this video before and I'll have it linked down below but these are gonna be totally new tips for you guys and so these are things that I've kind of come up with for the past few months and I'm like man wouldn't I put that in that video that's a really good tip and so I've just jotted them down and until I came up with 10 of them and now I'm ready to do a video for you guys and I've also done a video on 5 5 habits for a clean kitchen so I'll link that one down below too if you want to check that one out and we're gonna go ahead and get started with my 10 new tips for a clean home alright so the very first one is get a toilet scrubber for each bathroom I was the type of person who kept one scrubber for the toilets and I just took it for bathroom to bathroom which normally wasn't a problem when we lived in our other house because it was on one floor and I only had two bathrooms so it's kind of like oh just carry it you know between the bathrooms they weren't that far apart so it's no big deal but now we have a two-story house we have three bathrooms and I have decided to get three different toilet scrubbers just to keep in the bathrooms I originally picked it up because I didn't want to be carrying the toilet scrubber all around the house but you would be amazed at how much you clean your toilets more because the toilet scrubber is literally right there beside the toilet and you don't have to go to another bathroom to get it and like I would have the problem where one bathroom would be clean all the time because the toilet scrubber wasn't there and then the other bathroom I would neglect it so much because I wouldn't want to just do the simple step of taking the toilet scrubber to that bathroom so get toilet scrubbers for every single bathroom and your bathrooms will stay much cleaner number two get a vacuum that you can do everything with my vacuum is one of my life savers I'm not only vacuum with that thing but I love how it's cordless it's a cordless Dyson vacuum but it also has lots of attachments to it and so I can clean out the couches when I need to I even dust like the fireplace mantel I dust the tops of our dressers i dust anything and everything I go around my baseboards with it normally you can't do that with a vacuum especially if it's one of those big bulky ones that you have to plug in all the time my vacuum has seriously changed the way I clean and I highly recommend the vacuum that I have this video is not sponsored whatsoever but I really just love my vacuum and like I said it has changed my cleaning game so much the next one is to get a cleaning caddy if you plan on cleaning the whole house sometimes I just want to clean the bathrooms and I don't really need to carry a cleaning caddy around but then there are some days where I'm cleaning the kitchen and then I need to go clean the bathrooms and then I need to dust it's like a whole day of cleaning definitely get yourself a cleaning caddy and carry it around and just put all of the stuff that you think you're gonna need in there and i really suggest getting a multi-surface cleaner because you can clean your countertops with it you can clean your toilet with it you can clean basically everything with it especially one that is glass and like multi-surface because then you can Windex or do whatever with it so normally I try to get one of those like a multi-surface maybe a separate one for the glass cleaner if I can't get one that's combined and then I like the toilet cleaner and that's it next tip is to clean from top to bottom I know most of you guys know this but I wanted to throw that in just in case is something you've never thought about before and I am guilty of doing this sometimes I will forget that I need to clean my mirror off and I'll go ahead and clean the counter off like I I'm not even thinking oh man I gotta clean my mirror today too but i really suggest going ahead and doing everything from top to bottom because especially if you're dusting you don't want to vacuum and then dust and then everything is just falling back on the floor again and you got a vacuum again so it's gonna save you a lot of time if you do everything from top to bottom alright so number five is to have a place by the door where you can hide everything that you need to hide so we have our command station I'm sure you guys have seen it before and that where I will put any papers or bills or anything like that that needs to go out maybe I'll have something that needs to go to the mailbox we keep all of our shoes down there and it has been a lifesaver because normally we would just throw our shoes in that area anyway and now that you have a space for it it looks intentional and it looks neat and if you have the little baskets like I do or you can pick up a box and decorate it and throw all your mail in there normally people in their house do have a catch-all area and it's normally by the door so I suggest getting some kind of command station some kind of table some kind of cute caddy or box or something like that to keep everything in because like I said it just looks more organized that way your house looks clean and not cluttered up speaking of clutter that brings me to my next tip and that is to declutter often I like to declutter about every six months or so and just go through each area of my house and if it doesn't bring me joy then I throw it out luckily a lot of things actually bring me joy so I wouldn't consider myself a minimalist like I used to and but I would say I'm really just clutter free I don't like clutter and I don't keep anything in my house that isn't being used or it doesn't bring me joy but I would say this is the number one tip this is the most important tip I'm going to give you is to make sure that you are decluttering often try to keep your countertops as clean as possible because when you keep things on your countertop you're just gonna create more mess like wherever there is clutter there will become more clutter also if you find something as making more of a mess than anything else then what it's actually supposed to be used for then you probably don't need it for instance whenever my kids were younger like 202 I completely got rid of all of my throw pillows I had zero throw pillows on my couches on our beds anywhere because it just got to the point where they were on the floor more than they were actually where they needed to be and I was picking them up all day long and it finally got to the point where I was like I'm not getting any more throw pillows I'm getting rid of the ones I have and it made my house a lot cleaner it made me a lot saner so I really recommend just getting rid of stuff if you feel like it's just making a mess number seven is to get cleaning products that you actually like this is one reason why I do not clean it with vinegar because I find it very boring and there's also something else I think people use it for everything it's like thieves and I know that it is like super good it's super healthy for you and everything but I find it just kind of boring it's a one product thing you don't get like different scents with it and so if I'm gonna be bored with my cleaning products then I'm not gonna want to clean I get so excited anytime I get like a new shipment in of cleaning products and or anytime like growth collaborative which is where I normally get my cleaning products anytime they come out with a new scent I'm like so excited for it because I love cleaning and I know I'm like a freak but that is one reason why I love cleaning is mostly for the scent so definitely get your hands on some stuff that you actually love cleaning with and it's gonna change the whole cleaning game for you number eight is to figure out what is going to motivate you and like I was talking about in my home maker tag I have two different kinds of cleaning I have a relaxed normally nighttime cleaning and then I have a speed cleaning where I need to just get something done in like ten minutes or maybe a power hour but it needs to be done pretty fast so normally I will put music on if I want to clean fast and normally I will put a movie on if I just want to relax and clean my kitchen and have a good time with it but everybody is gonna be different I really don't know what is going to motivate you I actually have a video on what motivates me and I'll link that one down below too I feel like I've got a lot of good tips on there or at least I've had a lot of good feedback on that video so maybe it will help you maybe you'll find something that is gonna motivate you to UM but like I said everybody is different so figure out what motivates you what makes cleaning fun for you and do that number 9 I have to throw in there and it's not just because I'm a youtuber it's because it actually does work and that is to watch cleaning videos on YouTube I cannot tell you how many times gotten the comment I've gotten mail in my PA box I've gotten emails messages on Instagram whatever saying that their house has never been cleaner before because they watch cleaning videos on YouTube so I feel like it's really changing how homemakers and wives keep their houses nowadays because it is so motivational like there's a reason why cleaning videos are normally the best videos on people's channels who do cleaning videos because they're just so motivating that's it I've had so many people on YouTube tell me that cleaning videos have literally changed their life and the way that they clean so I have to throw that one in there and the very last one is to make it a priority this is gonna sound crazy but if you are not normally a clean person and you want to be then make it a new year's resolution and that's why I really wanted to do this video right now it's because we're right here before the new year a lot of you guys are making new year's resolutions I know I am I love making new year's resolution but I think normally people don't think let me put cleaning on my new year's resolution list they put things like working out or eating right and you have things like you know improving in your job maybe getting that promotion that you wanted but I don't feel like people normally put things on there like I want to be cleaner this year or I want to be more organized this year or I want to have a clutter free home this year I definitely think putting it on your new year's resolution this year can really help you out and just make it a priority as much as you would working out eating right trying to get that promotion anything just making a priority and get it done this year so I hope you guys enjoyed these tips from me and I hope they help you guys out whenever you are cleaning your house and leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and do me a favor and share this video if you liked it as well and get the word out there about all these cleaning videos because like I said I feel like they are really just changing the game and how wives and moms keep their houses these days so share this video if you found it helpful and want to share it with a girlfriend or something and subscribe to my channel if you are new and I'll see you guys in the next video