hey you guys it's Christina and I am so happy to be here with you today because we are gonna be talking all about hydration we're gonna be talking about the six best ways to rehydrate your body we're gonna be talking about what dehydrates your body and the causes of this and so much [Music] our bodies are made of water and we lose water naturally on a daily basis simply by being active sweating perspiring eliminating and so much more and it is incredibly important to replace these liquids and not just these liquids but also these essential vitamins minerals and electrolytes so that we feel our best this past year I have traveled a lot I've been to Bali Lebanon Ecuador Dubai Tokyo Singapore Taiwan Hawaii I've been all over the place I've also been super active in doing a lot of hot yoga this year which means I'm sweating more and I've learned how to rehydrate even faster and even better so that I can recover faster there are certain signs of dehydration that you can use to figure out if you are dehydrated and I just want to say really quickly that you can get dehydrated just as easily in the winter as you can in the summer it's all about self-care how you're taking care of yourself what you're consuming not just liquids but also the foods that you're eating and one there are eleven signs that show that you're dehydrated when you don't feel good physically it affects everything else around you it affects how you feel emotionally and mentally and affects your daily performance one of the first signs is headaches whether it be a small headache or a large headache headaches are very common for people who are dehydrated and these headaches can turn into migraines another sign of dehydration is exhaustion exhaustion from poor sleep which is another sign or side effect of being dehydrated and both of these affect your physical fatigue physical fatigue is another sign of dehydration exhaustion is different from fatigue in the sense that exhaustion is a side effect of not sleeping of your body not having enough energy to perform – whereas physical fatigue maybe you just had a really intense workout your muscles can't recover because there's not enough hydration there's not enough liquid or vitamins and minerals in your body so you may be sore or tired or just don't have the energy to get up just stretch and to fully move through that recovery process also having dizziness is a sign that you're dehydrated your body's not able to fully function normally you're not able to be focused or sharp another sign is having super bad breath getting into ketosis and from there if you even were to just hold out your tongue a little bit and look you'd see if your tongue was covered in white that's a sign of detox and sometimes dehydration and in some cases wrinkly skin when you get really dehydrated you're noticed that your skin will get a little bit wrinkly this means that you are super dehydrated and really really really need to hydrate another easy sign to show that you're dehydrated is if your urine is super yellow and I'm not talking about in the morning because it's normal to have yellow urine in the morning since you haven't gone to the restroom all night but I'm talking about throughout the day if you're not going pee every hour you're most likely dehydrated and if your pee isn't clear throughout the day you are most likely very hydrate and last but not least high levels of stress are associated dehydration and that just seems to be a very negative cycle because you could be stressed because you're dehydrated but you could be dehydrated because you're stressed you want to get out of that cycle and you want to completely hydrate your body I'm going to be showing you now my top six ways to rehydrate your body you can do these tips in the morning and the evening during the day these work if you have serious medical conditions I always recommend that you consult with your doctor because you may need further supplementation or further help to get your body on track are you guys ready let's juice it up the first thing that I recommend to rehydrate your body is to drink an actual young coconut every day I'm not talking about processed coconut water that you get in a plastic bottle to grocery store I'm talking about going and buying your own actual young coconuts racking it open with a with a knife or with a cocoa jog in a safe way and drinking the coconut water this water is incredible it is the most electrolyte filled water on the planet in some areas of the world they even use it for blood transplant number two is fresh alkaline water I recommend water from natural springs if you can get it see if there's rivers around you that have natural springs going get yourself fresh water if you don't have access to fresh water I recommend alkaline water and I absolutely recommend ever more water because I have found this to be the most alkalizing water and you can find this in grocery stores pretty much everywhere now and I believe for me a personal preference this water tastes the best and I feel the best when I drink it you can take this water if you'd like and you can spruce it up and turn it into vitamin water by adding different three in there you can add oranges or strawberries or lemons you can soak it overnight and drink it in morning to get those added nutrient benefits with the water I love lemon water I believe that that helps to alkalize us moving more drink your fresh number three is fresh green juice if you can get a juicer and start making a juice that has something simple in it like cucumber celery romaine kale lemon and ginger add an herb in there drink 32 ounces of this every morning not only is this a very hydrating liquid but it is filled with essential minerals for your body number four eat water rich foods most people don't think that the foods that they eat also matter and when you eat water rich foods like fruits and vegetables your body naturally rehydrates we need some of these essential vitamins minerals fatty acids we need the potassium we need the natural sodium in our foods we need to remineralize in the proper way and that is why I recommend eating at least one fully raw meal a day eat fresh foods that are rich in water content some examples of this that I'll give are watermelon cucumbers pineapple papaya oranges romaine lettuce celery and more if you can think of a fruit or vegetable that it's super juicy it's most likely going to be delicious and hydrated number five drink more fluid than you have lost this is a simple formula if you're working out all day if you're sweating all day it's important to drink more fluid more liquid than you believe that you've lost why because we are naturally going to be sweating out and eliminating more than you could possibly imagine it even when you think that you're drinking enough have a few sips more even when you think your salad is too big have a few bites more and I say that not to keep you in an overeating mode but if you tied a super-active day if you believe that you're dehydrated we want to get you last but not least number six has nothing to do with ingesting any type of liquid for number six I recommend every morning and every evening doing a deep breathing or meditation exercise this is important because it helps to balance your body and helps to really balance your breathing it gets you circulating a lot of oxygen it gets oxygen to your brain to your cells quicker and helps to eliminate stress when we eliminate stress in our bodies we maintain a higher level health I truly believe that doing deep breathing exercises and meditation can help keep us balanced throughout the day so these days so those were my top six recommendations to keep yourself hydrated and now I have two things that I absolutely do not recommend there's so many different types of gimmicks out there drink this one our energy drink or drink this sports drink so my first thing that I do not recommend by any stretch of the imagination are to drink any of these sports drinks that have a ton of colors or dyes in them a ton of processed sugars or chemicals that you can't even pronounce they're promoted as energy drinks but in reality they are filled with ingredie and chemicals that can cause health problems down the line and some of these products have so much sugar and so much salt in them they actually dehydrate you which means you want to drink more of them and they sell more of their products my number two is to avoid alcohol and caffeine when you're trying to rehydrate your body alcohol and caffeine can actually speed up your body in trying to eliminate it can make you go pee more which when you're trying to rehydrate your body this can prevent you from retaining the essential liquids or the water that you need in your body not to mention alcohol is not good for your kidneys and caffeine can give you high and low spells when you are trying to balance your energy all right you guys I hope that you have 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