hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be 15 ways to make your house smell amazing and this video I'm also going to have just like a few tips like hacks and then I'm also gonna have just a few general things like what my favorite candles are at the moment also what my favorite room spray is at the moment just things like that so we're gonna have hacks and just general information so let's go ahead and jump on into this because I have 15 things like I said and that could take a while so I'm gonna try to zoom through these as fast as possible and gave you all as many tips as I can in this video all right so I think the number one thing that people think of when they want to make their house smell amazing is candles so we will go ahead and start with that one my favorite candles right now is this one from growth collaborative is orange in cardamom it's a soy candle oh it smells amazing it is like the perfect scent for fall and winter it's just oh you guys have to definitely like order this and smell it it's awesome the other favorite now I ordered this one in bulk and it is also from girth collaborative and it is a soy candle as well but it is eucalyptus and mint oh my gosh I like I said I ordered like nine of these because I really wanted to just have some in bulk and you can use these year-round but especially around the holidays just because it has that minty smell smells a lot like peppermints and you guys will love it last but not least you guys know I have to mention something from the DW home brand and I get mine at either TJ Maxx or Marshalls this one is an apple cider and I'm still loving it this was probably my favorite all scent this year and it does have a very like cinnamon tea or apple cider sit to it so you can definitely use this in the winter as well up next I have a little hat for you guys and that is just to add some water and some essential oils into a little spray bottle and spray it onto your air filter and it is going to make the house smells so good another way that I love to make my house smell amazing is to use my diffuser I've put diffusers in all of our bedrooms and I will put some of my favorite like recipes down below in the description box but one of my favorites is just to use peppermint do you guys know if you've been watching my channel for a while you know that peppermint is like my favorite scent of life and so if I just use peppermint or spearmint sometimes I'll put a little orange in there or lemon as well but for the most part use peppermint that is heaven to me next step is to use really good smelling cleaning products this is one thing that I love to do especially when I wiping down my countertops and this video is actually sponsored by Grove collaborative they just came out with all of their mrs. Meyers holiday scents and I have been able to use them for probably a few weeks now like two or three weeks now and my favorite you guys guessed it is the peppermint one that one was my all-time favorite I really thought that I would love the Christmas tree one I think it was called Iowa pine but guys that peppermint one is my favorite and then next up is actually the orange one but I highly suggest going and checking them out I will have their link down below and for all existing customers if you order from them then you are going to get a free sponge set but if you are a new customer you're gonna get the mrs. Meyers hand soap mrs. Meyers multi-surface spray you're also gonna get the mrs. Meyers dish stuff all in holiday scents so if you're a new customer head on over there because if you order something then you are going to get a free gift you're not familiar with what Grove collaborative is it is just a website where they sell all-natural cleaners they just have some amazing products on there so definitely go check them out next up on my list is a little hat for you guys and it is just to put dry shampoo into any shoes that stain you have all been there when we walk into our closet we're like what smells and it is are like tennis shoes or something like that just get some dry shampoo and spray it in there it's gonna take all the smell away so this next tip seems like a no-brainer but it's something that I honestly forget to do a lot and that is just to open the windows especially this time of year well where I live it feels amazing right now we are in like 70 degree weather so it's a perfect outside you can definitely open the windows but if you've maybe cooked something and the smell of just the food and everything is just smelling up the house in a bad way like you're already done eating and you're done with like the bacon smell and the house kind of deal then you can open up your windows and let all of that out sometimes I really forget about that just because my first instinct is to let me spray everything down let me take out the trash and all but sometimes all I need to do is open the window my next tip is to use some sort of room or linen spray my absolute favorite at the moment is from Cal Dre and I also get this off-the-grid collaborative website basically all my cleaning products come from there but this one is Cal Dre and is in sea-salt neroli this is hands-down my favorite room and linens spray ever like seriously it says it has essential oils of lemon and neroli in it so you can imagine what it smells like it's just super fresh and almost has like a beachy smell but it is just perfect another thing that I like to do when I'm noticing kind of a smell in the house is to make my own carpet powder and what I do for this is I just get some baking soda and I put some essential oils in there and then I whisk it up normally with just a fork or something and I really like to use orange when I am doing a carpet powder I don't know why I just love that clean smell of anything citrusy so if you have orange or lemon that smells really nice on your carpets but all I do is put a few drops in there mix it up really quit and then I sprinkle it all over my carpet and then I vacuum it up and it makes the room smell so good if you are ever noticing a really bad like mildew smell in your bathrooms it might be your towels and what you can do for that if you have towels that have mildewed then go ahead and just put them in the bathtub with some water and then add in a cup or two of vinegar and this is going to take the smell right out you just want to let it set overnight is what I do you could also just let it set for a few hours during the day but I like to do mine overnight and then in the morning I will put them in the washing machine wash them like normal and it's also gonna make your clothes and your towels really really soft because vinegar also works as a fabric softener so that's an added bonus the next thing you can do is get some room freshener packets and I have some of these in the downstairs area just because it is such a large area I like to put some near the door that way whenever our guests walk in or anyone who's coming over to our house or even us you know it's really nice to just open the door and be able to smell that scent and so I put some near the doors and then I also just kind of hide them like behind the couch somewhere where they're not noticeable but it makes such a big difference and all you need to do is just shake them around you know every few days or so to get that scent going again because sometimes if it sits for awhile then you'll notice that the smell has kind of gone away but if you just pick it up and shake it this scent comes back right away and they last for a really long time my favorite place to get them is either the Christmas tree shop or Kirkland's I think those have the best smelling one another thing you can do in the kitchen is to put some baking soda in a mason jar or any kind of jar that is fitted and then put it in your refrigerator and this is going to deodorize your refrigerator it works like a charm every time a next tip is to get some potpourri and I got mine from the Christmas tree shop it was only a dollar and it smells like Christmas so it's perfect for this time of year and I also like to put mine in boiling water and you can just boil it and it's gonna work like a diffuser and it's just gonna smell up the entire place with all the steam that is putting out if you don't want to get potpourri or you just don't have any you can also use any kind of extract peppermint vanilla anything like that and also put it in a pot of boiling water and then you could also just use like cinnamon sticks or you know orange peels anything that you can think of that you think would smell good just go ahead and in the pot with boiling water and there you have it this tip I actually shared on my laundry hacks I believe and I will link that video down below if you guys have not seen that but I just took some mesh bags from the Dollar Tree and I put in some scent boosters and I like to throw these in our dresser just to keep everything smelling fresh especially if you haven't worn clothes in a while thin sometimes they tend to just start smelling again and you want your clothes to always smell like you just wash them so I'll throw them in our dressers I'll also throw them in our closets and just place it like that you can really put them anywhere you want if you love the smell of scent boosters I personally love downy UNSTOPABLES those are my favorites but you can use any kind that you like just put them in those mesh bag and another thing you can do with those mesh bags is put some essential oils on a cotton ball and then put it into that mesh bag and it works the same way this next tip is also another tip that I have mentioned before on my channel but just in case you are new I wanted to mention it again on this video that is just you put some essential oils into your toilet paper roll anytime that you roll that toilet paper out you're going to get the scent of whatever essential oils you decide to put in there and it just makes the bathroom smell so good last but not least another bathroom tip and that is the daily shower cleaner from method I have been loving this stuff I've been using it for months now and anytime after we take a shower I will just go in there and spray it all into the shower and not only is it a shower cleaner but oh my gosh you guys it makes the entire bathroom smokin not just the shower or the bathtub it makes the entire room smells so good and it lingers for a really long time so I highly suggest that one it's definitely got to be one of my favorite cleaning products ever so I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave me a thumbs up if you like videos like this I would love to invite you to subscribe to my channel if you are new and I'll see you guys in the next video