[Music] hello everyone I have makeup on my face today I have a mirror right here in front of me and every time I see myself whoa because I typically don't wear this much makeup so today I am at doing two tutorials in one video for the holidays and I'm really excited because I think that there is a lot of variety between these two looks I'm going to be doing a glowy but festive natural look and then we're gonna move into this look that I am wearing right now which is the darker glam look and I've definitely done a lot of holiday tutorials over the years I really wanted to switch things up from the standard holiday red lip especially for the glam look so for this I decided to go with dark eyes and dark lips which is typically something I don't normally do but every time I look in the mirror I'm like okay I'm kind of into this I like it it's just something new and different for me and I feel kind of like Catwoman in this body suit I'm wearing too so you know I feel really empowered right now to just go out there and be my best holiday sell all right so let's get into these two different looks here we go you all know what this is so I'm gonna put this on my eyes at my meet up in New York somebody was actually telling me how much they love the NARS eye primer and I was like oh the one product in my videos that has like never changed over the course of almost a decade this thing then I'm gonna be using the Tarte tartlet toasted palette and I really love these palettes from Tarte because they're nice and compact and you can travel with them easily but they also have a great color selection these are neutrals that lean on the warmer side the first color I'm going to be using all over my lids is this one right here called s'more I like using colors like this all over my lid because I feel like it just brightens them up ever so slightly but it's not shimmery so it just makes my eyes look a little bit more awake in a natural way then I'm gonna get real crazy and mix these three colors together cashmere warmth and latte I feel like all of those things go together and this is just gonna go right in my crease or primer I'm going to be using the usual which is the Smashbox photo-finish pore minimizing primer and I'm going to dot this right in the center of my face like this you know what somebody's gonna be wearing foundation today and that somebody is me so I actually like to press my primer into my skin especially around the center of my face because that's where my pores are the largest and I don't want my makeup sinking into my pores for foundation I'm going to be using the Laura Mercier silk cream oil-free foundation in sand beige I'm going to mix that with my Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer in ochre this is gonna warm it up a little bit so I actually really love mixing tinted moisturizer and foundation together I don't like super heavy coverage and the silk cream foundation is definitely full coverage but when I mix it with a tinted moisturizer I think that it just kind of smoothes it out a little bit and thins it out and I also just love the feel of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer I will say if you like full coverage foundation the silk cream is amazing it's one of my favorites even just to use on its own so I'm going to oh I mix them together by the way I hold my hands I like to focus on the center of my face so then I can blend out now sometimes if I'm doing a more natural look I would just use like a skin tent or a tinted moisturizer but because I am doing a heavier look after this and I want to keep my face makeup on I'm going with slightly heavier coverage but coverage is really all personal preference it's really up to you what you feel comfortable in and I would say right now at this point in my life this is about as heavy as I would go for underneath my eyes I'm going to use a little bit of the RMS uncover-up I start with this right at the center of my eyes then I like to take my Sean Takai camouflage stylo and layer that on top so I like mixing the two together so the Sean sky one has a slightly pinkier tone to it which helps with darkness and I love the creaminess of the RMS concealer and I just blend it out with my finger now I'm going to be mixing these two concealers together they are the same one this is just travel size it's the NARS creamy concealer and I'm mixing custard and caramel together because I'm just kind of in between both of these shades right now I have a little bit of both on my finger and I'm just gonna mix it together and I'm putting this right on this spot here where I had a cut on my face and there's just a little discoloration it's been happening in my everyday life I don't cover this up but because I'm going for like a holiday look where I'm doing the whole makeup routine I'm gonna put a little concealer on this is this excessive that I'm using too I really like combining these two together this is a Smashbox primer water and Urban Decay D slick and it kind of seems like they contradict each other but the reason why I like using both of them is because during this time of the year sometimes desolate can be a little bit too drying and stiff on my face and the primer water on its own can be a little bit too glowy if using this move together I find is a real great combination do I start with the primer water which is the more hydrating one before it dries I come in with D slick and I just focus this right on the center of my face I love them so much I even have them in travel-size to set everything I'm using glossy Aizu outer I wear the light/medium shade I just swirl my brush around and then I put this all over my face I really have been enjoying this to set my makeup and also just wearing this on days when I don't have any kind of tinted moisturizer or skin tint on and I'm just wanting to quickly powder my face time to go back to the eyes I am going to be using the RMS magic Luminizer I am obsessed with it so I just take a little bit on my finger and I just tap it right on the inner corner and blend it out I like doing this after concealer and powder because sometimes it can get just swiped away as you put on concealer and I don't want any setting powder to be covering it up I really want it to be as glowy as possible I love how this brightens up your eye area and it's just so easy to use you can use this all over your face I've actually used this as a highlight on my cheekbones and really loved it there too for brows I'm still using my Surratt brow pencil in Rabin which I am still loving using glossy a boy brow to set everything honestly mines kind of dry should probably got anyone is really forcing the last little bit out I have also been loving my Seurat eyelash curler somebody who's that just give my lashes a little bit of a lift covergirl plumpify actually you know maybe I should try a new mascara today should I try this I haven't even taken it out of the package and yet we can just see how this goes and if it doesn't work out I'll just put plumpify on whoa look at that brush though this is definitely a different brush don't even know if I'm using this the right way but you know whatever not bad I'm into it feels good my lashes aren't falling I like the separation I actually like the little weird brush thing at the end for getting these lashes time for the big blush book it's very very big I'm going to be using the color kindred right here reliefs I'm gonna start off with a natural color this is the wise owl Rouge pur Couture in the color 70 I love these lipsticks because they're super smooth and hydrating so even though this is a natural look there are still ways that you can make things festive and fun and the way that I'm going to be doing that today is by using a sparkly lip color on top so this is the colour-pop ultra glossy lip in my jam so it's like sparkly and metallic I'm going to layer this on top of the lipstick all right so this is the casual but natural but festive look I've changed into a black turtleneck because this is my go-to glam feeling fancy at–look moving into this next look I'm gonna remove a few things from the first look so the lip goodbye and then I makeup also gonna go since I'm starting over with the eyes I'm going to be putting on some more primer I'm contemplating false eyelashes but you know I'm just gonna cross that bridge when we get there cuz you know how I feel about false eyelashes I love how they look but I'm not the greatest at putting them on still after all this time I get legitimately nervous when I put on false lashes because I just never know how it's gonna go on top of the primer I'm going to be using a cream eyeshadow this is the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow in 710 put this all over my lids this kind of reminds me of bad to the bronze by Maybelline their competitor I'm gonna be switching up I shadow palettes I'm using the Urban Decay Naked heat palette just because I thought it would be interesting to use two palettes that are similar but different the Urban Decay one definitely has more purpley tones in it which i think is pretty cool and I'm actually going to be using this color here on the end called Ember all over my lids I just think this color is so pretty because as you move in the light you can really start to see a cranberry color coming out where I'm sitting now I don't know if it's translating on camera but it looks like I have two different eyeshadows on and I just put one on it's like a burnt orange e cranberry color and then it gets darker here at the edges and it's just from the way that the eye shadow catches the light which i think is so cool in the crease I'm going to mix ashes and n Fuego together ain't a lot of blend in here I'm gonna use my glossy a router to blend this out a little bit because I don't really want color I just want something that's gonna defuse the eyeshadow in my crease so I'm using this what is actually meant for concealer but I'm gonna do some serious buffing here right here for me this feels like a lot of makeup because I don't wear that much on a regular basis so I'm like oh I like it though I'm into it I've decided to skip the lashes but I am gonna put on eyeliner this is the Smashbox always on gel liner and fishnet and I'm going to use this on the upper inner rim of my eyes or my lower lash line I am going to put a little bit of primer there I'm just gonna add it on and then I'm going to be using the color he devil and then I'm gonna come in with ashes and mix that in for highlighter I'm going to be using a little bit of Becca opal so I am just going to put this all my cheek bones here I'm actually gonna add a little bit more mascara this is CoverGirl's plumpify just because I'm not putting the lashes on and this definitely helps add volume to my lashes going dark on my lips and I'm gonna start off with this NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in train blue really not messing around today over the top I'm going to be using this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and glastonbury [Music] all right that is going to be it for my video today I hope you enjoyed these two different looks and I really hope that you found some inspiration for your holiday looks whether you're wanting to go for something supernatural or if you're looking for some inspiration for more glam looks and I will say as somebody that typically doesn't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis I have really enjoyed creating this more dramatic look I kind of love that you are able to see me put this look together and step outside of my comfort zone a little bit and I think that's a fun thing that you can do for the holidays is just try something different I always love trying new things especially for special events I think it's fun you get to dress up you have the opportunity to try something different and in my case I'm into it I like it thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I'm going to be having giveaways and more holiday videos coming your way I will see you guys next time bye