[Music] hi everyone today I'm going to be doing another natural and glam tutorial since you guys really seem to enjoy the last one that I did I thought it would be cool to do one for Valentine's Day so that's kind of the theme of these natural glam tutorials I start with the natural look and then I build on top of it for the glam look I tried out a fair amount of new products in this tutorial so you'll get to see my first impressions of those and I just really enjoyed creating both of these looks I'm definitely enjoying the winged eyeliner I have to say because I don't wear it as much as I used to but it is nice to embrace it every now and then when I'm in the mood I just felt like doing the winged liner cuz you know my shorter hair is just making me feel a little bit sassy err I feel like winged liner just embodies that essence that I'm feeling in makeup form also I just want to say if you're not super huge on celebrating Valentine's Day or you don't plan on doing anything where you want to be wearing makeup that's totally cool I just really like doing these natural glam tutorials and honestly I think these looks would work outside a valentine's day too so it's not just something that's confined to the day of the Valentine why did I say oh I don't know but let's get started before things get weirder [Music] as you can see I am in my casual look right now and if you've watched my Valentines Day tutorials for I believe the last couple of years then you'll probably recognize this top because I feel like this top is my annual casual Valentine's Day sweater wear this in my actual life outside of Valentine's Day but I just feel like you know why not keep the tradition going and bring this sweater out I'm gonna start off with a little eye primer this one is from NARS as always and I'm just gonna put this on my eyelids you'll notice in this video that I'm using some things I've never used before so we're just gonna find out how these work together for an eyeshadow base I'm going to be using the NARS Velvet shadow stick so this is what it looks like when i swatched it this had a little bit of shimmer to it and that's exactly what I want I just want a little bit of sheen on my lids it doesn't really have much color to it either it's kind of just like a silvery shimmer which I really like and so far it's blending out really well with the NARS eye primer underneath this would definitely stay on on its own because it feels nice and tacky next I'm using this eyeshadow palette from Marc Jacobs this is the Provocateur palette this is a really pretty palette especially if you like purples and I love purple because I think that it works well with my skin tone and my eye color so I'm going to use a little bit of this color on the end which is called say it and this is another product that I'm using for the first time too so see how these eye shadows go I just kind of swatch them and they looked pretty so so far so good so this say it color is a really light lavender and it has some shimmer in it so it's really great for brightening up your eyes so I'm just putting this on the inner half of my eyes next I'm gonna use this color here which is called that you might this is a purple color with some gold shimmer in it it's really really pretty and I'm just gonna put this on the outer half of my lids then I'm gonna come in with a clean fluffy brush I'm just kind of brush out the ends here I'm going to curl my lashes with my Surratt eyelash curler I just finished drinking coffee and my own breath is offending me right every time I talk I'm just like oh my god coffee breath my lashes are curled and I'm going to follow up with my favorite mascara right now which is the covergirl total teased mascara in water proof I've shown this brush before it's definitely something different if you've never used this mascara before it's a little weird it has a curve to it and then like a little nubby brush at the top there's place backwards on the brush so it's definitely something that takes some time to get used to I would say I had to use this mascara a few times before really appreciating the full effect but I do like how much this lengthens and separates my lashes and I love the little brush at the end because it lets me get to these lashes right here and it really separates them so it doesn't clump them up I always try and expand my mascara horizons outside of covergirl but I always end up coming back their mascaras don't irritate my eyes like Maybelline mascaras do and they're just the perfect consistency for my lashes and they also hold a curl which is really really difficult for my lashes most mascaras weigh them down and they just immediately fall so that is pretty much my natural eye look even though I've used purple which isn't exactly a natural color this look still looks pretty natural it just kind of illuminates your eyes there's a little bit of color there but it's nothing super crazy now for face makeup I'm actually really excited for this because I'm gonna try out a new foundation but before I get into my foundation I'm going to be using my new favorite primer which is the Marc Jacobs invisible undercover perfecting coconut face primer and I've been loving this because it's really hydrating and I've just been into hydrating products it's just that time of year also as I've gotten older I've noticed that you know my skin really just wants more hydration so while I have an oily skin type I've just learned how to hydrate my skin and give it what it wants and what it needs I love this primer because I think it's a great base for makeup but I've also worn it on days when I'm not wearing makeup and it just feels really nice on the skin and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of coconut as a scent but this does not bother me at all because it's super light and once it dries you don't smell it on your face for foundation I am going to be using the Smashbox Studios skin 15 hour we're hydrating foundation and this is in the shade 2.1 so I have never used this foundation I've only put it on my hands and I just really liked the way that it feels I wear a lot of tinted moisturizer and skin tints and I really just wanted to try a foundation that is more hydrating I feel like a lot of the foundations that have come out more recently are super mattifying and that's just not what I'm looking for so I was into the consistency of this on my hand so we'll see how the consistency is on my face so I'm just going to start with a pump of this and I'm gonna start off in the center of my face as I always do I'm not sure how the coverage is gonna be with this so I'm just gonna start off with this much and see how it goes I'm a trusty Beauty Blender here and I'm gonna blend it out okay so this definitely seems like it's lighter coverage for sure it's not like a super heavy full coverage foundation which I am into I know we're full coverage too often but I really like how this feels so far on my skin especially with that primer underneath this actually reminds me of the YSL Touche Club Foundation that's the foundation that they came out with several years ago to match their really popular under-eye concealer and I really like that foundation because I think it's hydrating but it also has a nice natural finish to it as well this kind of reminds me of that foundation which I'm definitely okay with the foundation is down and I have to say that my immediate impression of it is I like it it feels really good I think it looks really natural on the skin but since I just put it on I don't know about the wear time but I'm definitely into it right now I also like that it's blended pretty well with my skin because this wasn't an exact match for my skin tone but because it's not super full coverage I was able to sheer it out and blend it in and I think it looks great for concealer underneath my eyes I'm going to use a little bit of the bare minerals at bare skin concealer and I'm just gonna put a touch underneath my eyes and this has a slightly pinky tone to it so it works really well underneath my eyes and I like how its hydrating and it doesn't dry out my eye area because it's like a huge issue for me for setting spray I'm gonna use my Smashbox primer water because that's just what I've been using the more I've used this product the more I just really liked it and appreciate it because sometimes setting sprays can leave your skin to feeling really tight and stiff and I love how this sets my makeup but it doesn't make my skin it feel like as a setting powder I'm going to use the bare minerals bare Pro in golden nude and this is a powder foundation and I'm gonna put a light dusting of on my face and I'm gonna make sure that I get my brows too because that helps me when I'm trying to fill in my brows this is my Surratt brow pencil in Raven I just refilled it so this is pretty new and I'm gonna fill in my brows still growing them out for anybody that is wondering this one has been really interesting recently because I noticed that like a whole chunk of my hair just kind of fell out and now I have this like sparse area here I don't know what that's about I was thinking about it and it could be just my hair growth cycle but also I was thinking because I'm a side sleeper maybe there's something happening there and my hair is just like coming out so I don't know because I definitely like burrow into my pillows so I could see that being a possibility I'm gonna comb through my brows with a little bit of glossy a boy brow for blush I'm going to be using an old favorite that I have rediscovered it is benefits dandelion blush it's definitely been a while since I've used dandelion I was just looking for a light dusty pink recently and I was like you know what dandelion that's what I want and it's just been so perfect for me recently I've just been in the mood for it dandelion is great because it's one of those colors that gives you a little bit of a flush but it's not anything too intense it really is just like a light little dusting of pink for a highlight I'm going to be using this from first day Beauty it is the mango butter multi stick and this is in the color champagne so I'm going to I can't decide I've been putting this directly on my face recently but since I have like a setting powder and stuff I think I'm just gonna use my finger and tap it on instead of swiping it on but I've really been liking this because I feel like this is what I wanted glossy a halo scope to be after talking about glossy a Gayla scope and my experience with it just being like really sticky and not easy to blend a lot of you were saying that I just got a bad one because it's not like that at all so I feel like this is really what I was expecting a glossy a halo scope to be this is so easy to blend I really like the shimmer that I get out of this but it's nothing too sparkly and it just adds a really nice natural looking glow to my face I'm just putting a little bit on the bridge of my nose as well I also like putting this on the inner corner of my eyes because I feel like it does just add a little bit of brightness there too as much as I love this I will say that I tried out the blush version of this stick it's the rosy color and I did not like that it's a beautiful color but as I was applying it on my cheeks I just felt like it was wiping off so it was like this vicious cycle of putting it on and then it was just getting wiped off and I also felt like it was something that would not stay on my face because it was just coming off so easily I just ended up taking it off completely and then using my glossy cloud paints because those are seriously the best finishing off this look with a lip color I'm going to be using this Dior lipstick and it is the door attic lacquer stick in kiss and that is the number 674 and I'm gonna put this on my lips and then shear it out with my fingers I've really been enjoying this recently putting on maybe a brighter lipstick or something that just has a little bit more color to it and then sharing it out on my lips with my fingers alright so this is it for my natural look this is definitely a look that I feel comfortable wearing and it just makes me feel really good [Music] welcome to the glam side let me just say this up front I'm not gonna be using false lashes because every time I do a glam look I always have lashes nearby I always contemplate it I think you know maybe today is going to be the day that I put on some false lashes and then once I get to that point I'm like no I don't want to I just don't want to go through the process of putting them on because it is so hit or miss for me and I just don't feel like jeopardizing my makeup today so with that out of the way let's move on to the eyeshadow I'm going to go back to the Marc Jacobs palette that I was using and I'm going to use this color right here which is called just stay and this is a really pretty shimmery purple but it's not too shimmery so I'm just gonna put this in the crease and I'm just like tapping it in this eye shadow because you can see that little bit definitely goes a long way I chose this purple color because I think it's a really nice way to kind of warm up the cooler tones from the other look then I'm just gonna blend out the edge as much as I can one of my favorite tricks for blending is taking a cleanup brush and then taking the setting powder that I'm using I'm just putting my brush in there to blend out the edge now I'm going to take my eyeshadow primer and I'm going to dot it on my lower lash line this is gonna help the eyeshadow that I'm about to put on stick seeing an angled eyeliner brush and I'm going to dip into that same purple color that i was just using and i'm gonna put that on my lower lash line and then i'm gonna use the first color that i used and i'm going to bring that from the inner corners out into the center of my eye where it meets the purple now i'm going to take you might and i'm going to put this right in the area where the light purple meets the dark purple so right pretty much right in the center of my eye and this is going to bring it all together add a little bit more shimmer gonna take a brush and just kind of blend it out as much as I can for eyeliner I'm going to use smashbox always on gel liner in fishnet and I love this eyeliner I've use these in different colors and they just stay on the best so I'm using this to line the upper inner rim of my eyes I'm using a Kat Von D's tattoo liner wish me luck here because you never know how liquid liner is gonna turn out but I have a better track record with liquid liner in comparison to false eyelashes so you know I'm choosing to have a little bit of faith in myself give it a little shake also these sleeves are definitely not conducive to doing makeup normally when I do my makeup I would not be wearing something like this but for the sake of this video and the vibe I'm wearing it here we go so Oh there's nothing coming out lovely there we go give it a little bit of a start I like to start as close to my lashline as possible and then build on top of that get a really clean line I like to take a makeup wipe and just drag it along the bottom here and that creates a really nice clean wing but now I have to come in and kind of blend out the edge right here of my eyeshadow cuz it does wipe it off a little bit so eyes are finished for highlighter I am going to be using this palette from Smashbox and this is the Casey Holmes collaboration in the palette pearl I'm going to be using the middle color which is called crank it up pearl I'm gonna put this in the same areas where I put the other highlighter and this is just going to make things even more highlighted and then I'm going to use the lightest color in the palette and I'm going to go over that so I definitely have some layers of highlighter happening here but you know what this is the glam look and I know that my glam is not necessarily everybody's equivalent of glam but this is definitely glam for me I'm into this last but not least lips I'm gonna start off with the YSL rouge Couture matte stain in number 11 I really really love this color I've been wearing it a lot and I love these lip colors in general because they're so easy to apply and they stay on – there are really thin consistency and they just glide onto your lips they don't dry superfast like a lot of other matte lip colors so you definitely have more time to work with them Eileen and I are with these and I want a little bit of gloss so I'm going to be using the bare minerals gloss in snarky and this is a pink gloss with some gold shimmer in it all right so this is my finished glam look [Music] so that is it for today if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more videos coming your way I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day no matter what you end up doing I'll see you guys later bye you