hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video I'm gonna be giving you guys 20 at-home date nights or cheap date nights all of these are either things that you could do at home or something that you could go out to do if you want to but it would be very cheap to do I feel like I am the queen of at-home date nights because we used to only do at-home date nights back when we first got married like probably the first like five years it was like there's no way we're going out on a date it has to be something creative that I came up with at home and actually now we prefer to have at-home date nights compared to like going out and doing something I just feel like there are a lot more like romantic maybe it's just me but I feel like we actually get to spin like one-on-one quality time with each other so I really prefer it this way but I thought I would give you guys some ideas with Valentine's coming up so let's go ahead and get on into them the very first one is to relive the past me and Justin both have memory boxes that's what we call them and it's things that we've kept when we were like dating or just special things that we we have had like throughout our marriage and seriously going through the things that I've kept like when we were dating and then I also kept journals when we were dating too but reading through those really just makes me like fall in love with him all over again it's super romantic to do to do this you could also maybe make dinner something that you guys might have like made together a lot when you are dating or go out to eat if you want to maybe to a restaurant that you guys used to go to maybe your first restaurant that y'all went to I know for me like if I was gonna do this it would either be Chinese food or um subway we used to split subs like $5 subs all the time back with my husband worked at the hardware store and I was a lifeguard and he was in college and I was still in high school like we would split five-dollar subs all the time so I would probably do something like that to go along with this night this next one my husband actually did for me recently and it was a game night and so I told my husband I'm like I want an at-home date night I feel like it's been a while since we've like reconnected so we need a date night and I want an at-home date night so what he did was he went and bought the game Monopoly and we are both very competitive so it was a lot of fun to play that game after we put the kids to bed he also got like our favorite snacks and drinks and it was just a lot of fun to play that game together and like I said we're both very competitive people so it was really interesting and I whipped his tail in monopoly every one is one that we have done a lot and it is camp out night this is one that you can do outside if it's warmer where you live you could go ahead and set up the tent outside but for us right now it is cold so I would suggest doing this inside and you could just come up with like a fort in the living room and you could grill out maybe like hot dogs or hamburgers and then some movie suggestions that you could watch with this would be like without a paddle we've watched that before when we did this um there's another way there's a really scary one on Netflix right now it's called back country I wouldn't suggest eating while watching that one though but it is a very scary like very gruesome but really good like scary movie that you could watch it's all about this couple camping out in the woods and stuff but it's good so that's another suggestion for you guys number four is 90's night and I feel like 90s is the new 80 it's like 80s used to be the thing 80s parties now it's all about the 90s and I think it's because now it's like 90s kids are in their 20s now so it's all about the 90s but you could do a 90 tonight and if you wanted to go out you could go to like the skating rink that's one thing that we used to do all the time when we were dating and we were back in the youth group we would go to the skating rink all the time so that's definitely something we would do you could also watch scream this is actually what gave me this idea because the other night my husband had never seen scream before and so as I all we have to watch scream so we did that but you could also watch like I know what you did last summer or something fun like that whenever I think of like date night I typically think of like horror movies I don't know maybe it's just like the cuddling aspect of it but I would rather watch a horror movie than like a romantic movie I don't know maybe I'm just weird but that's what I like you could also get twister and think ahead and maybe get like a Bop it you could play mash or one of those origami like things where you fold the paper that we used to do all the time in the 90s just do fun things like that number 5 is to have an elegant night at home so you can dress up I think I saw someone called this like dressed up and no place to go or something like that but basically the idea is to dress yourself up dress your house up set like light a bunch of candles maybe put some twinkling lights everywhere rose petals have like a really romantic nice dinner at home and you know make the bedroom really special for each other just make it really like elegant but it's just one-on-one you and him time so this next one it was one of my husband's favorites whenever I was coming up with this list I was like what was your favorite date night that I've done for you and this one was one of his like top that he mentioned but it was a spa night and so what we did was I just made him a really nice bath got lots of cool like products new products for him to try in the bath and I also like heated up the towels while he was in the bath so I put the towels in the dryer so they could be really dry when he came out of the bath and thin for this night I would definitely do like a light dinner maybe something like lemon chicken or chicken salad just something very light for this you could also get like some massage oils and if you want to like really step it up you could get like one of those paraffin wax makers and dip your hands and your feet in it that would make it really special so this next one is the one that we used to do a lot especially back when we had to under – we would go riding around this is one of our favorite really cheap date nights and we would always get it's like a tradition for us to get like a milkshake or a Frappuccino from McDonald's or something like that and we would go riding around but you can make this really special and you could also like maybe come up with like play list for each other like some of your favorite songs you could also do that on the 90s night – I forgot to mention that but whenever I was making this list I thought you can make like mix tapes for each other but you could do that when you're doing your like right around date night but you would think that this is just something that you do every day but if you make it special and you're like this is gonna be our date night normally our kids would fall asleep because they were 202 and riding around just put them to sleep and it was like our chance to talk it was so much fun which brings me to my next point this is something that I normally do with Justin when we're on the road but you could totally do this at home you don't have to do this on the road so that's why I kind of wanted to make it its separate point but I asked him questions like a little questionnaire we used to do this all the time when we were dating we would send each other emails trying to like get to know each other and so it would have like a ton of questions on there about like just getting to know each other but there are tons of these things on Pinterest that's where I go to find all of mine just look at like couples questionnaires and I promise you you'll find a ton of them but it's really fun to do normally we do this when we're in the car because I'm trying to like keep him awake if we're on like a road trip or something I'm like okay it's questionnaire time but we've also done this at home too for like an at-home date night we'll just you know have like a really nice dinner and then go to our bedroom and we'll find some questions and I'm telling you guys like at first you think my husband's not gonna like this he's not much of a talker mine isn't either but he seriously loves this and every time I'm like we're gonna answer some questions he's like oh gosh and then he ends up getting really into it so I promise you guys you might be surprised that your husband actually likes this one so this next one I've also done for my husband but it is five gifts or five things to do for the five senses so touch taste smell sight you get the idea all the senses and just come up with something for every one of those things so maybe for taste you could get like some chocolates kids watch my channel so I'll just say foresight nice pajamas touch you could get massage oil the possibilities are endless with this one you could basically come up with whatever you wanted to just make sure you have like five things and package them with like each of the sentences number ten is something that we like to do on our anniversary but it is wedding night and you could kind of reminisce on your wedding maybe watch your wedding video again go through your pictures we both wrote each other letters on the day of our wedding and exchanged them so it's cool to read those over and to do this you could also maybe like have the same food that you had at your wedding so for instance we had barbeque and potato salad things like that at our wedding so it's really fun to like kind of cook the same food that you had and all of that so this next gift is personally my favorite and my husband actually kind of touched on this in his what guys actually want for Christmas video but I'll kind of explain it a little bit more here but what I did was I came up with a game for us and it's kind of like you can use index cards and you flip them over you write numbers on one side and then on the other side you write things that you're going to do to each other and you start out with like words of affirmation or a massage but the idea is to only do that thing for one minute and you're gonna be surprised like you want to like start out with like really easy things and then the very last thing is the thing that you would think it should end with I'm trying to keep this so pg-rated you guys get the idea and so what we also did was instead of getting dice because there's like only so many things you can come up with so instead of having dice I just put one two and three on a piece of paper and we closed our eyes and picked so that way we knew how many spaces to move but you could only move up to three spaces that way the game lasted a little bit longer where 12 is all about him or her depending on whoever's planning the at-home date night but you can make this all about them let them know like before they even get home when you get home you are not to lift a finger I'm gonna take your shoes off and you know you could go to the extra mile and like wear an apron with your nice pajamas underneath you could cook all here favorite foods for my husband it would definitely be pasta he's a carb lover nor thirteen is one that we have yet to do but I told my husband this is like next on our list I've got two on here we haven't done yet but I'm like I'm ready to do these these selling so much fun but number thirteen is ten dollars and ten minutes so the idea is you both have ten dollars each and you go into the Dollar Tree you have ten minutes to find things for that date night so basically you're like running around trying to find things that you're gonna use for this date night and you can't look at anything that you got for each other until you get home and then once you get home you open it up and you plan a date night with what you got number 14 is something that we have done and I've actually done a video on this but we made time capsules with each other it was just one time capsule you can put anything in here you can write letters to each other that you can read in five years we did five years we didn't want to wait too long so we just made ours five years but what we decided to do was make a five year bucket list so we wrote out ten things that we wanted to accomplish in five years I think we are on we did that back in 2016 so we've got three more years to go before we can dig up our time capsule this next one is definitely one that I see me and my husband doing but it's like a friend's date night I think everyone is like a fan of friends like there's very few people I know who don't watch friends or haven't watched friends but this is something that we definitely would do because me and my husband are both really big on friends everyone thinks that our son Ross is named after friends like Ross on friends he's not though he's actually named after my husband my husband's middle name is Ross so but we're not like that big on friends that we would name our kids after him so we would do a friends at home date night and if you wanted to go out a little bit you could start it like the coffee shop we actually did that the other day we did a coffee shop date night it was so much fun like way more fun than I thought it was gonna be through that you can come home and order pizza because Joey's always eaten pizza they even make like friends trivia games like to see who's the biggest friend's fan so you could do one of those too this next one is probably the first at home date night I did for my husband when we were married but I did a backyard picnic and he was like so surprised blown away when he got home he walked in like I was like when you get home just come to the backyard so he came to the backyard and I had like twinkling lights up everywhere I had like we'd had a coffee table and I had a brought it outside and I put all of our food out there on it with a tablecloth on there I had music playing it was so much fun planning this all day for him when he got home he was like this is like something out of a movie like this is so cool but backyard picnics can be so much fun okay so there's actually three on here we haven't done yet this is another one that I really want to do that I forgot that I put on the list so me and my husband are both very driven individuals and so we like getting our vibes up setting goals and things like that so you could do a I called it get your vibes up not what you would do for this is go test drive expensive cars like Maseratis or Porsches or you know whatever dream car you have that it's totally out of your price range right now but you're thinking maybe in the future maybe when I'm 40 I might be able to afford this or something cool like that just go test drive it get your vibes up maybe if there's like an open house in your area you know you can't afford that house but just go anyway I'm just like imagine yourself there set your goals it's so good for each other and then also to go along with this night you could do a vision board together and I am so big on vision boards and like setting your goals of what you want and so I think that this would be something really cool that you could do with your spouse or your boyfriend this next one is another one we haven't done yet but I'm really wanting to do soon but it's a scavenger hunt but I've always steered away from scavenger hunt because normally it's like one of one person in the couple is doing this scavenger hunt for the other person but you're a part all day long and I don't want so I'm like I want to be together so what you could do is do a scavenger hunt but you have to get another couple or a few other couples on board cool thing about this is you don't even have to live near each other you could just text each other pictures so we have done a scavenger hunt one time I remember back when we were in the youth group we split up into two teams and we did a scavenger hunt around town but it was things like go and get a sweet and sour sauce packet from wherever you want to get it from and so you would have to take a picture with it and then send it to the other team so you could play this with whoever you want to if you do happen to live near each other you can meet up at the end maybe like after one person wins or one couple wins you could meet up at the end at the coffee shop or to get donuts or someplace like that just something fun but I say this being very fun for us to do with another couple next one is one that we have actually done and we had a really good time doing it whenever I first say it you're probably gonna be like that doesn't sound like much fun but when we actually did it it ended up being a lot of fun so it's an at-home project night together so maybe you're a couple that you both work you both really don't have that much time together but if you say like oh we're gonna have to paint the bedroom you know we've been wanting to paint the bedroom but you know you kind of make it a chore it will be a chore but if you make it fun like we're gonna paint the bedroom and I'm gonna make a playlist and we're gonna you know binge watch loss through whatever you're into or something like that and you make it really fun it could be a lot of fun so one time we actually ended up redoing Julie my daughter's room and so my parents had the kids for the weekend they were down at their boat and we were like while they're gone we're gonna do Julie's room and I don't know if you guys remember in our old house she had like the polka dots on the wall we did that that night that was like a five-dollar thing I just got like a circle sponge and a little thing of paint and I just like dotted it on her wall ended up so cute you guys know I also do like fabric on the dresser and so I did that in her room that day too which is also very cheap it's normally like $12 for all the fabric on to do a dresser so it ended up being a fairly cheap date night we did we redid her whole room and we had a lot of fun just spending quality time with each other while doing that and the next one is to get home videos from your parents this is also kind of like reliving the past but your past before you knew each other and this is something that Justin and I both really enjoy doing is watching each other's like baby videos and when we were toddlers I feel like especially now that we have kids because when you watch it you're like oh my god it's so Julie or oh my gosh that's so Ross or you know you just see yourself in your kids spin if you don't have kids though I think it's still very fun to see your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend before you knew them because it's like you're getting to see all these chapters of their life like for me and my husband we met when I was 12 so sometimes it feels like we've known each other our whole lives but then when you watch old videos like that you realize like there's there was this whole part of your life that I wasn't here for and I want to know more about you and I want to be there for that so we love home videos you could even get just like pictures of each other just things like that so make it your own and have fun with it so I seriously feel like my voice is about to go out after this video but I hope you guys enjoyed it leave it a thumbs up if you have any more at home date night suggestions leave it down below in the comments I would really love to read them like I said I love at home date nights I feel like they're they're my favorite date nights ever so leave them down below if you guys have any other suggestions and I will see you guys in the next video bye falling back into you if I wiII be smarter but got nothing left to