well it is the end of the year so you know what that means I really love making these yearly favorites videos because it's just cool to reflect on things that I've been loving over the past year and I actually keep a running list of products that I have loved throughout the year and then at the end of the year I revisit that list and narrow it down to the best of the best I have a lot of stuff to cover so let's get into it I use the Kerastase volume in powder spray so much over this last year it was definitely an amazing of volumizing hair products this container is actually completely empty I love how this product smelled it really added texture grit and volume to my hair and I'm obsessed with it 2017 was the year that I was on a quest for the perfect wave spray and I definitely found it in the form of the way wave spray and you can see that I've used a ton of this product I absolutely love it for bringing out my natural waves so sometimes I will just spray this in my hair after I've washed it and let it air dry and then other times I'll braid my hair with this in it and I love how this has hold to it it doesn't make my hair feel hard or crunchy it's still really flexible bus it smells really good [Music] it is no secret that I love the fresh body lotions I will never stop using them but I kind of hit the pause button a little bit this year to use this and I have to say that this is definitely one of the best body products I've ever used especially if you're somebody that doesn't like super scented things this is the h2o beauty of milk body butter it's so hydrating it's not greasy it has a really lovely light fresh scent to it and I feel like it's something that most people would really like but this product is really just a pleasure to use and it feels so good on my skin I am someone who is always looking out for the best natural deodorant this year I've fallen in love with the Schmidt's bergamot and lime natural deodorant I actually discovered recently that you can get this at Target so I'm really happy about that because I was ordering it online before and it was a lot harder to get it that way I love this natural deodorant because I find that it's one of the only natural deodorants that really helps with odor and wetness and usually you have to choose one or the other but I think so far out of everything that I've tried this is the one that does the best job with both of those things [Music] so this is the simple water boost micellar cleansing water you guys know that I love the original micellar water I love the wipes I love the moisturizer I pretty much love everything that simple comes out with and I have really just been liking this because I found that my skin is just felt a little bit drier and this does the same thing as the original micellar water so it's really good at cleansing my skin getting off any like residue that's on my skin any leftover makeup but it's a little bit more hydrating without feeling greasy I am absolutely crazy about fully removing my makeup this is something that I never ever skip no matter how late I'm getting home no matter how tired I am I always remove my makeup my favorite makeup remover this year has been the touch of pure one-step camellia cleansing oil it breaks down all of your makeup including waterproof makeup I love the packaging because there's a pump here you can see that mine's a little bit dirty because I use it oh there's hair on it look at that lovely it has a pump that locks so it's extra secure and the product inside is just so amazing to use it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy it immediately melts down the makeup on your face and it rinses off completely clean another thing from Tasha that I have really loved is the essence and I've really learned over the last couple years especially how important it is to use in essence in your skincare routine using an essence helps to plump up your skin so that way the products that you use after will be more effective my favorite moisturizer this year has definitely been the make premise safe me relief moisture cream this one is completely gone I have scraped the container because I love this moisturizer it only has 12 ingredients in it it's not super expensive I think it's great for so many different skin types and it's one of the only moisturizers that I would recommend for both day and night years for serums the first thing I definitely have to talk about is the glossy a super pure this is a niacin amide and zinc serum I find that this really helps with redness with my breakouts and when I do start breaking out this just gets to them immediately and help soothe and heal them another serum that has definitely entered Holy Grail territory for me is the bare minerals a turn elixir skin volumizing oil serum I'm obsessed with this you can see that there's only a little bit left of this product it has a really lovely bright citrusy scent to it and this is another product that I would say is amazing to use both day and night so it's great for people who want a more minimal skincare routine in terms of the amount of products that they have because I have mixed this with my makeup I've put it on during the day when I'm not wearing makeup I've used it as my face oil at nighttime and it's absolutely incredible it is so hydrating it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy it just gives you the most beautiful glow and when you use this consistently over time you really start to notice a huge difference in your skin for sunscreen I have loved the tatcha pore perfecting sunscreen SPF 35 and I really like this because it does have a physical sunscreen in it so when I have wanted to wear a physical sunscreen this has been a great option I also find that it's very hydrating as well and really great to use underneath makeup or a sunscreen that has more of a gel lotion consistency that goes on completely clear I'm all about make proud this is the UV defense me blu-rays Sun gel with SPF 50 I also love the one that has the orange cap and that one is like a true gel consistency these are amazing if you want something that's going to sit on your skin and be completely invisible because with physical sunscreens there usually is a little bit of a white cast that's left behind and that's just unavoidable because of the mineral that are being used but this does not have that I love how hydrating this sunscreen is because a lot of times sunscreens can be drying on your skin and I love how this makes my complexion super glowy for face masks my favorite deep cleansing face mask has definitely been the fresh Umbreon clay purifying mask whenever I feel like my skin is just congested I reach for this mask it's really creamy and I just feel like there really isn't anything else that cleanses my skin quite as well for breakouts the mask that I have been reaching for this year is definitely the Eve LOM rescue mask which I discovered through a viewer that works at Space NK she recommended this mask and I tried out a little sample of it became obsessed and then went and bought the full size it definitely has a strong camphor scent to it but it is so amazing at helping to heal and soothe breakouts all right you guys know what this is it is the glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask and this is the mask for me of the year like if I had to choose one mask that I would choose over all of the other ones it would definitely be this it smells just like real watermelon and you can use this as like a twenty-minute mask or you can go to sleep with this on your face and wash it off in the morning I really love it using this as an overnight mask because I think that you really see the best results that way so this is the last thing that I'll apply on my face at night I'll put a nice even layer all over my face wait for it to dry a little bit and then I'll go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning and wash the mask off my skin it just feels super clear really bright really soft and smooth any redness that I've had on my face is soothed and it's also really hydrating as well or lip balm I have loved the nukes Rev Dame yell lip-balm after hearing sa rave about this lip balm for so long I was finally able to find a pot of this when I was traveling it's a really thick lip balm that doesn't have a shiny finish when you put this on your lips it tastes like honey and citrus which I really love and I especially love using this at night I really haven't worn foundation that much this year and it's because I have just preferred bare skin tinted moisturizer or a skin tint this is actually a product that took me a little bit of time to really fall in love with but now I am all about it it is the glossier skin tint and I wear the shade media when I first got this I wasn't really sold on it because I just hadn't really used anything like this before I love how this makes my complexion look but it is not like a tinted moisturizer at all so this isn't going to be providing moisture it also does not provide the same amount of coverage as a tinted moisturizer this is like barely their coverage for example if I have blackheads on my nose this will just kind of blur them out a little bit for setting powder I have loved the bare minerals matte powder that comes in this duo I have used quite a bit of this as just a finishing powder on my skin it doesn't leave any kind of white cast on my face and it's just really lovely to use for concealer I'm all about the RMS uncover-up this is one of those amazing use it all over your face products it's also really hydrating which I love because I love it using this underneath my eyes around my nose on any kind of blemishes that I might have and it just works so well and blends really naturally into my skin for a highlighter I have been loving the Becca shimmering skin Perfector in opal I pretty much always stuck to the pressed version of opal but this year I've really loved the cream / liquid opal highlighter and I've loved wearing it on my cheekbones all over my face sometimes it's just so beautiful this is my new favorite brow pencil it is by Seurat and I wear the shade Raven and this is definitely the best brow pencil I have ever used I love how precise I can be with this pencil and I love the brush on the end it helps diffuse the product into my brows and helps it blend in more and I think that this is just an outstanding brow product for brow gel I have used a ton of glossy a's boy brow and initially this wasn't something that i was like over the moon about and i still don't think it's anything like crazy exceptional but i'm including it in my favorites video because it's the thing that i've reached for the most and that says something within itself i have really enjoyed using this product especially as I've grown my brows out more I feel like the product and the brush are just perfect for combing out my brows for adding a little bit of volume and also a little bit of color as well for eyeliner oh my gosh this is the best pencil eyeliner that I have ever used up until this point it is the Smashbox always on gel liner and fishnet this is the only pencil liner that I've ever used that absolutely does not budge when I put this on my waterline or the upper inner rims of my eyes I love the rich black color it's really smooth and creamy and like its name it's always on for blush we have an hourglass palette folks oh yes we do it is the ambient lighting edit palette and I have especially loved these two colors right here I'm wearing a mix of them on my face today so this one is more of a natural blush color and then this one is like a peachy pink and I love them individually but I love them mixed together two for cream blushes I have loved the glossy a cloud paint if I had to choose one glossy eye makeup as my favorite it would definitely be the cloud paints I think these are so incredible they are really pigmented they blend into your skin beautifully and they have a great color selection that can be mixed together in so many different ways so my two favorites are Bheem and puff Bheem is the peachy color and then puff is the baby pink I love these on their own but I really love them mixed together and sometimes I'll make it a little bit more on the pink side sometimes I want things more on the peachy side I also have the other two cloud paint colors that they make and they are just so good they look so natural on your skin and I love how easy they are to use because you can just use your fingers to apply them my favorite eyeshadow palette this year has definitely been the tartlet in bloom palette I've loved using this palette not only because of the great selection of neutral colors but because it's perfect for traveling my favorite lip products this year have definitely been the Too Faced sweet peach creamy peach oil lip glosses I love these they taste amazing because they taste just like peach and I love the consistency they are really hydrating oil lip glosses which I know sound kind of weird at first they melt into your skin and they also have an incredible color payoff so this one in particular Papa don't peach has been my go-to I keep this in my bag when I want a little bit of color on my lips that still looks natural another shade that I have really loved this was moreso in like the summer it's poppin' peach and this is a true peach color when you put this on your lips it just brightens up your complexion instantly and makes me think summer [Music] now I'm still wearing jo Malone peony and blush suede I don't think I will ever stop wearing that fragrance but I have to give this an honorable mention because it is a big deal for me to wear another fragrance that is not peony and blush suede and it's also fragrance by Jo Malone this is the star magnolia clone that i have really loved wearing when i just want to wear something a little bit different from peony and blush suede I actually wore this a lot over the summer and it's such a beautiful light floral fragrance that sits really nicely on my skin which makes me so excited because that's definitely not the case for most fragrances and I love it it's so hard to get me away from peony and blush suede I definitely have enjoyed wearing this perfume I think it's really light and lovely okay so that is going to be it for my 2017 beauty favorites I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I have been loving this year if you have any questions for me please leave them down below in the comments before I go I want to tell you guys about something that I was a part of that was really cool I got to be a part of a VR animated film called asteroids I am the voice of the character peas which is like the little dog helper character takes place on a spaceship and the spaceship gets attacked by these space bugs and you're going through an asteroid storm and there's tons of stuff happening and they need your help so you should go and watch and be a part of the story I'll have a link down below for you guys if you want to watch and it's totally free so I hope you guys enjoy it thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have lots of videos coming your way in 2018 I'll see you guys soon bye [Music] you [Music]