well guys it's that time again time for me to show you my annual bag of trash AKA my empties so this bag i have here which is very full and very heavy and about to tear so i'm gonna put it down contains all of the products that i completely used up in 2017 and I probably missed a couple things here and there but I tried to be really diligent so even while I was traveling I would save products that I ran out of and bring them back with me so I could put them in this bag I did this last year and I really loved it because I was able to see the things that I loved over the course of the year to the point of using them and also I got to reflect on why I used up certain products because maybe I didn't love it so much but I just didn't want to waste it and you guys seem to really like that video too so here I am again there is no kind of organization I'm just gonna jump in and see what comes out pony and guy reboost dry shampoo tbh this is one of those products that I completely used up but I didn't like love it I just used it because it was a dry shampoo that I had around oh my god something I did love though this is the Phaedo for oily hair unbalanced scalp shampoo it was a pretty watery consistency I really feel like it helped with my oily scalp because the more that I use this the longer I could go between washes and my hair didn't feel dry or brittle something definitely spilled in here cuz there's like a residue all right we have a lot of simple micellar makeup wipes these don't need any kind of introduction there are four right here we might encounter more though so just be warned I'm obsessed with those makeup wipes I just keep buying them two of the bumble and bumble Sunday shampoo this is one of my favorite clarifying shampoos I just keep buying it because it is so good and it really cleanses my hair alright I think this is the culprit for the residue that's happening cuz the entire bag smells like this product it is soap and Glory's flake body scrub I've used it before it's very effective but it's a little bit more gentle and I like how the bits are a little bit finer than other sugar scrubs attach a cleansing oil because this is my bag this is one of the best makeup removers I have ever used it completely melts any kind of makeup on my face including waterproof makeup got an alum rescue mask this is one of my favorite masks for treating breakouts first aid beauty oil-free mattifying gel I really like this as a light moisturizer another oil-free moisturizer I really liked this one from Kate Somerville I love the Kate Somerville moisturizer packaging because you just press down here and the product comes out I've opened this packaging up to see if there's any product left and this pump gets out every last drop of product which I really appreciate so nothing is going to waste where Bay dry texturizing spray because let's be honest you use this like five times and it's already gone oh my gosh this so this is the ESOP resurrection hand wash I love ESOP and they're hand washes I really like the exfoliating one as well they just have really sophisticated gorgeous scents this is the Tammy fender cleansing milk with lavender and faux tea I really like this when my skin was irritated it's super calming really hydrating great especially in the winter if you live in a place that has really harsh winters this calms your skin after you've been outside and it just feels really red and irritated this is the Davina's dd shampoo this was alright it wasn't something that I loved but it worked it was a really gentle shampoo but it didn't clean my hair as much as I would have liked love the Schwarzkopf magic powder this is a volumizing hair powder that works so well it adds texture to your hair a little bit of grit and lots of volume Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer in the color bisque I actually have this on my face today the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers are my favorite they're amazing and I just keep using them and going back to them because they provide the perfect amount of coverage you're hydrating but not greasy and they just look really natural and beautiful on the skin the tarte clean clean vegan deodorant i liked this i don't think it controlled wetness very well it was alright but i just used it because i had this and it was good but definitely not my favorite oh my god by Rado tree house I feel like this candle will forever be my favorite candle I am obsessed with this candle it is so pricey but it is so worth it this is the Korres Wild Rose advanced brightening sleeping facial this has been one of my favorites for a long time and I had this in my apartment in New York and I finished this up because I didn't want to waste it I haven't used it since the beginning of last year but I think this is a great moisturizer if you're looking for something really hydrating and also brightening I really enjoyed using the belief aqua balm I had never used anything from belief before but this was a great moisturizer especially during the spring and summer I will say that sometimes this moisturizer would clump up when I would put makeup over the top so that was the one downside with this moisturizer there's definitely some scrub residue on this this is the Beauty Blender soap the little travel-size one used up that and I'm just gonna put it in the milk is it Lily jo Malone peony and blush suede there's a little bit left in here but I just can't get it out covergirl plumpify and waterproof oh this one's really oily this definitely has stuff on it I think what happened with that scrub is that there was a little bit of water in it from being in my shower and then it's been I like to keep it fancy and classy by showing you products that are dirty oily and greasy the itachi essence oh my god this stuff is amazing I use this right after washing my face it plumps up your skin so whay everything that you use afterwards is just even more effective absolutely love glossy a super pure I don't love that they're so tiny they're only half an ounce but this serum is so good at soothing redness and calming breakouts I just haven't found anything better so I keep using it the simple micellar water this is the large size I love this simple micellar water and this last year I discovered the water boost which is their newer micellar water that they came out with but I will always be a fan of the original it just removes any kind of gunk that you have on your face this is the lorac Hydra Genest serum I loved this last winter this was so hydrating I would mix it in with my moisturizer but I also used it on its own it smells amazing and it's at a price point that is similar to clinic I really liked the herbivore sea mist especially the lavender and sea salt one this is a wave spray and I loved it I thought it was great especially for summer but make premise safe me relief cream this is an amazing moisturizer it only has 12 ingredients in it it has a lovely whipped consistency to it and I think it's great for all skin types this is the Codel a makeup removing cleansing oil this was another great cleansing oil I used this year the tatcha one beat it by a little bit but this is still a great option this is a little tiny size of the Schmitz bergamot and Lima deodorant this was actually how I discovered it because I got a little sample size of it and I loved it so much I started to buy the full size this is the herbivore rose hibiscus facial spray smells amazing it's really refreshing and I love how hydrating it is another simple micellar water this is the regular size the tatcha polished classic rice enzyme powder I am obsessed with this it's one of my all-time favorite cleansers I have a little travel-size of the glow recipe and wha Missa green tea serum toner this is a great toner for hydration of another volumizing powder this is the batiste XXL plumping powder I love this I love it even more than the Schwarzkopf one this is the touch of balance pore perfecting water gel moisturizer this is a great moisturizer for oily skin especially when it's hot it's super light and it just leaves your skin feeling refreshed cooled and balanced I love the first day Beauty ultra Repair Cream especially in the winter it is my favorite thing to use on my hands when they're just feeling really dry because it's not greasy it doesn't have a scent to it it's super gentle and really really hydrating for more simple micellar makeup white bags we have another this is the omuro Bieksa deep cleansing mask I love this this is such an amazing deep cleansing mask it's super gentle it feels really refreshing and I feel like it really gets like the blackheads especially that happened on your nose this is the orange OH oblivion clarifying shampoo I thought this was good but I didn't think it was the greatest clarifying shampoo I've ever used this is the Kate Somerville nourish moisturizer which has been one of my favorites for a really long time I think the consistency is perfect it's somewhere between a gel and a cream it's so hydrating but it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and it's great for sensitive skin – this is the first a beauty deep cleanser with red clay I use this in my shower as a cleanser and I feel like it's good although I will say I think I prefer the original for say beauty face cleanser over this one I feel a Beauty Blender in here to remind myself that I completely used up this Beauty Blender like this is after I've washed it a ton of times it is really used this is the fresh sugar lemon body lotion I love the fresh body lotions this one in particular smells like fresh laundry I've said that so many times in my videos but it's just the most accurate description of this body lotion I still have a ton of stuff in here Kerastase volume in powder spray or VIP spray I loved this as a texturizing spray for volume it also had really great hold to any have more covergirl plumpify waterproof also the Too Faced better than sex mascara and waterproof I did really like this but it costs way more than covergirl so I went back to covergirl another glossy a super pure serum this is the redken body full shampoo this was okay didn't particularly like love it but I used it all it was alright it was like one of those in between shampoos yet kenra clarifying shampoo this is almost too good in terms of clarifying because it can be super drawing cuz it really just like pulls everything out of your hair so sometimes it can make my hair too dry but if you have a lot of product build-up this is great and you can get it on Amazon the urban vive body spray this is the breeze scent and I actually use this as a room spray because it says you can use this as a room spray I love to spraying this in my bedroom before bed it's really relaxing it smells like eucalyptus cedar and spruce and it made me feel like I was in a forest have a little glossy boy brow here is definitely product to that grew on me the more that I used it oh look it's another covergirl plumpify you have a NARS eye primer mm-hmm cuz you know this is the only eye primer I use this is the lorac hydrogenous gel cream I loved the serum and I also really enjoyed the moisturizer as well this is the ombre Elise artist secret radiant eye and this is a cooling and refreshing iced tea this is one of the best recent discoveries that I have made because it is so great especially when I'm traveling or if I have to wake up early in the morning it's this little stick that you can just put underneath your eyes and on your eyelids and it's instantly cooling and if you put this in the refrigerator it's even colder and it just looks like a little glue stick but it feels so good it's hydrating and I love how small it is because I can just take it everywhere with me this is this Shiseido eye cream that I've been using a forever and I'm still using it got a meow-meow to eat deodorant here I really love the grapefruit one that is baking soda free this is another great natural deodorant I will say it does help with wetness but it's not as good as the Schmitz deodorant but I still love it I think it's a great cream deodorant and still definitely one of my all-time favorites more gel Malone peony and lush suede we have this size and a little baby I used a bar soap called daydream this is from formulary 55 which is a brand that I really love for bars so this is the first day beauty face cleanser so this is the cleanser that I was talking about that I prefer over the red one it's super gentle I feel like it really cleans my face and it's just a good everyday face cleanser look who it is telling you these are so small that's why I have so many of these oh my god there's another one in here can somebody do a super pure count how many are we at now because this is crazy jo Malone Pan Am blush swayed body cream oh my god the gel Malone body creams are so luxurious they're amazing when you put them on your body and because peony and blush suede is my scent I love having it all over me ah Nastasia brow pencil be itachi lip balm this is one of the best lip balms that I have ever used this is the Laura Mercier fluid foundation it's like almost completely rubbed off the front here cuz I used it so much I really love this because it's an oil-free foundation that's super light it gives you more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but it's not a super full coverage foundation and I think it just looks really lovely on the skin this is the Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum corrector this was an under-eye concealer that I was using that I really enjoyed it had a nice peachy color to it so I felt like it corrected any kind of darkness underneath my eyes and then this is the Bobby Brown natural brow shaper this is basically just brow gel Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer this is ochre because this is the darker shade that I wear this is the Laura Mercier smooth finish foundation powder I love this as a setting powder especially if you want a little bit of coverage this is the clear scalp and hair total care nourishing conditioner honestly I use this to shave my legs I have a Tula exfoliating treatment masque I love this mask it is so good especially if you need a good exfoliation it really just makes my skin feel clean and balanced and super smooth this is the keels daily reviving concentrate this was good but it wasn't something that I was like oh my god I need to keep buying it was just all right this is the bumble and bumble pret – powder which I actually used as a dry shampoo so I put this in my hair at night and I just like shower my hair in it and then it absorbs oil while I'm sleeping and I wake up and it's like I have freshly washed hair this is the tatcha luminous dewy skin mist this is amazing for hydration and for extra glow so you can use this while you're wearing makeup but I actually use it when I'm not wearing makeup and I just want extra hydration on my face I have another touch of polished cleanser this is these Sephora delete all nail polish removers so there's just a little sponge inside where you stick your fingers in and it removes your nail polish and it works so so well another Beauty Blender another Anastacio eyebrow pencils that's it that's all the trash for the year all right so that is going to be it for my empties video this year I hope you guys enjoyed it if you have any questions for me please leave them down below in the comments thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more videos coming your way and I will start collecting my trash for 2018 see you guys later bye