hello everyone today I am going to be doing something that was actually requested in my Instagram DMS and I thought that this was such a wonderful idea I was asked to share 28 things that I would tell my younger self and I'm assuming that 28 came from my age because I am 28 right now I just thought this was such a cool and meaningful request because I think there are so many things that we learn especially in our 20s and if we are able to reflect back on who we once were and just share what we've learned I think it really shows you the journey that you've been on I think it's so important for us to reflect on where we've been and where we are now and how where we've been effects are present personally I love hearing the advice that other people have for their younger selves because they feel like it really gives you an insight into who that person is and what their life has been like even if you don't know every single detail it really is remarkable to see the transformation that is possible within a human being so with that being said I am going to share 28 things that I would tell my younger self [Music] listen to your body your body is a truth teller and it will never lie to you so when you feel a wave of dread around somebody that pit in your stomach that probably means something isn't right when you feel warmth and peace and tingles of excitement that's also worth paying attention to because that means something pretty great is happening it's okay to have needs and ask for help you're never really gonna get boobs so try not to stress out about it and compare yourself to others also just stop stuffing your bra because it's not good and everybody knows you'll actually learn it to really love your small chest and you'll kind of stop wearing bras all together because nippies are gonna be your BFF give your dad even more hugs than you already do when you sneak out wear warmer clothes over tweezing your eyebrows is always a bad idea but the tweezers down because years later you're gonna be trying to grow them back using a growth serum let's be honest you hate wearing thongs so why are you wearing thongs wear that full coverage underwear that you love and show that VPL off with pride let yourself feel what you need to feel in a moment and then let those feelings go when they're ready to leave don't hold on to things that no longer serve you completely and totally bask in the slowness of summer the long days the random naps and the wandering thoughts the cure for boredom is curiosity wear sunscreen every day I'm telling you wear it it's okay to be angry it just means that something needs to change focus on what that change is and communicate your needs money can be a form of control work hard pay your own bills and strive for financial independence don't let someone else drive the car down the path of your life take the keys and drive it yourself living your truth not your shame be open to the possibilities and some of the best moments of your life will happen by surprise love is not a competition it has to flow freely and equally from both sides you can be humble while also feeling qualified and deserving it's the difference of gratitude that separates confidence from arrogance forgive others and forgive yourself say what you mean and mean what you say liking girls is totally normal and ok so let yourself enjoy the butterflies if you need to use the bathroom after drinking coffee don't wait because your body definitely is not going to being present and willing to learn is more important than being perfect money is nice but integrity is better saying yes can be a wonderful thing but sometimes the real magic is found in saying no being snarky may be cool and trendy but sincerity will never go out of style oil of oregano is a game changer if you're sick and I'm gonna finish this off with one of my all-time favorite quotes keep going no feeling is final alright so those are my 28 things I would really love it if in the comments below you guys shared maybe like one to three things that you would tell your younger self I think there's so much that we can learn about ourselves but also about other people I feel like that would be such a cool way for all of us to connect with each other that is gonna be it for today if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more videos coming your way and a lot of those videos have been requested by you guys you can send me a DM on Instagram if you have any requests you can also leave them down below in the comments and you can also tweet them to me so there's lots of possibilities out there let's keep ourselves open to those possibilities until next time I will see you guys later bye