hey you guys it's Christina hey you guys it's Sandra Christina's mom and we're so excited to be in the kitchen with you today because we're gonna be showing you three cool and easy ways to fit more greens into your diet if you haven't already hit the subscribe button and join the family because we have a ton of recipes here for you and that are coming all delicious raw vegan and so much more and we're super excited mom and I are in the middle of a 21-day fully raw vegan challenge she's doing pretty good you guys want to join our challenge with us and do all of our recipes and meal plans you can go to challenge pulley rod comm to sign up with us to get my new 60 page ebook you can get 21 days of meal plans recipes and more and even access to our private Facebook group where you get to interact with me and I get to answer your questions and guide you on this beautiful journey what is it again challenge fully raw calm if you guys like this video be sure to remember to give it a thumbs up because eating your greens is important right eating more greens in your diet is important so thumbs up for the green life greens are so important to eat every single day many people have a difficult time eating greens because of the taste the color or the texture but the truth is is that greens are essential for our bodies to thrive they contain the necessary proteins and minerals and phytonutrients that our bodies need to be alive greens our life and so today we are going to give you three delicious recipes that will easily place greens into your diet you won't even taste them you'll most likely hopefully you really enjoy these recipes and we're so excited to share them with you we are gonna show you how to make three I think everything green smoothie Kayla moly and collar of do some color green taco routes way to go mom I know you guys are hungry I am too let's get started okay the first recipe that we're gonna show you how to make is a banana spinach coconut smoothie smoothies are the easiest way to fit extra greens into your diet especially if you're making a sweet green smoothie you can barely even taste them so today we're gonna make a delicious smoothie and what you will need to do is in a Vitamix blender or any high speed blender of choice add in the following what's first mom bananas come in three bananas three bananas peeled should we add them in the blender go ahead and do that alright what's next and what's next spinach got finish one bunch one large handful of spinach love it next one cup of celery yeah celery adds a little bit chopped sodium and one young coconut [Music] recipe 1 complete the next recipe that we're going to show you how to make is Kayla moly which is a twist on the classic guacamole everybody loves guacamole right so for this recipe we're gonna make our own version but we're gonna be adding in kale and even spirulina if you desire it you won't even know that they're there it's still tastes amazing just like your favorite guacamole and you can use this to spread on chips or you know wherever you use guacamole everybody loves bakka moly and you're gonna love this Kayla moly the first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna put 4 to 5 avocados peeled cut and pitted into a mixing bowl and then we're gonna add in 2 diced tomatoes a cup of cilantro which is also a delicious green to add in to your guacamole 2 chopped green onions red and yellow bell pepper however much you want I've used 1/2 of each year and 3 leaves of Dino kale chiffonaded it's approximately a cup to 2 cups go ahead and mix and mush everything up until this looks like a guacamole and if you feel like adding in spirulina you can sprinkle in a teaspoon for extra added benefits voila ladies and gentlemen I present a Kayla moly so what delicious YUM recipe to to complete and now for recipe number three we are going to be making colored pesto taco wraps and so basically the greens that you're gonna get in from this recipe are the coloreds the basil the onion and so much more and you can add in any other herb into this mix that you desire the first thing that we're gonna do is make a simple pesto and then we're gonna take it add it onto our colored leaves and dress it up to make the pesto I'm going to be using my Vitamix blender and I'm first gonna add in 1/2 2 cups of raw pine nuts 1 to 2 large handfuls of basil 2 to 3 cloves of garlic a pinch of Himalayan salt any other herb of choice like cilantro thyme oregano any other herb that you feel like adding in here feel free to add and 1 avocado if desired you can add in a little water to help it blend but I recommend trying to use it without water Wow that's really good can I have another bite how delicious do these 3 beste peas look we have a delicious banana coconut spinach smoothie we have Kayla moly and we have colored wraps with pesto sauce and the most rainbow delicious toppings we hope that you guys have liked being in the kitchen with us today if these recipes look good to you be sure to give this video a thumbs up and be sure to hit that subscribe button below join the family join me and my mom on our 21-day challenge at challenge poly Rock'em and if you want to follow me on my other social media you can find my Instagram my Facebook and my Pinterest I'll at fully raw and fully rock Kristina all right you guys I think that's it time to go eat we send our hugs and I love and we'll see you in the next video bye