hey guys welcome back to my channel and we have my husband Justin here with me today you guys might have seen him in a few of my other videos but today's video is also a collab with Brian and Lisa I absolutely love them me and Lisa have been friends seriously ever since I started YouTube she was the first friend I ever met on YouTube so definitely make sure you go check them out I absolutely love both of them and their channel they do a lot of videos like mine like lifestyle videos and also they do a lot of Bible studies which I really enjoy on their channel so definitely make sure you go check them out this video today is going to be about three couples Halloween costumes that we came up with like DIY costumes last-minute costume stuff that we could do mostly from the house we did have to buy a few things we had to go pick up a couple things but a lot of this stuff we just like already had and we made it yeah we really wanted it to be like definitely for people who are like last-minute I don't have a Halloween costume what do I do so we searched our closets first and tried to come up with as much as possible that we could and then we had to go to Walmart and buy a few extra things because we didn't have them but for the majority of the part most of it came from our closet you guys definitely leave it down below in the comments which one you guys think we should be for Halloween with which one did y'all like the most yes yeah and let's go ahead and get started first Halloween costume we did it was cowboy and cowgirl this is something that was so super easy because all you need is a pair of jeans and a black shirt cowboy boots they don't even have to be cowboy boots because I didn't even have cowboy boots I just put on a pair that I already had and a cowboy hat I already had that I had my ex my granddad's cowboy how does the old cowboy hat it was just sitting in our closet been sitting there for years and I guess we finally figured out what we're gonna do with it that one is so super simple I think everyone has a plaid shirt in their closet and a cowboy hat maybe you don't have that but you can go buy one yes definitely have jeans if you want to go the extra mile if you're a girl you could definitely braid your hair in light pigtails but mine is in lots of layers right now so it wasn't working out so I just loved mine down but I think I still pulled it off even without the pigtails so the second Halloween costume was hippies and this is something that we already had – I feel like this is kind of in right now as well so I already had this stuff for this one we had to go pick up a few things for Justin because he is not on trend with this hippie theme right now so we had to go pick up a few things from hip for him from Walmart so that is where who's afro came from and his shirt but he had just some jeans to wear with this so it was a pretty simple outfit to put together for him but for me I already had everything and so all you need for this if you're a girl is a headband and anything that just looks like it's from the 1960s to 70s anything like that will definitely work or the third one we decided to do a hunter and a deer and obviously I already had all the hunting stuff so that was really easy I had everything that I needed for that because I would be wearing that anyway this time of year and Megan just picked up you picked out the ears and the antlers yeah and some makeup I think mm-hmm yes so if you guys want to see this makeup tutorial that I did for the deer costume then keep watching I'm gonna show you all this makeup tutorial all right guys so let's get started on this makeup tutorial I hope it goes well I am NOT good at like costume makeup at all but the deer seemed really easy which is why I wanted to show it to you guys hopefully I could do it because if I can that proves that like anyone can do this because like I said I'm not good at like costume makeup so basically what you're gonna do is take some of this like white makeup right here I got this pack at Walmart and I'm just gonna take a Beauty Blender and I've read a few things about this and they say basically what you want to do is highlight where you normally highlight with just white and then contour where you normally contour but just make it a deeper darker Brown because you want to look white and brown so I'm just gonna take my Beauty Blender and put it in some of this white and start putting it under my eye and by the way I am working with my viewfinder like I have no mirror here so if I keep looking over I'm looking myself in the viewfinder so that's what we're going to do just put this all [Music] [Applause] [Music] seriously hope I'm blending all of this okay I guess that I have like the viewfinder is probably like this small so just working with what I have alright so the next thing I'm going to do is take this little contouring stick and I'm just gonna use the darker side there this came from Maybelline and I'm just going to use the darker side and go in over here and darken everything [Music] like right on the hairline you're gonna blend all of this out so you don't want it to be just like a line so does I have to be perfect because like I said you're just gonna blend it with a brush in a minute anyway so now that I've done that I'm gonna take my bronzer and this brush here and start blending it a little bit more it doesn't have to be blended perfectly but just blend it so you don't look like you have lines on your face [Music] [Applause] so I also decided just to do my jawline I think that's really just gonna kind of bring everything together make my face my face look a little bit more Brown it's probably not that I need it because this is pretty dark here but I don't know I just felt the need so I went with it all right so I also forgot to do my nose that's what I'm about to do right now just take the same dark side and go up near your eyebrow and then just draw it down lining your nose [Music] all right I feel like that just made my nose look huge so I'm gonna go in with some more white and Pat it here and hopefully try to narrow this thing out [Applause] all right so this is where I feel like everything starts coming together I'm gonna take my black crayon that came in this makeup kit and I'm going to draw my nose on and then after that we will do like the little spots I'll show you guys how to do that to do the nose you just want to draw basically like a heart right on top [Music] all right so now that I've done the nose I'm just going to draw a line basically down from here down to my lip just straight down the middle [Music] and now that I have that done I'm just gonna color in my top lip do not do the bottom lip just the top now we are going to do the dots up here and I'm just going to take the backside of a brush just one like this and use the same white makeup I was using to do under my eyes and I'm just swirling it in there and picking up a little and this is going to give you like a perfect circle up here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] also just keep in mind these circles don't have to be perfect because they're supposed to be like a natural looking you know fur of a deer now that I have them up here on my forehead I'm also gonna bring some down here as well hopefully they show up but just from looking at the picture that I'm going off of I think they should they should be okay [Applause] [Music] so just to smooth these out a tad bit more I'm going to take this side of the brush and just tap it I'm not going to like blend it out I'm really just going to like tap on it and that's it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so I ended up having my lips together just a little bit I felt like this was a little bit too light but I didn't want it to be black like the top so I just patted them together and then remove just a little bit off of it that way it's darkened up a little bit to where it blends with the top lip but it's not as dark as the top lip so the last step in this costume I picked up these antlers these came from Walmart and they were less than $4 so that's where you can find them if you guys are looking for them so I had to back up so you could see everything but I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup tutorial and found it as easy as I did like I said I'm not good at costume makeup at all so if I can do it you guys can definitely do it and I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave it a thumbs up if you did and comment down below which outfit you guys liked best and definitely make sure you go check out brawlin and lisa and their three DIY Halloween costumes [Music]