hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video I'm gonna be giving y'all three more ways to love cleaning these are my like really weird ways and I almost titled this like how I used to clean back in high school because I don't know if you guys have seen those videos like how I did my makeup back in high school but a lot of those were very popular like a few months ago and this is kind of how I like learned how to love to clean I was not one of those people who just loved cleaning all the time and definitely had to like teach myself how to learn to love to clean and in high school I feel like I really like tried some things out and sometimes you're not motivated at all to clean like no matter what you do you're just still not motivated and that's why I like to say like this is like cleaning determination here are my three ways that you can just make sure you really get this done like I said they're gonna be so weird but this is how I like taught myself back in high school how to learn to love cleaning and I hope you guys find this helpful so the very first weird thing is to write everything down and I don't mean like come up with a chore list I don't mean like unload the dishwasher do the laundry uh-huh no I mean like right here in front of me my son's flip-flops are sitting in front of me so I would write down flip-flops like I mean every little thing that way whenever you pick it up you check it off your list so it just makes like list making that much more extreme I know it's so satisfying for me to like check everything off my list so this is one thing I came up with whenever I was in high school and I was like cleaning my own room didn't really feel like it but I knew I had to because no one's gonna do it for me and so I would just come up with this game that I would play and I would write everything down and I mean my room would get messy and I would write every single thing down I would sit on my bed before I got into like cleaning mode I would sit on my bed write everything down that I saw in my room and then I would go and pick those things up and check them off my list I don't know why but it worked like I said I know that this is so weird and no one else is gonna give you these weird ideas but it worked for me and I really feel like I should pass it on to you guys because I know how it feels not to be motivated at all to clean and this is just one thing that I had to do to get it done so number two is speed cleaning and I was speed cleaning before speed cleaning was cool but what I would do instead of doing like a Power Hour or setting 30 minutes aside or something like that I would just go as fast as I can I remember me and my other sister sharing a room and coming out with this this was like our first like cleaning game that we did and we would put our hands together I'm telling you this was like elementary school right here we put our hands together and we would say like fast powers or first motion there's not like that and we'd run around the room cleaning up as fast as we could but that's what I mean by I was speed cleaning before speed cleaning was cool my daughter even does this and it totally works she has no like she has no idea what an hour is she has no idea what five minutes is I've tried like making her understand that five minutes is not five seconds because she's in that like stage where if you say okay honey five minutes she's like one two three four five and I'm like no that seconds but anyway she has no idea what time is but she knows that she's gonna get in there and she's gonna clean it as fast as she can and she calls in a Power Hour even though she has no idea what a Power Hour is even this morning she came up to me and she had Moana on TV while I was getting ready and she was like mom I'm telling you guys she came up with this like on her own no one told her to do this she came up to me and she was like mom I'm gonna clean up as fast as I can before the crab Tama Toa or whatever his name is comes on TV cuz that's her favorite part of Moana and so she was like I'm gonna clean up as fast as I can in the playroom and see if I can get it all done before that part comes on Moana she just comes up with these things and I really think like she must get for me because I had these weird things that I would do too I've definitely been in the kitchen a few times and set something in the microwave and I've been like let me see how much I can clean up in the kitchen before the microwave goes off before my food is ready comment down below if you have ever done anything weird like that I know I definitely have a million times last but not least is to have a cleaning buddy and this is something I would also do with my sister's back when I lived at home growing up and I had a room upstairs me and my other sister had a room upstairs and so we would kind of like check up on each other and kind of hold each other accountable and this was kind of like speed cleaning too so we would set like five minutes on the clock it would be something like so ridiculous like only five minutes or only ten minutes I don't think we ever did ten minutes um it would be something like really fast and we would see who could win like who could show the most improvement in their room this is something you can definitely do as an adult let's say that you want to do this and you have another friend and you're just like I'm not motivated to clean out all today just text her and say hey this is my before and show me your before and then we'll set like five minutes on the clock and then text each other pictures back and that way it just holds you accountable kind of like anything dieting whatever you just you're not motivated to do you need to be held accountable it will help out so much and this is just one way you can do it have a cleaning buddy I highly suggest it so I hope you guys enjoyed these weird things about me and how I learned to love cleaning I really hope they help you out I really hope you guys are not just like Megan is a weirdo but I really hope these help you guys out even if you don't think that they would next time you're not motivated to clean and you're like this has got to get done today try writing everything down try texting a friend or try speed cleaning as fast as you can something like that and I promise you guys it actually works leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new and I will see you guys in the next one bye