[Music] hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be some more DIY Dollar Tree Christmas gifts and I have done one of these before a few weeks ago and almost every other comment on there was please do 5 more of these DIY Christmas gifts so I bring it to you guys 5 more today but not only that I am also collabing with Emily from Mama from scratch I'm sure you guys have heard of her before but if you haven't you definitely should check the link down below and I'm gonna send you guys over to her channel and she also sent me a clip for you guys so I'm gonna let her introduce herself now hi everyone my name is Emily velvet from scratch today I am also going to be sharing with you some DIY Christmas gifts from the Dollar Tree that I think you all will really really enjoy so hopefully after watching make video you will come over and say hello because here on my channel I really love to inspire and motivate you so absolutely love to share DIYs decorating hauls cleaning and mommy and life styles have a video so if that is something that you enjoy it then hopefully I will see you very very soon y'all definitely make sure you go check her out and without further ado let's go ahead and get on into my $5 tree and DIY gifts first gift we're gonna make are these cute picture ornaments and all you need for this is a wallet size picture I got mine done at Walmart clear plastic ornament and also some cotton balls both of them can be found at the Dollar Tree and what you want to do first is roll up the picture and stick it inside of the ornament and it will look rolled up for a little while but once you start packing the ornament full of cotton balls the picture will be flattened out again so don't worry about that just get it in the place where you want it and so you want to make sure you pack it with as many cotton balls as you can just so it stays open [Music] I decided to add some ribbon on top of mine this is totally optional but I had some left over from our Christmas tree decor so I decided to just tie it on the top and I think that this is the perfect gift for grandparents and family members and that is all there is to it to this gift the second gift is also super easy and an ornament gift as well but this time you are just going to fill up the ornament with bath salts and I didn't have a funnel so as you can see I totally improvised and it worked great [Music] [Applause] [Music] just pair that with a bath sponge or anything else that you can think of and there you have it this is a perfect gift for the friends in your life who like their bath time the third gift has got to be one of my favorites and it would be a perfect white elephant gift all you need is some candy and a tackle box and a printable that says mama's emergency stash and I will have that printable link down below and all you do is fill the tackle box with candy and you can get whatever candy that you like or whatever candy that you think this person would like and I know I personally would love to receive this gift not only would I use it but I also think it would be hilarious and give me a good laugh if I was on the receiving end of this gift [Music] if you want to go the extra mile with this gift get that mama some coffee items to go with it too [Music] [Applause] [Music] this next gift is perfect for the wintertime and it is just a DIY heat pack to make this all you need is sucks ribbon some rice and essential oils and I decided on peppermint and lavender but the oils are totally optional and I wanted to show y'all a trick if you roll up the saw and stick it inside of a glass it makes it so much easier to pour the rice inside [Music] [Applause] [Music] after that cut the end of the sawed and tie it together this is just so both sides match [Music] [Music] and add in your essential oils at this time and you only need about two drops of each [Music] [Music] and tie the other side up and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up before using it [Music] this last gift is just a girly gift basket and I picked all of this up at the Dollar Tree and you can choose whatever you would like but I just picked up some Oreos a hairbrush some candles some shampoo and conditioner and lotion fuzzy socks some elf products and makeup products I also picked up this lollipop that was full of hair bands so I thought that was really cool and then I also put in some stems of berries the next all you want to do is start adding things into your basket and I just decided to put the focal point of everything right in the middle so I decided that I wanted it to be this little shampoo and conditioner and lotion set and then I also really liked the elf product so I stuck that in the middle as well but you can really just organize it however you would like and however you think it looks best and then with the berries I decided to just take two of them and pop them in there just for a little bit of added decor [Music] alright so that is it for my video today I hope you all enjoyed it definitely make sure you check down below to go see Emily's five DIYs and also my five other DIYs that I did a few weeks ago and leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you are new and if you are coming from Emily's channel and I will see y'all in the next video bye