[Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so happy to have you back in the kitchen with me today because I'm gonna be sharing with you my fully raw recipe recommendations for beginners it has been one of the most frequently asked questions that I've received this month how do I begin what are some simple and easy recipes that I can try to start I also tend to get people who ask me what's cost efficient what's quick what's easy what's not overwhelming what's nutritious what's good for me what's fun what's kid-friendly what is all of the above now I know I've made several videos about what I've eaten in a day recipe recommendations for breakfast lunch and dinner this video is a little bit more chill it's a little bit more down-to-earth because they really just want to show you how easy this can be eating raw doesn't have to be complicated eating raw vegan is actually supposed to be easier than any other plan out there why because it's literally just fruits and vegetables and no it's not limiting because think about all the different varieties of fruits and vegetables that you can eat throughout the year there's not just one Apple to try but there's 20 different varieties of apples there's not just one different type of vary there's tons of different types of berries out there so today I'm going to be showing you some really simple and delicious things that you can try at home now I'm not telling you to go fully raw I'm not saying here eat all of this in one day and I'm not saying hey go and do it exactly like this I'm saying maybe try one fully raw meal a day I'm saying maybe try one of these recipes and adjust it or modify it to meet your needs so that you can feel good while eating this food as well this food is color is life this is meant to be the food that gives you energy and vitality look at the beautiful colors here how can you not feel alive and excited just when being so wrong did buy this beauty if you're new to my channel welcome be sure to hit the subscribe button because there are tons of videos that I have here in my channel and tons more coming fun and delicious tips tricks and recipes all based around healthy living and how we can create a healthy community together and for those of you who like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and comment below other questions you may have for me and other videos that you'd like me to make for you so let's jump right in if you are brand brand new and you are scared to even start you don't even know what to do you just have like an orange and a strawberry in your house and some water literally I recommend the baby estab abya sub step which is actually quite a powerful step is making and drinking your own vitamin water every single morning right when you wake up your rehydrating your body your kick-starting the detox process for your day you're getting in hydration from the water and also some vitamins and nutrients from the fruit in your water you can always eat the fruit after you drink it before I go to sleep I'll cut up an orange a strawberry a cucumber a lemon fruit some herbs I'll put it in a glass jar with some water some evermore water and I'll let it sit overnight that way it's chilled and it's fresh and it's completely infused by the time that I drink it in the morning if you want to step one this is it get used to doing this every single day even if you're scared to try any of the other fully raw recipes that I have pretty sure this one is gonna look pretty good and pretty normal to you so start off with a vitamin water every day to really kickstart your body into healthy eating healthy consuming the next thing that is really easy to do is to make your own juice or smoothie now many people don't have their own juicer some people have to save up for that and then you have to learn how to make juices I'll talk about juicing for beginners in a future video most people have a blender where they can do makeshift recipes in their kitchen and so I always wreck smoothies most people don't realize this but a smoothie is a fully raw vegan meal for the most part depending on what you put in it but it's the easiest thing you can make so for instance this right here is blackberries strawberries bananas and Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder extra things you can add in there would be extra strawberries coconut water dates are cinnamon and look at this you have a beautiful delicious colorful smoothie now if you could eat one of those every single day that would be your one fully raw vegan meal a day one smoothie that you could have for breakfast for brunch for lunch before after a workout it's a great way to refuel your body it's simple it's delicious filled with good carbohydrates and fuel for your body and this is not difficult that's not scary it's not hard it's good and it's a smoothie if a smoothie is too daunting if you don't have time to blend if you have to go to work you're in your car maybe you don't have time to drink it you can always mono meal now I know I've made several videos about mono meal but it is so good the mono meal recipe suggestion one ingredient literally you can pick bananas pineapple you can do a meal of apples you can do a meal of oranges now the question is how much or how many equals one meal I know this looks like a lot of pineapple but for me this is one cut pineapple one large cut whole pineapple and this would equal a whole meal for myself if I were going to be doing apples let's say these are giant Honey Crisp apples I would maybe consume about 4 to 5 of these to have this be one mono meal now that ensures that I'm consuming at least 400 to 500 calories for one meal to keep myself fully energized and full enough to make it to the next meal the goal was not to feel starving every hour it's to feel full enough to carry you for about three to four hours I would do the same with oranges I would eat a whole papaya if you guys want more information on monomials you can look in the description below and I'll link my previous videos on mono mailing for you there I'm gonna show you two more things I'm gonna show you how to make a delicious rainbow salad with so many colors and beautiful ingredients and I'm gonna show you how to make a dressing using no equipment five simple seconds to make it whip it in a bowl put it on your salad yeah done I'm also going to show you this delicious recipe right here which if you've been following my channel for a long time you guys know that I am a huge fan of zucchini pasta something that you can do very easily is get yourself a spiralizer or a mandolin slicer something that makes your recipes a little bit more enticing to eat and not just fruits and salads all the time zucchini pasta has been one of my favorites favorites favorites ever since I went raw pretty much and it's been one of the joys of eating this way because it's better than pasta using zucchini or cucumber noodles as pasta is more nutritious it's not a complex carbohydrate it is literally just fruit it looks like pasta tastes better than pasta it's more nutritious and it's zucchini zoodles so the dressing that I've made for this delicious avocado noodle salad in a blender you can blend avocado celery lemon cilantro or parsley hemp seeds and a little bit of Himalayan salt that's it super simple once you make your noodles you can even use a carrot peeler to make your noodles you have a beautiful pasta dish that looks just like this so now I'm all hungry for zucchini pasta but that's okay because I'm going to show you how to make a rainbow salad with an easy no equipment needed dressing so as you can see I have every single color I could find in my kitchen you can use any ingredient that you like in your own salad if you don't like something you don't have to eat it you can find things that you do love to eat for me I personally love kale so I'm gonna go ahead and add some kale into my salad I'm also gonna add in some romaine I have one head of each chopped up and I'm gonna be putting them in to this bowl now I know this is a lot I'm making this for my family but I typically do recommend huge salads so that you can get in the amount of calories that you need one first starting out I'm also gonna add in some purple cabbage which is the delicious I love my purple cabbage it is filled with so many good antioxidants for your system Oh purple cabbage is amazing I'm also gonna add in some shredded carrots into this recipe look at that delicious delicious you can add in some cherry tomatoes if you would like some cherry tomatoes you can even add in some citrus into your salad some sliced tangerines or little tangelos these always had so much flavor and color into my salads and I love adding a little bit of citrus as well because it helps me to digest my food a little bit better I don't know if that's the case with you guys but it does and citrus in this salad is gonna go really well with the dressing that I am about to show you next up if you really want this to be a rainbow salad go ahead and add in some rainbow bell peppers you never go wrong with some rainbow bell peppers red orange yellow green all the above just like make a scene it's like sprinkling confetti on your salad I love it if you like red cherry tomatoes you can also add in some yellow cherry tomatoes you can add in celery for some natural sodium as well and if you want you can add in some pomegranate seeds always fun to add in some pomegranate seeds now for my dressing I'm gonna add in some tahini into a bowl you can add in two tablespoons a half a cup a whole cup however much you're making for and I'm going to pour in some lemon juice with the tahini you're not in a lot more if you like I'm probably going to be doing some makeshift happening here after that I'm also gonna add in some pink Himalayan salt after that I'm gonna take a whisking whisking whisking whichever you call it I'm going to go ahead and mix this together fully I'm going to continue to do this until it becomes completely creamy so once you mix the lemon juice and the tahini together you can add in a little bit of pink Himalayan salt and you are going to mix it until it becomes completely smooth and creamy just like it is shown here how perfect does that look ah that looks so good and it's only three simple ingredients doesn't get much better than that you now have a lemon tahini dressing and a delicious rainbow salad and if you don't finish your salad or you can't use all your dressing this dressing will last three to four days in a sealed tight mason jar and your salad you even if you don't finish it your first night you can put it in a Tupperware and eat it the next night as well how delicious does this look simple colorful and rainbow delicious something else that I really want to emphasize is that raw foods are important because they have so much life force in these foods there are so many nutrients so many minerals in these foods I know a lot of people question me all the time oh my gosh you only eat raw foods don't you think you're going to be lacking in vitamins or minerals aren't you going to be nutrient deficient there are more nutrients and raw foods than in any other foods on the planet this is the most nutrient dense diet on the planet therefore I recommend consuming as many raw foods in your day today as you possibly can it helps you feel alive so for a morning drink you can have a fully raw vitamin water to hydrate your body and to feel fresh for a breakfast brunch or lunch idea I recommend a smoothie of your choice bananas fruits coconut water all the above and joy if that doesn't work for you you can always try a mono meal and for dinner or a late brunch if you want to enjoy a rainbow salad and make your own dressing you can try that as well or if you're looking for a more hearty dinner you can also try zucchini pasta and make your own dressing as well I'll be sure to put all the ingredients for these recipes in the description below and if you're looking to find more raw food recipes definitely check out some of the other awesome delicious dishes that I've prepared on my youtube channel here and be sure to hit the subscribe button because there's only more deliciousness to come I hope you guys have enjoyed this video if you found it to be helpful please be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also leave your recipe recommendations below I am gonna go and eat this delicious food and I hope that you get to go and do the same thank you for joining me I'll see you in my next video sending you all my hugs in my love