hey you guys it's Christina and you guys it's Sandra Christina's mom so excited to have you guys here today it is day one of the 21-day fully raw vegan challenge and we are so excited to have you here it's very very excited today's the first day and we ready for the challenge yes mom's first day fully raw we woke up this morning we made a freshly squeezed orange juice and then we had a cherry vanilla protein smoothies I went for work out mom's gonna work on getting active next and if you guys want to see those recipes you can head on over to my Instagram and watch my stories and get that recipe there or if you guys already have your 60 page ebook and you're following the challenge the recipe is in there for you quick plug for those of you who haven't signed up for the challenge you'll be able to sign up all the way up until the last day and all you have to do is go to challenge Cooley Roz calm you'll get my new sixty page ebook with all of the meal plans and recipes that we're going to be eating on this challenge you'll get access to our private Facebook group online where I'm going to be Co two people and doing weekly webinars and so much more so if you haven't already sign up for the challenge today's day one no better day to start them today I'm going to be posting a ton of videos coming up for this challenge so if you haven't already hit the subscribe button below join the family for our video today we are going to be sharing with you the top 5 reasons that people fail at a raw food diet and we're going to be giving you the 5 solutions to overcoming these challenges today be successful at this lifestyle and notice that I'm saying lifestyle and not diet because it's not a diet it's a lifestyle and we want you to really thrive when becoming the healthiest version of yourself I wanted to let you know that I have been doing my homework I bought a little notebook help me keep myself focused and we've been writing down the reasons challenges and also solutions how to help with the raw food diet overcoming different challenge of different difficulties that you may encounter and so mom has been super cute and has her little notebook so I'll show you I have a lot of notes in here you have a lot of notes the number one reason why people fail at a raw food diet fully raw lifestyle or even a vegan diet is that they do not eat enough and there are many different reasons for this it could be that they're not used to the high water content that's in fruits and vegetables it may be that it's a brand-new diet and they're not used to eating this much and there could be this mindset of overeating of gaining weight there are many different reasons so most people when they first start off on a raw vegan diet they feel really great for the first two weeks they have a lot of energy and then all of a sudden it's like their energy falls and it's because they're not consuming enough calories and so the solution is weed nor will to eat more and also to eat more calorie condensed fruits to eat more fruit essentially fruit has more calories than greens or any other type of vegetables so it's a lot more efficient for you to be able to eat a couple bananas and as and a few extra apples few extra plums or nectarines or grapes or dates to get your calorie consumption up higher than it would be to eat 20 heads of kale to meet a 2,000 calorie goal for the day Kristina how do you know you're really oh I mean how do you know when you really had enough because when I eat my salads you know I eat a lot I think I'm full and then a couple hours later I'm hungry again so that's a great question and I'm sure other people would have that here as well is if you are eating salad all day salad is extremely low in calories so maybe a really big salad like one of my salads would maybe have 400 calories in it so even if you ate two of those in one day that would be 800 calories for your whole day of course you'd still be hungry after a few hours because you're not consuming any any calories like any like real calories long sustaining dense calories to keep you going throughout the day so my suggestion would be and the way that I've planned out your your meals and the ebook for this challenge is that I'm recommending that you consume fruits all throughout the day fruit juices and fruits smoothies during the day to keep your energy up high so that as you are expending energy you are also consuming it and that you're eating a salad at night to help keep you grounded how do you know if you're full your stomach will tell you things will stop tasting as good to you and when you do get hungry again my best advice would be to snack on fruit snack on more calorie dense fruit things like bananas or date things like that that would help laughs a little bit longer this would lead us into number two number two which is be prepared be prepared I've said this in so many videos before and it really matters plan to prepare or prepare to fail and I say that with so much confidence because I know how much it helps people to be able to have house full of fruits vegetables to clean out all of the foods in your house that would tempt you to cheat to make sure that the night before that you have written down your meal plan which you already got my ebook then you're covered to make sure that you have the right foods in your house to make sure that you know what you're going to eat to just plan it out for me Christina being prepared taking fruits and vegetables and something to snack on at the office is very important or else I'll fail so being prepared is very important number three is it people when they first start eating a raw food diet consume way too many calories from fats and buy fats I mean nuts and seeds and avocados coconuts they eat so much fat that they aren't really consuming enough fruit or greens to help them really feel good one of the biggest misconceptions is that eating too much sugar fruit sugar is bad for them so they tend to stay away from the fruit and just eat some greens and a lot of nuts and seeds all day but the truth about it is that that is absolutely going to crash you as fast as possible and a high diet no matter what lifestyle you are living is not good for you and mom had said something immoral it makes you feel full faster you're so used to eating heavy things that makes you feel full faster and on the raw food diet you need a level of us or whatever you choose to eat but it takes a little longer when you're eating a big bowl of a salad and it does appear you know eating non raw foods it's you know your so that the food that people have an immediate desire craving to feel that full feeling and nuts and seeds are much heavier because they have more fat so people will eat a lot of those to still fulfill that craving to still kind of fill themselves up and it's okay to have fat it's okay to perhaps even an avocado at night if you really want one only if you are consuming enough calories via fruit and vegetables throughout the day to offset this so my solution to you would be to make sure that you're consuming enough fruit throughout the day you're getting in enough calories and that you're eating enough greens your fat should kind of be like your trees at the end of the day in a way for those of you who want to know how many calories you're consuming in a day if you're following 80/10/10 what your carb percentages with your fat percentages where your protein percentages go to chronometer calm and start learning about the foods that you're putting in your body start learning about your eating plan figure out how much you're eating which is also going to help you with figuring out if you're eating enough in your day and that they'll figure out how much fat you're consuming and so much more and it'll help you blend and I'll help you know what you need number four is kind of like a hodge podge mix and we weren't sure how to put all these together so number four is a combination of detox self-sabotage emotion cravings and societal pressures something I'd like to share about detox is that don't give up so easily you may think that you are not feeling good but really it's a form of detox and I made that mistake before and I didn't move forward with continuing the raw food diet so I know I have Cristina here now so she can help me with what's going on in my body and I know it's important to feel your body understand your body and that's something that I know that I've learned through eating raw foods if I'm able to understand and learn more about my body which I think I never did and eating what I call normal food human food so what I think mom is trying to say is that when you first start this lifestyle people do go through a detox process this can be anything that feels like the flu going to the restroom alive really headaches nausea it can be whatever everybody has a different detox reaction and what we can encourage you to do is just pull through as long as you're eating enough getting exercise sleep and water let your body clear out those toxins yes it'll be uncomfortable for at least three days but once you get past things start all right the other things that I wanted to touch on were emotion cravings and self-sabotage a lot of us have emotional connections to food and not just a craving but keep in mind a craving is an emotional memory of a food it could be like grandmother's cookies at Christmas maybe perhaps you really do like the way that those cookies taste or maybe perhaps they bring up on memory within you that brings some type of nostalgia comfort for you this is why people love comfort foods not only do they taste good but they make them feel all warm and cozy inside so it's time for us to learn how to retrain what foods we deem as comforting and energizing and helpful for us and to quit the patterns of self-sabotage if you can identify when you are self sabotaging it's going to be a lot easier to change that pattern before you put any unhealthy thing in your mouth after how am I going to feel after I eat this what is this gonna do for me how can I overcome this challenge and why do I feel the need to hurt myself with this food start retraining your brain to reward yourself with good foods reward yourself with fruits and vegetables so that you can free yourself of any emotional attachment to bad foods you can stop the self-sabotage and you can build new emotional and happy connections with healthy Haseena I do that when I have my favorite foods I get real happy that I'm gonna eat it and then afterwards I get sick because what a lot of emotion Utah catchment I'm talking about my lebanese suits you know sometimes I eat too much and I eat a lot and then it makes me feel but what do you usually tell me after you beautiful plate of Lebanese food feel so sick was it worth it well was it worth it but for when I saw it and it smells so good but then afterward I had second thoughts definitely but it's definitely a right it's an emotional attachment you have to retrain your mind for sure very much so and I've had that same emotional attachment to new raw foods such as the smoothies that you you know we've created together that's something else that I want to bring up is that just because you have an emotional attachment to grandma's cookies at Christmas doesn't mean you can't also develop a love and appreciation or something like watermelon and build a new memory a new healthy memory and a new healthy habit with somebody that you love like now us putting a raw dish on the table instead of you know raw meat on the table or something now we can actually share in a healthy food and a healthy habit together as opposed to eating something that's going to make us all sick it's a new experience the experience that we didn't have before an experience I mean we've never sat down and had a whole plate of watermelon just having fun or a whole plate of making wonderful noodles with curry sauce we never you know goals we just experiencing new one more thing about self-sabotage okay I think that's really important because our mind plays very powerful games and you have to be careful that don't go back to your old patterns of thought while you're having the this challenge make new thought patterns get on the computer and find inspirational quotes find a friend that is on the challenge with you are fine go in look up new recipes get created pick yourself up and say I can do this I can do this number five is not receiving the community or family support that you need to be successful in doing this it may be societal pressures maybe all feel like you're all alone on this challenge by yourself but you're really not when I first started I actually was really alone but myself I didn't have any family support and I did it on my own because I knew that I was feeling better and I fell in love with with feeling good about myself and even though I wasn't getting the support that I needed over time I started developing relationships with people who shared this passion with me and I found so many new friends to share this with me and then Here I am 12 years later and my mom is here with me doing this with me who knew for those who are not as courageous as Christina who started overnight completely like myself it's like little baby steps one little moment at a time you know one meal at a time one bite at a time one experience at a time and for those of you who are wanting more community support our private Facebook group cut hundreds of people in it and go in there start meeting people find people in your area connect hang out with them get to know them I promise you're not alone you are definitely not alone in this and the awareness for this lifestyle is spreading by the day so I encourage you to be strong enough to reach out for support and for those who really want support from their families at the moment and who aren't getting it what I can say is just start sharing this lifestyle with them don't give up on your family don't give up on your friends if anything start doing things with them that don't involve eating like go to a yoga class with them go for a walk in the park show them that you still love them and that you're just getting healthier and if they're still averse to it it means that they're not ready to change you can't judge them for it all you can do is continue to live your life and to move forward and when they're ready they'll come back in most people are very scared of change and so when somebody that they love begins to change it means they have to step up or move out of the way and most people are very afraid to step up be compassionate it's very uncomfortable here just be compassionate with people keep being the perfect light an example of love that you are and I promise you will attract more of that beautiful love into your life are you guys so that is our video today if you have any more questions or comments please leave them below and I'll do my best get to as many of you as possible for those of you who still want to join the challenge go to challenge fully raw to sign up and if you are excited for my mom to be on this journey with mean if you're proud of her give this video a thumbs up we have a ton more videos coming up for you guys if you haven't already hit the subscribe button and we'll see you tomorrow see you tomorrow bye bye