he's crazy yes all right bye hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be on how to prevent stay-at-home mom burnout this is totally a thing all stay-at-home moms have gone through this at one point or another or go through this actually a lot I know that I personally went through this a whole lot with my kids were much smaller mostly like 202 because it was just so hard to get out of the house by myself with two kids under two I did it but at the same time it was a whole lot harder than it is now that they are three and four so stay-at-home mom burnout was definitely a thing back then but now I'm not as burnout as I used to be so I feel like I have a few tips for you guys um I know that it is definitely a lot to do with their ages and now that they are three and four it's just everything is a lot easier but this is going to be per moms with newborn also moms with toddlers or teenagers any stay-at-home mom if you guys feel like you are getting burnout and you need something to help you with this I'm gonna give you guys some tips today I think I have six of them for you guys so let's go ahead and get started the very first tip I have for y'all is get a routine now life is just so much more predictable and I have less anxiety about my day if I have a routine down something that it doesn't have to be like a set schedule you know like from 10:00 to 11:00 the kids are gonna do schoolwork or anything like that I just kind of need to know like what's gonna go on in the morning what's gonna go on like at lunchtime what's gonna go on in the evening and stuff I just need like a clear indication of that so it doesn't have to be anything like set in stone like minute to minute but just to have some sort of schedule it's really gonna help you guys out this is also going to help you get some mom time some a long time at nap time is when I would get my long time normally I would try to get my kids to nap at the same time so I would have a minute to watch some YouTube videos and unwind just sit on my bed for a minute and have some for myself in the middle of the day my kids don't take naps anymore so my time for myself now is normally when they are doing schoolwork their daddy actually teaches them he homeschools them and this is my time to get my stuff done normally I actually clean during this time but it just feels so relaxing to be able to do it by myself and no one is asking me for milk or juice or a snack or you know something like that I can have a fully dedicated time and I love cleaning anyway so it's kind of therapeutic for me but I love having that like two hours to myself to be able to like do my makeup or you know get some cleaning done have a little me time normally while I'm doing my makeup I'm able to watch a show that I like but maybe your husband isn't home doesn't work at home like mine does and when my husband didn't work from home I've got a lot of me time after he got home and so maybe you guys can do that what your husband gets home just say you know what I need an hour to myself or maybe he can help you like bathe the kids so you can just go watch you know your TV show just for an hour I know a lot of husbands are really helpful with this so really just try to get a schedule down and figure out when you're gonna find some time for yourself that is super important right so the second thing on my list is to do things out of the ordinary a lot of moms tend to do the same thing every single day and this actually causes a lot of stay-at-home moms to have depression that is the like number one reason why stay-at-home moms get depressed is because everything kind of gets redundant you are doing the same thing over and over and over especially if you do have a schedule like I suggest you do have then things are just going to seem like every day is Groundhog Day so you got to do some things that are out of the ordinary at least once a day if you want to fight stay-at-home mom burn out some things that I suggest even if you have a newborn you can go to the park and just go sit at the park you know this is something that you can do even if you don't have kids playing you can just go and sit outside just anything to get out of the house if you do have kids who are a little bit older I like to do crafts with my kids this something that we tend to do a lot and we also can go around the neighborhood and do like a nature scavenger hunt there are so many things you can do you can look them up on Pinterest and find so many fun things to do with toddlers you can look up likes preschool activities that's what I like to do I have like an entire board of like preschool activities to do that way one day if I'm like you know what we're really bored we're sitting in the house we need something to do I can just go to that board and find something think of things that you can do that's just totally out of the ordinary that you don't do every day and this is going to keep everything just a little bit more exciting than it normally is I also forgot to mention that another thing that we really like to do when my kids were a lot smaller was take walks this not only gave me some exercise throughout the day but also it just got me out of the house we only had one car in our family for the first few years and so when my husband would be at work for 24 hours who is a firefighter so he would be at work for 24 hours and I would be at home without a car and so we would take walks all the time just to get us out of the house and have something fun to do normally I would just put the kids in the stroller and about half the time they would actually end up taking a nap anyway so this was a fun time for me just to put some music on it just put my headphones on take a walk get out of the house for a minute and the kids loved it as well because it was just a change of scenery something outside of the house number four is to not put too much pressure on yourself this is something that I am so guilty of there's nothing wrong with being like a type-a personality and wanting everything to be perfect but at the end of the day everything is not gonna go perfect if you got through things and everything is fine your kids are alive they had fun you had fun it doesn't matter if it was perfect sometimes you're gonna have two loads of laundry that hasn't been folded in two days and sometimes your kitchen is gonna be a mess and so on and so forth life is just never perfect never not at one time is life going to be perfect so ahead and embrace the imperfection know that all other moms are perfect – and move on don't be too hard on yourself number five is to make yourself presentable either get dressed put your makeup on maybe you want to do your hair I just know that I am so much more productive throughout the day if I feel put together and also you're more likely to take someone up along you know if they call and say hey do you want to go to lunch if you are not ready if you haven't showered in four days then you're probably gonna say no that's okay I think I'm gonna stay at home today but if you feel put together you're like yes let's go and you might actually have a much better day maybe you're the one to actually call and invite somebody out to lunch who knows but if you can just get yourself put together I guarantee you you will actually start having a lot better days and getting a lot more done my very last tip is to make your home relaxing a place where you actually want to be because sometimes it is not possible to get out of the house every single day it's not possible to have something fun for the kids going on every single day but you can make your home relaxing in a place that you actually want to be this is one of the reasons why I'd like to redecorate a lot even through the season I will change my decorations around all the time I have moved things around so much even just this fall season it probably still doesn't even look like it did whenever I did my fall house tour just because all of a sudden I want this pumpkin here instead of where it was and then all of a sudden I want my little skeleton dog out of the kitchen and into the command station or something like that I just need to keep everything fresh in my house so that includes moving things around if you want to move things around I also love candles I could have a candle going all day every day just because it is super relaxing to me I love the smell of it I just love seeing something about the fire going in the house it just relaxes me and also having a diffuser going if you guys like that I personally love mine I have one in every bedroom in the house that's just another thing that I love doing to keep my home feeling relaxed maybe you like playing some music as well this is something we do almost every morning in our house we start some music as we're all getting ready we have some music going just because it is so relaxing and really gets us going for the day and it's just fun if you guys can think of any more things to do to fight stay-at-home-mom burnout leave it down below everyone who's watching if you're a stay-at-home mom or just a mom in general I know that you guys could use some more tips other than these six that I just gave you guys so feel free to leave it down below if y'all have any more tips and leave this video a thumbs up if you like videos like this and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you are new and want to see more mommy content and cleaning content from me and I will see y'all in the next one bye