hey you guys it's Christina and I am so so so happy to have John Rose in a video with me today John Rose is a person who is so dear to my heart this is the man who introduced me to eating raw foods he is one of the closest people to me a a mentor beyond all belief and I'm honored that he's in another video with me today you've been busy you have been busy and for those of you who don't know John John how do how do I even describe your magical name is John you've been raw for how many years now 27 and a half 27 and a half years how many juice fasts have you done 113 113 juice fasts for a total of 1,280 over 1,200 days I've known you for almost 13 years now that's right I bumped into John Rose at a grocery store when I was sick and he is the man who told me about eating raw food and juicing and it was this conversation with him that completely changed my life could you now and look at me now I'm so excited that he's here in this video I thought it would be really cool to bring him in to share some of his beautiful wisdom and knowledge with all of you because he just fills up my cups so much and I love him so much and he has so much goodness to share and we thought it would be really fun to take you on a walk today and have a have a good discussion about what it means to truly be healthy the steps that you need to take to change your life and so much more great yeah ready should we go for a walk ivanishin let's go [Music] we have some of the deepest conversations together and I love you for this you've been with me through everything to the point of where I remember I was calling you years ago and asking you at 3 in the morning why my proof is blue after a blueberry you've been with me through everything and thank you for this and I feel that we have the best conversations and recently we were talking on the phone about the pain that people go through and trying to get healthier that so many people right now feel damaged and that the world is a sad place and that there's so much happening politically and with the help of so many and just with the world and and there's so much pain there's so much sadness there's so much sickness and you really started talking about the first step that people needed mean to do to change their lives and I think that would be so incredible to share well I'd love to share that story uh I've perfected a three-step process to turn this world around I've been working at this very hard for over 27 years I got really philosophical when I found this knowledge and I started studying with all the Philosopher's said and it's really exciting about 2 years ago I read an essay by Tolstoy and it just confirmed my three-step process or my first step on this three-step process to make it simple for everyone there's really only one thing we have to do satisfy two groups of needs unfortunately most of us we're not willing and able to do that and that's why I added these two luminaries steps the first step addresses the willingness issue on a temporary basis and this is what eyes into tall stories si the first step if you guys have not read the ethics of diet by Howard Williams and the 25 page essay he wrote as a Ford when he translated that into Russian you need to read that essay in that book because in this book this man was frustrated at people saying oh vegetarianism that's just too fast and he was no it's not look at the history of it and he compiled 85 different brilliant people in the past and they all were pointing out that when you died isn't very good your behavior good either and of course Tolstoy said the problem with us is that we're addicted to the bad life and in essence we're gluttons ridicu to the wrong food so this is why we struggle so much this is why we're not solving our problems is because we're addicted to the one thing that's causing all of our problems so what Tolstoy said and what I'm saying is the first step we have to take is take that control over things that are controlling us and how do you do that you take a solid food vacation now Tolstoy did on water but I'm doing on juices because it's much easier nowadays people can't take a vacation from life but what it does it allows us to control the things that are controlling us again in effect we've become gluttons and as Tolstoy points out as essay once we reach early adulthood almost everything we think about is nothing but food food food wouldn't we going to eat what are we going to eat where are we going to eat and he knew that that's the first thing you have to do so what Tolstoy explained is it's a lot like taking are going from the first tour of a house to the second story and there are steps you have to take and we have to focus on the first step in the first step deals with self-control or as the Christians would say self renunciation that's the first place we must start and it's the easiest place to start now we can take a more baby-step approach and say well let's just add more of the good and less of the bad but I know from experience coaching thousands of people it's a lot easier we take that quantum leap approach because what happens you get quantum leap benefits and motivation and that's what we need to define to find quantum leap you quite define the quantum leap approach for those who may not know well that's a solid food vacation on juices and what happens when we do this when we drink nothing but freshly made juices we see results at least 10 times faster than if we just adopted a raw vegan diet and it's so hard to eat good food because you're still eating you still want to eat the bad food again we have to deal with that area of self-control and our food is kind of controlling us and that's why if you're just drinking nothing but juices you will see results so much faster you won't be a hungry energy level skyrockets and the transformation you go through my gosh this is what's so exciting about this because if we can get enough of us to do this like bill bright did you know bill bright one in 1996 called the template award won a million dollars because you want to get a million Christians to take a water fast or juice fast price fast like price fasted on water but do it on juices in one year he had 14 million people doing it so that's my mission that's what I'm trying to do on my youtube channel I have a seminar on how to do this I have 28 related videos I don't sell any products I can't even coach anybody right now I'm overwhelmed I'm trying to organize a movement to try to reach the tipping point because if we don't get enough of us to do this we're all going to struggle because most people are gliding with the stream we're trying to get people to drink more juices and to do juice peace exactly and it I love John that he says that it's not a juice fast but it's a feast a feast of juicing juices colorful juices veggie juices fruit juices and no but it's about filling your body with life and nutrients and literally your body soaks up all of the nutrients and juices even better than food which and without the effort that's the beauty of it is when you don't waste energy digesting food day after day after day when you get to round out three week mark again evidence over 1200 days unless 25 years and I know from experience cuz I document everything when I get around that day 19 or so and I've coached thousands of people same thing happens to them you start feeling your fork because we waste a lot of energy converting what we eat into liquid even if you're eating mangoes and peaches and watermelon that still takes some energy and when we don't do that it's an exciting transformation I know I've done a 42 was at 42 day long juice feast and I've done a nine day water fast and both were incredible for me and even after having been raw I think I did a pickle was raw for at least 10 years at the point when I decided to do my juice my first juice fasts I still felt high that euphoria that you were talking about even after having eaten raw for that long period of time it was the physical benefits just took it next level for me and then the emotional clearing that happened for me and the spiritual connection that I felt at that time was even more insane there's so many benefits to lasting it just it healed me and blew my mind in a way I can't describe fully well I like the research dr. Fritz Albert pop has done in Germany he found that all living systems have sunlight energy that come from their cells and that's how cells communicate and on a solid food vacation on juices what's happening is you bump up what he called bio photons all the way up to hundred fourteen thousand now according to pop were born at 43,000 most of us around one to twenty three thousand supposed to be at eighty three thousand but in Germany the number one way they heal alternatively is a juice fast or a juice feast or the solid food vacation and he says you get those bio photons going up 114 so what that does is that's really your six senses are your spidey sense so this is why one reason why we suffer so much as a species is that we're eating food that doesn't have the bio photons because cooking destroys those by 100 percent and that's why they go lower as we age so part of our problem as the species is we're supposed to have six senses but we only got like five and a fraction and since we don't have our spidey sense we don't feel the oneness with everyone and then we end up crapping in other people's backyard not realizing it's our backyard – and if we understood that if we felt in fact it's not a matter of thinking about it and that's why I like my message because this is not something that's intellectual you don't think about thene or hearing or smelling those are automatic just like our sixth sense the feeling that we're one with everything and I get so excited about thinking what would happen if we could reach the tipping point and also and all of us bumped up our Bob photons olives became better the best that we can be the feeling that we're one everything that's the most perfect way to describe it it really is and that's really it's a it's enlightenment it's waking people up right bringing them into consciousness so many people right now are just asleep you can shake them you can yell at them you can ask them to drink a green juice and they genuinely believe that it doesn't matter they genuinely believe that changing their diet won't matter that not living healthily you know matters and and that it doesn't matter for anything but the truth is is that it increases our quality of life infinitely and it helps to save our planet which is not just for us but for our future generations to come it helps the animals which you know I just found out today that elephants are gonna be extinct soon there's only 800 tigers left on the planet you know it's like think about this for a second where if we are all one and what we eat is also a part of us and it does matter and it does matter it's about waking people up to this message and if they can connect to that part of themselves and they can connect to everything else around them it's powerful it's huge and it's a sad reflection of us that so many animals are becoming extinct you know we're supposed to be the guardians on this planet we're supposed to be the caregivers and making sure everybody is having their needs met and that's why I know that when you bump up those bio photons when you get to a sixth sense you realize there's only one way for me to make my life better since I'm connected everything is to make everything around me better if we all had that mentality we would have what's called reciprocal altruism I call it a gift mentality as opposed to an exchange mentality and Intelli to that we have now and we realize the more we give the more we receive and we're so that life is an illusion and everything is upside down on our planet where doctors destroy health Laura's destroyed justice government's destroyed freedom universities destroyed knowledge media destroys information it's it's upside down it's all because we're disconnected we're eating the wrong foods everyone knows you are what cheap but why can't we extrapolate that and realize well if something's wrong if our species is suffering shouldn't we look at our food Oh denial denial denial addictions that's the problem that's what well that's what we're up against and willingness to change which was your point number one yes yes yes and yes and I love that you just said everybody wants to receive but nobody wants to give living on this planet is about giving and serving when did it become this societal mentality that I deserve this and this is all about me and I can do whatever I want because I deserve to be happy it started with cookie it started the ripple effect that people said whoa this can't be it because of this we'll know you got to trace it back when you in the very first cause the biggest mistake we made that changed our whole mentality you realize that if we didn't make the first mistake identify five if you didn't make the first mistake of cooking your food you wouldn't be ten animals because you couldn't you wouldn't want to we wouldn't also beaten foods that are we're not biological that you'd eat the plants they have anti nutrients in them which are telling us we're not meant to eat them we wouldn't be processing our foods and wouldn't be using chemicals so when you look at those five big mistakes that's the root of most of our problems may sound simplistic but all profound things are that simple and simple but it got me excited you said that there were two things number one was the willingness right yes and what was number two the sec the second step is that well the first step correct these five mistakes on a temporary basis the second step is let's correct them on a permanent basis now that we know we shouldn't make these five mistakes and that's what the solitude vacation does it corrects them on a temporary basis well then what we have to do is eat a raw vegan diet with an understanding that we're damaged we're damaged individually our environments damaged even our society is damaged so when you get on that road the truth you have to realize there's two groups of needs and that's the first that's the third step which is really the only thing we have to do we have to satisfy two groups of needs I call that the science and the art cause and effect the ripple effect primary causes subsequent causes and it's all based on our anatomical limitations we have a species specific diet like all other animals do and that has to do with the claw cause and effect but then if we don't eat the right foods we damage ourselves and then we develop another group of needs so the problem with promoting our diet is a lot of people will say this can't be our ideal diet because you don't get this or you don't get this and I go well our species-specific diet is our ideal diet in an ideal world but we don't live in an ideal world anymore it's damaged and because of that we got another group of needs we have we have ten separate needs because we're damaged six of them are causing or problems of knowledge and then we also have subsequent colleges that aren't going to go away just because remove the primary causes so this is what confuses a lot of people if they approach and adopt a raw vegan diet they don't realize there may be another group of needs we have to satisfy we may have certain level to nutrients that were not able to make because we become dependent upon our mistakes if you've been eating a lot of animals that have these nutrients that plants don't have your body may atrophy and you might not be able to make it so even a water fast has to be modified now because of the chemical revolution that's the fifth thing we master that's why you have to modify that and make it make it a solid food vacation on juices instead and we also might need to modify a raw vegan diet because it might not work for everyone it's working for me working for you but if it doesn't work for you it's because you're damaged and the environments damaged too we can't even get b12 from the environment like we used to and we're not even living where we were designed to so we have people living up there where they're not getting any sunshine another group of needs oh this can't be our I don't I don't get my vitamin D we're not supposed to eat it get the sunshine and again so that what we have two groups of needs twelve essential two additional temporary needs and that's the only thing we have to do but again most of us aren't willing able to do it so the solid food vacation orange juices that allows you to try it out so you can see what you're missing most people don't know what they're missing so they don't think it's a fair trade that's why the raw vegan diet such a hard sell and they don't see the results fast enough and then while you're trying to eat more fruits and vegetables you're still eating so you can be more prone to let your taste both tastebuds rule your life again that's why Tolstoy said you we need self-control our planet suffers because we have no control it's because well like Plato said whatever disease men seems to produce a magical enchantment we're under the hoggar spell now if you feel hungry down here you're under the hunk or spell you do don't you you shouldn't fill up there should be up here should be a watering over the floor oh you tell them that's it so that's how you can tell if you're addicted if you're not supposed to feel an all gone feeling down here that's a morbid sensation if they're all symptom because you're not eating the food you're designed to eat and when you take a solid food vacation all juices man I'm telling you that goes away your hunger returns like it supposed to that was one of the first things you taught me when I remember like saying I'm so hungry my tummy's grumbling and you're like no you're not you're not hungry you'll know when you're hungry your mouth will start salivating and you'll just start dripping saliva and I was like start salivating I just remember that moment I was like what is he talking about and then I remember one day I ate it like 10 a.m. and I went like 7 or 7 or 8 hours without eating that day and then I was in the grocery store somewhere later that day it was so hungry else and I just started like dripping drool out of my mouth and I was like oh my gosh I think I'm hungry yes and it wasn't this this was digesting food this was telling me I'm hungry yes so how can people start how do they start do we tell them to just start with 32 ounces of juice every day get their juicer start making juice do they jump right in and do a 3 to 7 day long juice cleanse what do you recommend for people to take this well I can sum up that whole video really quickly there's three main things we have to do give the body everything it needs and that's what you're talking about you might have to drink somewhere between 1 to 2 gallons four to eight liters depend upon your size then you have to support all those organs of elimination I go into detail on that but then we have to support our body in case say it damaged damaged so if you're damaged you might have to do something extraordinary most of us all we have to do is just says fire needs quit making mistakes and voila we're a brand new person but if that doesn't happen then you've been damaged and you've got to figure out well what do I have to do extra and they got a juice they gotta eat raw food they gotta exercise they gotta take care of themselves they gotta wake up do the research educate yourself and form yourself wake up say better I am so excited that you guys joined us today for this conversation if you've liked it be sure to give this video a thumbs up and head on over to John's YouTube channel hit the subscribe button and support him he's truly just a gem on this planet so much knowledge to share so much love to share he's helped to save my life and I know that he can provide so much value to your life as well if you guys want to subscribe to my channel be sure to hit the subscribe button and head on over to my other social media you can find me at fully raw and fully rock Christina we hope that you've loved this video so much thank you so much John my pleasure as always thank you guys