first thing I did was drink lemon water I took b12 did some yoga comb my hair and drink a smoothie then I put on enough clothes in order to drink my smoothie without dying of frostbite I checked out my to-do list for the day film a day in the life wait what that's what I'm doing right now freaky then answered emails why drinking my smoothie then I opened up my document to work on my novel but first I scroll to my phone a bit fed the cats and got some tea then I sat down start writing but then I made another excuse to get up I sat down again to write but realised I can't without music so I got my headphones and turned on Spotify and I actually started writing and wrote for about an hour I opened up the blinds and put together a fruit platter of persimmon jujubes and dates then I ate some more dates while grading I tried to drink some more tea but I needed windshield wipers then I graded some quizzes I put some yellow cauliflower onions and potatoes in the oven and did some more grading while I waited for them to cook I edited a YouTube video then I got a fork but ate them with my fingers because no one was around I was still hungry so I asked the fridge what I should do about it I decided to make a little kid snack of celery almond butter and maple syrup it was delicious but because my teeth don't close up in the front it was kind of hard to eat that I practiced drawing I've been taking this class on Skillshare calm because I suck at drawing and I want to get at least a little bit better at it I'm going back to total basics I'm learning circles and lines and zig zags and dots and stuff like that and how to put it all together and so it makes characters like dogs this is my concentration face then I tried out a new Skillshare class that I hadn't tried out before it's called hip hop for beginners I tend to think I can do anything I put my mind to because that's what my mom and dad told me when I was growing up Koecher is a really cool website with the ton of classes on so many subjects for example they have classes on productivity painting body language calisthenics piano building your Instagram brand coffee breathing emotional intelligence French knife skills goal-setting holding your breath and camera confidence a premium membership begins around ten dollars a month for unlimited access to learning but the first 150 members who click the link in the description will get two months for free these spots are gonna go quickly I heard so just like make sure your first one there click the link click it after I took the hip hop class I was feeling kind of gross so I stared at my closet to ask what I should do about it it was 3:30 meaning I should probably put real clothes on now I chose an outfit got dressed decided tying up my shirt made it seem little like a little less ratty I was still feeling pretty gross so I decided to take a shower I set up my computer tee and phone to get ready to tutor then my mom got home and was eating tacos I put some rice beans and guacamole on my plate while chatting with my mom in the kitchen and telling her how to look natural for the camera then she went upstairs so I finished eating all by myself surrounded by fruit baskets then I FaceTime with my sister and I thought it was only going to take five minutes but it turned into 45 minutes so we had to force ourselves to hang out then I got comfortable by unbuttoning the top button of my pants you know you do the same thing I recorded a podcast ad then Eric got home then I had a small bowl of corn chowder while watching a stocky puppy performance then an episode of the office my computer is being a total jerk and then I started working again so I could begin editing a podcast episode my dad Eric and I tasted vegan ice cream we tried sticker doodles oh Java crunch chocolate cherry fudge brownie Himalayan salted caramel birthday cake cookie dough in the rockiest room they're all freakin delicious I did a little bit more work and then I could but in my pants if I really wanted to but I just didn't feel like it and then I crossed the last thing off my list and I went to bed