[Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah who wants to play but this isn't going for like three days yeah I'm gonna try it first and see if it's ready yet oh my gosh look a spider just pooped on me look that's spider do mm-hmm perfect it's perfect it looks perfect let me eat as much as you want why because I made it for you a little bit of salt and then the traumatic starter what do they call it really helps uh I don't know I can find it and send you the link and you only add onion to yours so pretty kitties yeah oh my gosh that is the fattest papaya trunk I've ever seen hey do you love the kitties [Music] oh my gosh no way you want more sauerkraut ask auntie Meaghan she'll get you some sauerkraut Luisi put in there for you what is it oh we're just like totally opening up your fridge a durian under here but if we are the one the world's been waiting for beaver to be a change every man was once a child and every child felt the rain feel the rain let's make another legs in a wisely yeah while we trip in on differences what will it take to be alive that we are all can you feel it peaceful warrior nation right here right [Music] Wow pokies yeah there's a couple that's that one I've never had a good mango scene ever oh my gosh help Spencer yeah mmm okay I've officially had a good magazine that is incredible [Music] [Music] yeah [Applause] Wow how long do mangosteen trees take to produce a long time as well as well that's why the do King and Queen huh take so much patience yeah try not to eat any of the purple because it's really bitter yeah if you can find one that has spin around like that this one try that one oh no be good sometimes the smaller ones can be sweeter too I totally get the hope now do you like it you want more okay let's go see Eileen air one work there [Music] yeah ha [Music] [Music] [Music] and their son stuff during the day the morning and then that sounds great but it's like the easiest thing to grow and I mean dark leafy green eating it raw a little tough cuz it's it's got like the Musil a Janus oh really so it's kind of like what's that spin Angeles yeah it's like Malabar spinach so but cooked it kind of tastes like chard maybe really good in like the South Pacific they just call it cabbage really and then what's this one use up over here this one is Moroccan basil your turn in the in the swing you want to go in the swing your mom I'll take it out opening like that then try this berry yeah the whole thing I think we got this at the market before a long time ago good nice huh no that's fine good old yeah yeah skills the one I had in the farmers market did not he's like this isn't that funny you know there can be something you'd be like I don't like mangoes yeah that's like you just truly haven't had a good mango like unripe conventional thank you yeah because I've totally thought I don't like these are not very good and it tastes like candy yeah and you guys try one of these yeah but this one's really good not anymore you won't like that one yes ladies like a sour tomato and I have them because I just cut these reasons I got to keep cutting them down how do you eat it normally I usually break off like it's like put it leaves in my salad a little bit bitter but it's like super high in protein they grind it up and sell the green powder all the time beautiful yeah I love Tomatoes that has been like my biggest pregnancy craving this yes let's do that candy Tomatoes sugar candy yeah yellow they're called white tomatoes be like mmm oh those are super good my gosh yeah you can have as many as you want yeah you like tomatoes return and get up again cuz I only strong connect is so deep [Music] peaceful orientation stop the vibration or any other open your heart [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] one people one nation one side one people wants one family one people one nation one child one keeping ones one family one people one nation one child one people wants a one family one people one nation one side one people wants a one family and that let's put this over here you Elvis [Music] [Music] come on a sleep good yeah you like it here yeah you too we didn't even need the mosquito net last night we live in abundance life is sweet love is free we all live in abundance life is sweet love is free we all live in up life is sweet love is free now let's let's take season climb that tree mangosteen what a dream skip pity by bathroom path take some time to watch this guy wonder why you're handy sandy san boy I think he's hatching I think the cocoons coming out it's a little Sammy