yeah I have it okay sorry I didn't know Hey ah you're going camping today as a family and we're super excited because we just got our rooftop tent installed right there expected pooi tents and we're going to try it out for the first time as a family we get to sleep on a big tent on top of the car and I'm super excited and take you along with me in music no one doesn't make the end of it rises to point the concert of these concerts if that was so the best conductor will display but say we're dancing you don't aim at a particular spot of the rock that's where you should arrive the whole point of the dancing is about [Music] snack dip avocado baby hard yeah yeah let's just right there for the beach this is what I was looking for ah yeah [Applause] yeah go out and go real quick oh this is bugs get in the car no the other way Elvis on the way I'm talking standing up yes good so you can do whatever come through oh jeez scream oh did we start from that white glass a little bit to the right of it there's the rain suddenly be see blue sky sandy how do you like the chips back [Music] [Music] over everywhere right now who's ready to swim in the rain we're not swimming in you're right mommy what up an hour no how do you know the clouds are really moving the window let's go swimming arena Danny what do you want to do I just wearing that it's not really raining anymore mommy mommy wait don't go over there stop wait here okay in case there's cars Thanks yeah are you okay where does it hurt the most on your knees hold on a profit helping my face and talking every radar mere noon and evening news family or community okay does that feel better I tripped over this wrong [Music] but it is best understood by analogy [Music] music is essentially placed let me tell you flavor beyond the palace why the play that the dancers without [Music] mangoes for me a dollar ageless super affordable traffic imperative we made it to the campgrounds daddy's playing together the tent no need to rewrite here you do not want to eat that fruit not good right Alice can we climb in here white daddy's making dinner yeah and you are you this it's sandy anak yes yes you want one once a minute oh I'll picture that really amazing like our neighbor for the night hi okay so this tent is serious operation bigger than a king-size bed and it's going to fit all four of us and I please head back in to figure out the instructions to install on the car and it's pretty easy to open up and it's got these open flaps we even have a hangout opener up here if we want to open up there okay and pretty sure we're going to be doing a lot more camping around here because of this because now it's so easy we just grab our sleeping stuff and some food and go because the tent sorry on top of the car and it opens up real easy that's true we need water and drinks as well okay so you're going to get the girl ready we're gonna bake some potatoes and beans and we're going to play those games guacamole for dinner so we had last time in the game camping so tell me are you guys good campers because we're just like really just now figuring it out so yeah yes definitely so tell me what's your favorite camping food that's vegan give us some ideas like stuff that's like easy to prepare starting the rain at mph you can hear it but I can hear the rain sprinkling down here and I'm actually super excited to have a tent that's on top of the car so that there's not like that moisture wick that you get the bottom of your tent when you sleep on the floor and honestly so I forgot to mention the best part it's like a wall-to-wall mattress so it's extremely soft like really really comfortable so that is like the biggest plus for us that's like the hugest reason why we wanted to get the de suite it was because we wanted to have this like super comfortable mattress and I'm so excited for my kids to grow up and have adventures and have memories of adventures camping all the time I actually didn't have that many memories camping as a kid I know like we went camping a couple of times but it wasn't like a family thing we did very often but at times I did go camping as a kid we're like some of my best memories are so so exciting so I'm excited to have like family bonding this way and just like I'm always like down for getting more in nature and connected to nature so it's really cool to just be able to do this to get up and go really easily now I'll just show you here what the view looks like okay so daddy can we just sit up here and watching me dinner alright but I can do that right I kind of want to I seriously would just be down for chilling here it's so comfy in here I have central camping we can we can count scary story was a great idea do you want to tell me a scary story okay walking walking walking this is a made-up star mom okay I'm not a real story jet 19 more came in here ah oh my I'm scary scary ghost and he runs away we find treasure [Music] you [Music] hater it's really hot summer love you – I can't wake up I know it's gonna be so fun yes we went to pack just kind of like a tiny safe thanks Elvis ah three four stories please after you killed me sorry we're gonna go sit down there and keep watch what were you gonna sleep on top of sandy Oh new bed in a napping house big bed in a napping house [Music] [Applause] [Music] I need better land coming I knew from the first time I like me battling I like me better [Music] go well it's a good day with home you