hey guys before I get this video started I just wanted to touch on a few things there are so many ways to go about home education I get asked all the time to share about how we homeschool and examples of what we do for home schooling so I'm just here to show you what inspires us so I also want to bring to you some information on a different type of homeschooling if the way we do it interests you but you feel a more structured based curriculum style would suit your family better so I'm collaborating with k12 which this is the perfect video to share about it because I thought it would be the perfect time to show you a day in the life that we homeschool in conjunction with that k12 offers tuition free online public and private schools and individual core sales directly to families k12 doesn't just serve home schoolers but athletes Advanced Learner's military kids career or college bound or anything in between we personally love homeschooling and the freedom that comes with child inspired learning lately Ellis's been doing a lot of writing sounding out letters puzzles and maps of the world and countries learning about history through the insights that andrew has learned when he was on the zipline job about specific landmarks that we're visiting in Hawaii learning about bugs and what they eat etc etc we haven't so far adopted a curriculum base program but we will see what the future holds for us and what works for our family as we go along so far this is amazing for our family so if you're interested in learning about a curriculum based homeschool experience then check out k-12 for free in the link below so now we're gonna get into the video it's quite a long video because it was a super-pac day but it was so much fun and really fun to edit so I really hope you enjoyed this video let's get started in it I'm gonna be the first place to go right here from our state yeah that'll be really fun I know it's right here hey right that's where Indiana goes [Music] Mississippi Georgia da yep which ones that one normally do you like all these parts first cuz it's the easiest but now I'm kind doing our ideas first cool yeah these are this is the hardest side huh Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia yep alright we're on our way to kion Valley which is a very historic place in Maui and Andrews friend Kamala who and whom he used to work with that zipline is gonna meet us there and he's a Hawaiian and very knowledgeable in Hawaiian culture in Hawaiian history so he's gonna be the snare with all of Elvis's other friends are a lot of other Elvis's other friends and he's going to teach the kids about Hawaiian history and the significance of yo Valley so it's gonna be super fun and we're all really excited to meet all of our friends there yeah he's gonna be so fun we love very excited really in 1795 [Music] worried cuz you do have to wake up cut your wolf kill this woman to safety you're already back [Music] anything interesting [Music] [Music] [Music] oh there any oh my gosh no put the magnifying glass up here it is hard not to feel that there must be something very wrong with much of what we do in school if we feel the need to worry so much about what many people call motivation a child has no stronger desire than to make sense of the world to move freely in it to do the things that he sees bigger people doing [Music] hey Hana I'm so glad you came that's so awesome hey Carter hi Paige it's gonna be so fun every sitting over there we got snacks and everything it's so good you'll love it hey how are you doing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] anybody we do this me every man will never leave he won't me he won't may only gay gay male number here Oh meow who never will [Music] homey [Music] hey goody ma come on white radiator guys one of the biggest battles that ever came to this aphasia that'll keep money like Maui one of our most powerful guys beautiful daughter he races it's like a crazy system that Maui would disapprove of her and the mermen God so one dear Pokemon I'm always daughter was swimming in the ocean I'm uh kinda not coming I saw them and ransom always said Maui Maui I saw your daughter today with the mermen God whoa come on they're in love great very very bad big rage we is met by one of our God is killing shit daddy what's wrong I know about your love will come off Oh dad please don't hurt my love don't hurt my love but this love so this is a various point out for Ali hickeys will be looking out over UCL about this how do you like this very cheaply even when it rains out Rose our food yeah so Hawaiians when we see three hits the ground to the seed grows our food so we come to a place like this we have to have one Mahalo we know that sometimes when it rings super-hard up on the top of the mountain more water comes down to the ocean air from the river down all the way up you have to be cautious about where we go we also have to have respect for this place down Mahalo for this meeting Anna color is very happy to be here with you guys with your voice becomes your promise to take this late nights all of your calamity responsibilities we always pick up the rubbish with the rubbish we're supposed to be not on the ground yeah you guys ready to go swim now in the river yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] without a fun day or what okay guys guys are you ready grocery list for our cupcakes okay so what's on the list what do we need I'm going to make chocolate online okay we just need shredded coconut so you want to smell coconut what do you think that starts with C this is cocoa nut so what's the first letter in nut yep and my doggy way coconut flour so the next thing we need to get is avocado all right Kyle you ready guys let's go to the grocery store with ahead cocoa and blueberries kaya that's amazing I love it let's don't show us your list pack enough powder avocado okay you guys decided to make cupcakes what's on your list very very tight coconut flour okay get some avocado in 1921 thank you I'm gonna give you change all right you're gonna get your money back okay let's count it okay let's go ready right [Music] I was click the word bake okay now kya can you click the number three click five you reach okay then a zero and then I'll just click start do you see the start button yes yep okay so that's 1/4 cup so we're gonna do it three times why – 3 2 teaspoons ok standees turn I can say same you share for a minute Thank You pie up okay sandy hold the cup powder and I'm gonna put it in you guys get to peel the bananas and put them in there count them we need six bananas hi and then sandy has one okay you peel it and put it in the blender yeah [Music] don't quit nice being go it's family don't boy okay now pour it in or hansik don't please stop it on here and then you're going to wha you're trying to turn the blender now we're gonna pour it in there Danny are you putting cupcakes together you're so good at letting me film whenever I'm like filming of and you're making foodies eyes like okay okay okay that's your last one that's exactly what do you say my favorite [Music] okay [Music] you don't try spreading some of the phosphate okay get it a little chair from Elvis's rooms about when yours want to put the frosting on yeah okay put the frosting on you like if you'd like the recipe for these uber healthy vegan cupcakes the recipes in my friend Sara's ebook called self love food they are gluten-free nut-free and made from whole plant foods I'm so impressed with how delicious these cupcakes are and our kids love them totally kit approved I'll put a link in the description box below to check out Sara's ebook which focuses on healing from food addictions and gives over 20 plant-based recipes that are sure to satisfy while being wholesome and delicious [Music] [Music] are you just eating the strawberry me diet you