[Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning we are planning on having a family day today but it's about 70% chance of rain all over the island so if it ends up being like crummy weather or raining all day we'll probably just run some errands so we'll just take you along on our errands for now I'm gonna eat a couple of these papayas that Andrew got the farmers market and then I'm going on a beach walk with my friend Sara up hills to help just with baby and stuff and it's really good to walk when you're pregnant walk a lot so yeah so I'm meeting her up with the beach after I eat a little breakfast let's see what the boys are up to it then I'll just put your shorts on another four five yards I'll just get the two-year-old pairs okay sounds good [Music] that's so nice of your brother to put pants on for you oh wow great Oh pants down this is what happens to the room when the kids play dress-up like I chose this and Andrew just got back from a run and the boys love to go running with him when they get back okay thank you dad okay goodbye yeah yeah that looks good doesn't it thank you trying to say hi yeah hi I don't know better go I know so okay the only one I can get you at home thank you I don't see my head well you'd have to scoot over if you want to be in it gonna be in it we're gonna fun day today yeah know yourself brah okay let's see I got it cuz I gotta go meet Sarah in ten minutes dad you're doing a little boy do you guys want to go run some errands today this is strawberry papaya say Andy my bag [Music] [Applause] we're revving up Monday morning with volleys at you hi I am here ready to meet my friend but look what I see outside the door uh why seriously why this makes me so sad I'm gonna put this all in my car and put it in the trash something to think about too is that a lot of that stuff is totally avoidable plastic that needs to be used in the first place and when I start to look around there's like more and more trash everywhere it's like once you start you can't stop all of this plastic waste is totally avoidable that we shouldn't even be using in our life period let alone leaving it at this beautiful beach deep breaths because often if you are using even using those types of plastics even putting them in the trash they end up in the landfill sometimes they get blown away and still end up in the ocean plastic does not biodegrade in your lifetime in our children's lifetime every single time we use plastic like this straw every single time we use plastic it will stay on our planet for 500 plus years when our children's children's children are alive this plastic will still be here it might be broken down into micro plastic pieces but it will not biodegrade feel like we can all inspire each other to do better and use less and less plastic buy less stuff in general because almost everything comes wrapped in plastic and definitely single-use plastic got to go all right I'm done talking and ranting here is Sarah hi look at this yeah it's like once you see it you can't not see it that makes you the trash yeah this kind of like big huge bucket and there's so many taters oh my goodness and he said like they missed 90% of them they just oh exactly this is I'm saying like even if you actually take your trash and put it in the trash it still pulls away a lot of the time so we have to like avoid using at all oh I'm so pregnant like it's actually a perfect day to be walking right now okay that was really fun after we walked for about like 45 minutes up and down the hill we sat down on the beach and just talked for another hour and it was so nice we literally could talk to like 6:00 p.m. if we had the time I'm gonna go home and take a shower make some more food and then hang out with the boys all right we got–okay gasps I got my smoothie so now we're going to this place called the Dragons Den to get some loose-leaf tea like all these different teas that my midwife recommends to drink as postpartum tea to help your uterus contract and everything and I took it last time when sandy was born I loved it was super great and I took it you take it for like four to six weeks after you give birth so we're buying the loose leaf tea up Wow [Music] yeah okay good idea to come over Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] what are you doing mr. really nice of you we just got home it's so gloomy rainy outside and I had a package waiting for me from my friend whose company is called earthling beauty and she sent me this like massage oil which will be perfect for my labor and I'm really excited about it so they just went down for a nap so I'm gonna take some me time rest my body on the bed and listen to a book on audible audible is a monthly subscription where you get to download a free book each month and you get to keep that book forever also get discounts to all these other books which is a huge plus and with the new year you can work on bettering yourself through books that inspire you in so many ways and audible makes it really easy to do that where you can listen to books on the go or when you're resting etc a few recommendations if you're looking to boost your marriage or partner relationship check out the book the five love languages by Gary Chapman that book totally transformed our marriage also if you're looking to educate and inspire yourself on a plant-based diet and you'd like to learn how to distinguish between poor scientific research and quality research check out the book whole rethinking the science of nutrition by T Colin Campbell so audible is offering our audience a free audio book with a 30-day trial membership just go to audible.com slash Ellen Fisher and browse the amazing selection of audio programs and all the books I just mentioned are available on audible just download a title for free and start listening it's that easy so just go to audible.com slash Ellen Fisher or you can text ellen fisher – 500 – 500 to get started [Music] cutting a carrot sandy yeah daddies are so that I don't like it's good as banana ice cream you want one guys gonna do you want in your bowls any yeah a lot of how-to seeds on that no okay I can you have seems good good salad I can have a bite thank you hmm [Music] [Music] thanks and even like this I know yeah let's go check on dinner he's getting dinner ready so Elvis where you headed finish school to go to a science fair science fair that sounds fun so our neighbor is taking Elvis along to a science fair at their school that he really wants to go to and our neighbors invited them to invite him to come need some help putting on your shoes yeah okay Elvis we'll see you in like an hour and a half okay have fun at the science fair okay bye I love you let me get forget again three yo you love curry sandy oh so sweet she wants that say you know what doesn't want to be held in the kill anymore I almost want me back so you're perfect for your perfect size I look so good babe so got lentils rice okay sandy how's your dinner mr. Elvis honor dinner actually sir these chemicals themselves yeah it turned into up something tight and then it grew into a big phony thing that's really crazy tricky stuff and salad things yeah thank you so much for inviting I was really really cool awesome I'm so glad you got to go all this weird daddy going well I said Clark yeah coaching meeting for baseball they tell you yeah yeah by thank you again tomato yes there's our little towel right there to the right side of you um sure so I saw everybody we're dying around me my doctor Louie I'm gonna go to baseball and I'm gonna play baseball I'm practicing those super good you're really good at baseball you want to go to bed time yeah you afraid of the lightning yeah mm-hmm what's up Thunder Thunder Thunder [Applause] make way for ducklings I like this place and this is sandy can you please sleep till the Sun comes up tomorrow okay night-night Oh mission accomplished you probably can't hear [Music] [Music]