[Music] well the first thing we're doing is my dad and I are going to the farmers market we always go together lately on Saturday mornings I want to get berries I want to get dates I wanna get sweet potatoes I'm gonna get tangerines and I want to get oranges I don't want to get this is Matt this is my dad's coffee supplier [Music] load it up now I'm gonna just put everything away as quickly as possible because I have people coming over it's very exciting we're recording up old cows okay I'm just gonna put on that veggies away and make breakfast and now my dad and I are both really hungry so I'm gonna make us some banana ice cream he's never had it before guys just making sure he's not wearing an offensive t-shirt Oh next step is you're going to blend it and it's gonna sound a little terrifying but you just have to realize that we're all in it together okay [Music] [Applause] good dates and the maple syrup Wow now I really need to get this room all cleaned up and set up so that we can record because I hate when I'm still plugging stuff I like to get all ready now I wanted to make a video about the day in the life of a vegan podcaster but the truth is that podcasters have all kinds of lives because everyone can podcast that's why everyone's podcast lives look different this is what mine looks like it's normally on the weekends or during the week if we film in strange places today we're filming in my living room and our guest is gonna have to sit on the floor but thankfully I know her and thankfully I think she'll be okay with it Lauren Frances she is our guest for the podcast today and thank you for joining us I'm so excited we're talking about political correctness easy I'm gonna be real with you guys as I was real with Lauren the reason this is Evan I guess right now the reason we asked Lauren is not only does she have insight and have a lot of good things to say we really wanted to round out the conversation so it wasn't just two white girls talking about being politically correct okay um Lauren yes what did you have for breakfast I had one I have for breakfast okay you're gonna have to sit closer yeah I could we bring another recording that was awesome yeah like it's a little bit of a longer episode but we talked about so many things [Music] and I always get cold when I record and why am i nervous second this is our 38th I am so exhausted every time I do a podcast I get kind of like like drained like filled up but drained at the same time I don't know how to explain it but I'm starving now I need more food and then I have so much work to do so let's make lunch Eric just got back from a trail run and yeah he's not vegan but he totes uses that protein powder wait what's a cop not protein powder recovery drink which is essentially protein and you like it it's great is this how you talk on here oh my god so awkward people want you on camera now I'm thinking and you shouldn't come on like you got the clothes were talking it's funny yeah except the my dad this is my plate now I am eating a big salad and I have a lot of grading to do I have to get this grading done by tonight because the students have a revision to do so I need to give them plenty of time to revise it and I spend about like 30 minutes on each student and I have six articles to grade so that is what I'm gonna be doing for apparently the next three hours good yeah this is why so much food is on my computer I asked um update I am now grading on the bed still grading still grading I'm gonna put I'm gonna put a sweet potato in the oven because I'm gonna be hungry very very soon chew chew chew chew chew chew chew yeah they're burnt [Music] Prince Prince you're gonna need to get out of my chair are you too fast but I only have one more to go I find that every time after I grade i I'm happy but I find myself like staring at my computer hoping my students will email me back and tell me thank you so much for all the comments is that pathetic alright yeah hi so it's now the next day and I'm kind of cheating because this isn't exactly a day in the life of a vacant podcaster room or like a day in warning of a life because I just did not have any time to edit the episode like I wanted to yesterday because I had to get that grading done but now I've woken up and yoga and showered and eaten breakfast and I'm ready to edit and I have to leave in two hours so I'm trying to get this editing done with the net within that time it doesn't always work out that way so we shall see but I really want to post this episode today and I just have to say that doing a podcast it's very time consuming and I didn't even include all of the work that we put in before recording I think a lot of people think that podcasting is one of those easy things you can just do on the side and I think it can be if you aren't really putting the work into it but if you want to have a high quality show it takes a lot of time I think I would say that most of my time spent podcasting or like working on the podcast is spent on the phone with Apple because I can't figure out GarageBand or something went wrong and I'm not an audio engineer like most podcasters aren't like audio files and so you just have to kind of figure it out on your own so that you can get the show up and the audio can be the best that you can get it to