[Music] [Applause] [Music] yes you're right that is right the deficit new weapons to Gaza Ripple go ahead and sing a song hoping you can't do it wrong because everything you do you want to show everybody what you wrote so far Wow oh and you were like sailing out the letters all by yourself should we continue on now okay like we're going to her house today I'm not sure yet did you have fun at their house the other day yeah oh please don't take the thing off daddy doesn't like it cuz it gets tough on my boy I can tell I could hear you okay Ronnie nice job of us how's the coloring going sandy show me your coloring very nice looks great over yep you want to go on a run to it daddy okay let's get your shoes [Music] no joke are you blinking at before bye have fun this is an invitation they're gonna go in there right now new weapons to Gaza Ripple they went around over there and they're gonna come back around here yeah where are they no should we go get him yeah [Music] [Music] let me now mommy I was trying to get daddy to not use a plastic bag oh yeah what's up with that oh he can't know me using didn't give it back oh yeah that's a guy deal we'll give it back to that next week nobody is watching yourself OMB is so even if they're watching you them go and be yourself nobody is watching you so go and be yourself be yourself and don't wanna be yourself and no one else stay nobody is watching yourself oh my be yourself you're scary what's under there even if the watching gonna go and be yourself yeah nobody is what to do something yourself be yourself and no one else being something else because you are already more than me now you are already more than me now you are over at me more than me now [Music] enough [Music] I release and let go of my story I never really needed it anyway and all I have is this morning but this morning but this moment I'm ELISA leftover my story there's no one she be reading in anyway and all I have is a small me that this moment is this moment that this moment but this moment but this moment this this morning that this moment but this for me that this moment [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so now we are making dinner we're making the nachos recipe from our ebook epic vegan food and we're making home baked tortilla chips organic corn tortillas cutting them in four squares and bacon up and then we have potatoes and carrots boiling here to make the nacho cheese when we're blended together and we also have quinoa that's willing to make the quinoa meat [Music] [Applause] this [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they're out there playing the neighbor kids I like mine with double cheese layer lasagna nachos yeah where you going I'm gonna play with your friends sandy is Elvis playing with the neighbor kids – you're gonna go play with cannons yeah okay bye you're gonna play as kittens Stephens watching you okay bye up on with your friends yeah show me bye wanna come eat dinner [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]