hey guys welcome back today's video is going to be the most chill clean with me ever because I am clearly in my pajamas and it is past midnight last time I looked at the clock it was like 1202 it's past midnight but I really need to clean up and I have friends you guys know that my cousin stays with us about two nights a week so we're baking cookies right now she's got a late class tomorrow and so we're like you know what it's midnight and we're gonna bake some cookies but let me show y'all the state of my living room but this is what the living room looks like I just got a gross shipment in and so everything is down here I need to clean it up I need to put all this stuff away and I know a lot of y'all have been asking where I store all of my cleaning products so I'm gonna show that to you guys in this video also have laundry and then the office needs to be cleaned up the kitchen needs to be cleaned up so we're gonna do a little bit of everything in this video and this video is also a collab with Tiffany of Easton I love her you guys definitely have to go check her out if you haven't already and we sent each other some clips so I'm gonna let her introduce herself now hey everyone my name is Tiffany from BT and the basin's and I would absolutely love it if you came over and checked out my channel once you're done watching Meg's video I do a lot of cleaning videos organizational videos DIYs cooking mommy related you name it I do it and I would love to have you over on my channel as well you guys definitely make sure you go check her out after you watch my video and we're gonna go ahead and put on these cookies and then you guys can clean with me this past bedtime isn't it isn't it Molly she gets so mad every time is past bedtime and we're not in the bed I've got this feeling I'm feeling you could be the one I see no reason why I should ever let you go don't wanna wake up if I'm dreaming because you know I can't get enough of this feeling I don't wanna wake up baby [Music] [Music] baby with you know what I do [Music] sometimes I forget to breathe in your eyes wish you could see the things I [Music] don't know if cookies out of the oven and I went over to my Cal Dre stash and found the Dahlia red currant in countertop spray and I've already cleaned off most of my countertops with the stuff that I was using from mrs. Meyers in the peppermint scent which I am loving by the way I talked about that in one of my other videos but I have been wanting to try this one out ever since I saw it on the website this video is not sponsored by the way but I am just so excited to try this out I have a little bit of countertop left to clean and you better believe I'm about to try this baby out [Music] [Music] baby we're just about to pick out a TV show to watch or a movie or something while we are cleaning up and having our cookies and stuff well well I'm crying but we were talking about the movie airplane I don't know why you guys gone that conversation but they were talking about the movie airplane that old like 1970s movie and how funny it is and rachel has never seen it before and so we're like man this would actually be the perfect opportunity because you need to be like a little bit sleepy like in that everything is funny the state of sleepiness to watch that movie because it is just so funny but it makes it even more funnier when you're sleepy let me know down below if you guys have watched that movie and if you think it's funny it's like I said it's like old style humor it's like 70s humor so like I said you definitely have to be a little bit sleepy to kind of think it's funny like the first time I watched Princess Bride I was like what am I even watching I'm not sure if this is funny or just really cheesy [Music] we're standing we don't wanna wake up [Music] Oh it's like where also comment down below if this has been driving you crazy through the whole video and this closet in here is where I keep all of my cleaning products and I'll show you guys what I've got going on up here I've got all the things that I haven't used yet and then down here on this second shelf I have all the things that I am in mid use of and then down here is where I keep just some microfiber cloths that I just opened and then I have toilet paper because there's a bathroom like right beside this closet some paper towels I also have some wipes and think handles that I haven't used yet – and then I just have my brooms and duster I'm going to attempt to try to add all the rest of my cleaning products that I got today in here and hopefully I have enough space by the way I know I look like a total hoarder with all of that stuff in there but keep in mind that I get all those products sent to me for free so that is why they are all in there [Music] we both disappear [Music] work don't play it's like we're we can't stay I bet all day because we bought this happy [Music] I don't know about you guys but I think this is every girl's dream like you makeup gurus can have all that makeup but I want the cleaning product [Music] I promise I'll show up when your life's too rough if you wanna have me there I know I'm like a walk in space no matter how you talk with me you never know what I don't even think coming Molly [Music] but I'm so hypnotized by these feelings [Music] [Music] I'm soaked [Music] kids to get returns to mix we're breathing now I'm used to being in the shade so you turn to me [Music] just a psycho all day you're perfect sound midbrain stylist [Music] thank you guys so much for watching today's video and I hope you all enjoyed it be sure to go check out Tiffany at Beauty and the Beast and I won't have her link down below so you guys can go watch her clean with me her clean with Me's are always so fun to watch so I highly recommend going and checking her out and I will see y'all in the next video bye