[Music] season's greetings everyone I am starting off my holiday video series with of course my annual hot chocolate recipe this year I really wanted to keep things simple and focus on the warmth and just the essence of the holidays and when I think of that I think of spices specifically chai spice whether you smell it in a candle you smell it when it's freshly made you smell it in a cup of tea chai spice really I think encapsulate what we associate with the holiday season today I'm going to be teaching you how to make your own choice Bice at home so you can put it in your hot chocolate and you can also save it and use it in other things too and to spice things up a little bit I'm adding a little splash of almond into the mix too just to give it a little something extra I'm really excited about this recipe it's honestly one of my favorites that I've done over the years I think it's a really huge competitor to the Nutella hot chocolate just saying and that one's a hard one to live up to so let's get started for this recipe here's what you're going to need [Music] the first thing that I'm going to do is start off by warming the almond milk on the stove over there [Applause] [Music] so that is going to heat up over medium heat and you want to bring it to a simmer so just right before it reaches a boil you don't want it to reach a boil because then it overflows notice from lots of experience now I'm gonna be making the choice pice and that just involves mixing together all of the spices through a sector because we sift things here in Ingrid's kitchen do you remember when the bugs invaded our cookie recipe wasn't that a day but it was all saved because of sifting I'm gonna put in the cinnamon the ginger the cloves the cardamom which is very fragrant and if you give this a sniff you'll definitely think chai immediately last but not least grated nutmeg you can also use ground nutmeg for this [Music] a little tip if you want to take your chai to the next level you can add in some star anis but I don't have that because it's an ingredient that's a little bit harder to find but if you have it or if you can find it definitely add it in because it adds a lovely flavor to the chive now I'm gonna take the Tri mix that I just made and put it in this little Tupperware container with some chai mix that I made earlier and this is really awesome because you can save this for hot chocolate that you want to make in the future you can also add it to tea you can add it to opal pretty much anything that you want to add a tri flavor to this is really great to just have on hand so then you don't have to make it once you do it you'll have plenty of servings ahead of you the milk is hot and ready to go so I'm going to mix in the hot chocolate mix and give it a good stir then I'm going to add in the chyme ixr and you can add in more or less it's really up to your personal preference and last I'm going to add in a little bit of sugar and a splash of almond extract now between all of these steps you want to make sure that you're giving everything a good mix so everything comes together and is evenly distributed all right it's time for a little sippy-sip so here we go yep that tastes like the holidays in a mug all right so that is going to be it for my hot chocolate recipe this year I hope you guys enjoyed it I think this is a really simple but quintessential holiday drink and the spices that we've use just really warm you up and make you feel like you're fully immersed in the holidays it fills up your space with amazing smells you also get to put them in your body and taste them so it really is this fully sensorial experience which I love and I hope you guys love it too so if you make this hot chocolate make sure you send me a photo on Twitter or Instagram you can tag me in either of those places because I would love to see your holiday hot chocolates I also have a whole archive of holiday hot chocolates from previous years if you'd like to see my other recipes so I'll have those linked down below for you guys but guys wait there's more I'm going to be doing giveaways on Instagram all month long so make sure you're following me on Instagram because I'm giving away some really amazing stuff and you don't want to miss it so go right now right now the link is down below if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because this is just the beginning of my holiday videos I have way more coming your way I'll see you guys soon bye