[Music] hi guys I just want to take a quick second to answer some questions that I get all the time and this way you know the answers and I can say the answers doesn't make any sense alright the first question I have is about being flexible I often post about my yoga practice on Instagram or on my youtube channel and inevitably I get questions about how long did it take you to get that flexible well the answer is kind of relative to you know everyone because my answer is not necessarily going to apply to you so that's why I don't really talk about it that often um I've been flexible pretty much my whole life I did gymnastics since I was a little kid and I've always been able to put my feet behind my head and doing the splits was relatively easy for me but before I started doing a daily yoga practice I wasn't able to do the splits for some time so then once I started doing yoga daily I was able to do it again and I would just say that flexibility is not something that will come overnight you can't just do one you know session of stretching a week and then achieve the flexibility that you desire this is something you have to work towards especially if you are not naturally flexible so I just want you to know that when you see someone who's super bendy like I look at people Instagram that just do like the most amazing things I just can't even imagine doing and I want to do that but it does take work it's not just something you can snap your fingers and make it happen the next question I get asked is about what I do for work because I do have a day job I work as a professor at a small University and I currently teach journalism and I love it I love helping people helping people with their writing it's so fun I have the coolest most amazing students and I have really small classes which is great because I can work with them individually but most of my career I have been teaching ESL and the teaching adults English as a second language so that's international students from all over the world they come to different schools that I've taught at um and the school I taught previously before this one was another University and before that I taught at a community college so I taught I've taught all over another question I get asked all the time basically whenever I show a picture a video of my cats is what I feed my cats because I am vegan I'm an ethical vegan and I yeah cats are not humans so what do we feed our cats what do we feed our pets me personally I have made the choice to best take care of the animals that I have in my home to feed them according to their diet guess closely as I can I mean they are carnivores cats are carnivores just like humans are herbivores and they do best on an herbivorous diet cats do best on a carnivorous diet and so I do have to feed them animals I do not believe in feeding cats vegan diets but the topic is so complicated because why am i you know putting my cats lives above the lives of the animals that I'm feeding them guys don't don't even doubt for one second that this isn't a thought that I think about all the time every time I feed my cats I hate I hate that I have to do this it's very complicated and actually Evan and I want to do a podcast episode all about what we feed our pets both cats and dogs to talk about what you know what you do as vegans and what decision you make I think it's a very interesting topic and it's not cut and dried it's not an easy answer that was my answer another question I get asked is how old are you I am twenty nine and a half years old I am almost 30 I'm almost 30 I'm almost 30 I have to say it a lot so I remember that I'm not 20 another question is basically about being married to a non-vegan as you know my husband that I love very very much is not vegan and I am vegan so how does it work typically the question goes something like this I know your husband is a vegan same with me my partner is a vegan and it's the hardest thing how do you deal well that's again like a really huge topic but in essence the way I deal is by letting go I have stopped trying to change my husband and I just made a video about this I will link it below as well just I stopped trying to change him not just about his diet but also in like other things that I think he should be doing it took me a really long time to realize that he's his own person and that he can do life the way he wants to do life but something else that I would say to anyone me about having a partner who's not vegan is to be the best example of veganism that you can so look good feel good be sexy and you know like don't make your food feel like such a burden like just enjoy it and be joyful and that is just so much more attractive and appealing than you know this another question I get constantly in tandem with the previous question about being married to a non-vegan is what to do if you or your partner are you have kids or you're going to have kids and you can't agree about the diet that you're gonna feed the kids wow that that's like really hard and I totally sympathize with you guys who are going through that that must be very difficult I mean even if you get ISM wasn't a factor just trying to decide how you're going to parent and everyone has different opinions about parenting so just remember that even if two people like two parents have the same diet and lifestyle it doesn't mean that they agree on everything so it's not as if people who agree on the diet it just have everything all figured out and it's just gonna be so easy because there there is there's a lot to think about when it comes to parenting so my advice would be to go to counseling I'm a big fan of counseling I've gone since I was in college and I love marriage counseling we've gone a couple times and I recommend that if you're going through like a big decision that you just can't agree it's really helpful to get a third party in there to help moderate mediate mediate the words and another question is about just book recommendations sometimes I get questions like hey I really want to read a cool book and you recommend a book to me well I I recommend books like constantly online so at the end of every single podcast we recommend books and I have made many videos on my youtube channel about books and I have a post about books on the Instagram but I'll tell you some of my top books if you're interested in something to read I always recommend the secret history by Donna Tartt I recommend that to readers of all ages and of all reading styles it's a wonderful book that's kind of creepy and very intriguing because it's about this elitist group of students at New England College and they murder someone and you have to figure out why what happened what is going on and they try to cover it up another drug is actually a nonfiction book it's considered a nonfiction novel or literary nonfiction it's called in in cold blood by Truman Capote it is about a murder of a family in a small town and it kind of examines the psychology behind the people who committed the crime super interesting book another really good one that I recommend to readers of all ages and all reading styles again I recommend this book all the time is the book above by my friend Isla Morley she just happens to be my friend but it's truly an amazing amazing novel it's about a 17 year old girl who gets kidnapped by a guy who thinks the world is gonna end and she gets held underground in a bunker for 17 years so amazing there are some triggers in there so if you guys are triggered by sexual abuse or rape then I would avoid that book now if you're in the mood for a classic or you want to kind of dip your toe into the classics I recommend a book called a portrait of a lady by Henry James it is it can be a little dense I don't think it's too heady or anything it's very accessible it's it's honestly the most relatable classic I've ever read I think besides maybe a little wound but a porch of a lady I think is one of those books that more people should read and it's very very very oh my god I can't think of another adjective besides good another question I often get asked is about books because I do talk about books a lot on here and I often like show my book so they're always like so shiny and spanking brand-new and so the question is why do you buy new books especially I think people are asking this because I am a fan of the zero waste or minimal waste lifestyle so why am i purchasing something that's new and contributing to more waste I have so many things to say about this number one I love books books are such a huge part of my life it's one of those things like okay when people spend a lot of money on makeup I truly don't understand it I like to buy makeup every once in a while but if I don't understand spending money on makeup but that's their thing like they're into makeup and that's rad like they they do makeup they love it they get really creative with it it's just not my thing books are my thing I'm like a licking I love reading I love having stacks of books everywhere I think they look amazing I think they're just like so beautiful and I have always been surrounded by books ever since I was a child I've just been like look I'm a bookish kind of girl on the other hand I spend very very little money on clothes I like getting clothes and I do talk about fashion sometimes I like clothes but almost exclusively but the clothes I get our secondhand so I feel like I am doing my part in a sense like I buy a lot like a hand really do my best to reduce waste and I will never get into ear eaters if I have a book on my computer I will not read it even if someone sends me a book I really want to read and it's purely electronic I just don't read on my computer I don't even have a tablet because I'm not interested and that's not me being snobby or like nostalgic or anything I just it's just a preference I can't read books electronically it's not my thing finally probably more importantly than any of those is that writing is not charity work I think a lot of people think of the arts as like they should be free and I think that is such bull crap and I think that we should pay full price for the books I do buy used books from time to time if I happen to be in a used bookstore yeah I'll buy you spoke especially if it's like a classic or something like that but if the author is living I really do want to purchase the book full price because I want to support the author and because the more sales that they get the more likely they will get another contract for another book the publisher won't drop them like a rock additionally to just supporting the single author who wrote that book I want to support the printing industry I know you know we don't want to waste we don't go paperless or whatever I'm much more concerned about plastic because of how long it lasts on this planet then I am about paper I don't like waste paper like crazy or anything almost everything I do in my classrooms is online I hardly ever pass out papers so I you know it's like give and take I can't just go completely electronic because I can't I just can't do that I will never read books on a tablet and so I want to support the publishing industry I don't think print is dead that our student newspaper that I'm the faculty adviser for is not in print and it makes me so sad I want to get it back in print I don't think print should die because of the environment I think that things should be in print because people like to read things when they're physical the last question I get is not so much a question more of a statement someone you know comes across me on YouTube or Instagram and they're like you look like Ellen Fisher have you ever heard of her and then thank you for all of you people who comment back that's her sister so that is true I am Ellen's sister and Ellen is my sister coincidentally and we look a lot alike we're only 14 months apart she is a year older than me and I mean year younger than her Quinn said Emily okay people that's all I have for you today and I am going to apologize but like not apologize more just acknowledge the fact that I am kind of intense and when I have energy which is most of the time I tend to do like this with my eyebrows a lot and get very like this and I like talk with my hands and so that is Who I am and if you can't handle that get out of the kitchen or whatever they say I wear myself out talking about books apparently because books are books are everything all right I gotta go I have to edit this and upload it okay talk to you later brace