well it looks like August is over so that's another month checked off this year I really don't know where 2017 is going it's going by so fast hey how are you ready for some August favorites do you like my lipstick I'm trying out a new red today what do you think I've been using a new body lotion this is the h2o plus Beauty milk body butter and I started using this because I'm lean said that she really loves it and if I lean love something then it must be good I am so married to my fresh body lotion so it's really hard to pull me away from those and I've been loving this I love that the scent is really light and fresh and because recently I was out in the Sun while I was on vacation in Mexico I have a little bit of peeling happening on my shoulders because I didn't have a physical sunscreen with me and I got a little bit burned so I've been having some dryness and peeling happening and this has really been helping with that I use this all over my body when I get out of the shower and I can instantly feel that my skin is super hydrated but I don't feel sticky or greasy another thing I've been using for hydration is the herb aviva body oil this is the embrace scent which is a jasmine and grapefruit blend and if you watch my videos and you know that I am like obsessed with jasmine I just love that scent and it's because I grew up with a jasmine plant outside of my bedroom window so especially in this summer when it would bloom the scent would just kind of walked into my bedroom and just be so lovely and wonderful I use this a couple times a week and I just slather it all over my body and I use this when I really just want to pamper myself and get in some deep deep hydration before I go to bed at night I've been using this Esau poo resurrection handballs is a mandarin rind rosemary leaf and cedarwood Atlas scent so this sense I feel like is definitely not for everybody but I love things that of smell like an apothecary or a little bit more natural especially as I've gotten older my scent taste has changed a little bit more so I gravitate less towards like sweet super fruity things and more so towards subtle more natural earthy Irby type sense this is really calming to use it and I just really love Esau products they're definitely pricey but they last a long time and they're just such great quality and the sense that they have are amazing I'm actually almost out of this I can't believe I've used so much so quickly but it is the Boscia Tsubaki swirl two-part gel and cream deep hydration moisturizer when you first open it up you can see the swirl a little bit better but it is a swirl of a gel moisturizer and a cream and I love that combination because it's super hydrating but it doesn't feel really heavy it's not clogging my pores and I've been loving this during the day and at night it's just a really great moisturizer that I know I can count on I've noticed that if I try to put makeup over the top of this it clumps up a little bit so I've been wearing this on days when I'm not wearing makeup and I really love it the clumping is not enough to get me to not use this because my skin just drinks it up adds a night treatment I have been using the tatcha luminous dewy skin concentrate and usually I'm not somebody that like uses the little scoop that comes with some products but with this one I have to say you need to use the scoop this is like a jelly serum and I've never used anything like this before I use one scoop at night after I put on my serum but before I put on my night cream or my sleeping mask and I have found this to be so incredibly hydrating like my skin when I put it on it looks super glowy immediately and then when I wake up the next morning my skin just feels really plump and supple and so hydrated but not greasy and I've just never used anything so effective I think especially in the wintertime if I travel to colder places this is something that is going to be absolutely amazing and I was curious to see what other people think about this and when I read the reviews online people are like raving about this night treatment and it's definitely not cheap but you are using so little every time because a little bit goes such a long way that I am going to take a while to get through this this is an old favorite that is working its way back into my videos this is origins ginseng eye cream which I have loved for years but I have found myself reaching for it more and I love this eye cream because it's really cooling it helps with puffiness and I love that it brightens your eyes so there's actual like light reflective particles and this that just make your eyes look super bright and awake when you put this on [Music] for makeup I have really been into glowy skin I've decided to try and stop working against my skin and work with it a little bit more because I have pretty oily skin and for as long as I can remember I've always tried to fight the shine on my face and now I'm just embracing it and I'm like I have oily skin my skin is going to get oily I don't want to pile products on top of my face so I'm just gonna work with the natural shininess that I have and maybe I'm even gonna enhance it sometimes something that I have been loving is the Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow this is a really great product because you can mix it in with various products like your foundation tinted moisturizer your regular moisturizer even a cream blush that you have you can use it on its own I love using it on my eyelids on my cheek bones I've put this just all over my face you can put it on your body and it just creates a really natural looking glow and I love it and it's not really thick it's not sticky I like that it doesn't look like glitter on your face it just looks like you have a super glowy complexion another thing I've been using to enhance my shininess is the Laura Mercier foundation primer I really haven't been wearing foundation recently I don't have any on today I've been using this primer whether I'm wearing foundation or a tinted moisturizer or skin tint or I'm not because I really just love the glowy dewy base that it gives you so it is kind of similar to the Wonder glow because it is creating a super glowy complexion but the difference is is that this helps keep makeup on so it's a really great base to use so even if I'm not using foundation I still like using a primer because I'm probably gonna be putting on some blush or maybe some bronzer or something like that on my face and I just want it to stay on or a setting powder I got the glossy a router because I just couldn't resist I'm always curious about everything that gloss comes out with I will say that I definitely like it so this is the light/medium shade and this powder is super translucent it has color to it but when you put it on your face it really doesn't look like anything it's just setting your makeup and kind of blurring things over and I love that there's a net in here to catch the product so there's a little less mess it really reminds me of the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation that's like this but I also don't think it's anything super unique either one of the reasons why I'm loving this so much is because I currently don't have a translucent powder in my routine right now except this one but you know the Laura Mercier one is really really awesome I love that powder this is just kind of like other things that already exist it may be a little bit cheaper than other things so I think that that's a really great option I think the packaging is well-thought-out but I am NOT a fan of the brush that came with because I think the brush is a little bit more for me a blush brush than it is a powder brush I am so obsessed with the new eyebrow pencil I have been using so it is no secret that I have been growing out my brows I am coming up on a full year of growing them out which I can't believe I cannot believe it's already been that long and I recently went in to get a consultation for micro feathering with Christie striker who is like the eyebrow goddess she put me on a growth plan because right now my brows aren't in a place where I can get the micro feathering done if you follow me on my Instagram stories then you know about my little eyebrow update already but I also want to give a little debrief here too because this has been a journey for me micro feathering is Christie's version of micro bleeding which is something that has been like all over the internet recently and it's when people essentially get like a tattoo on their eyebrow to fill them in but her version of it looks super natural you can go on Instagram and see how natural it looks because she's only concentrating on the sparse area and she's not necessarily filling in the entire brow I think she has amazing taste and I really trust her with my brows because I've just been following her work for a while and I went in for a consultation she was super honest with me and said that I needed to grow my brows a little bit more so she put me on a growth plan which involves coming in to get my brows touched up with her because she said that would help promote growth if we start just removing some hairs here and there I'm using a gross serum on my eyebrows every day and then I'm going back to her every six to eight weeks for a little check-in and for a cleanup she cleaned out my brows a little bit and then she filled them in and I loved the pencil that she used and this is it I got it because I loved it so much I was like I love how my brows look I need this pencil so I can do this at home I've always been told that my eyebrow pencil should be one to two shades lighter than my actual eyebrows which I've been doing and she used this pencil on me which is more of an exact match for my eyebrow color I just really like it a lot more so this is the Sarat eyebrow pencil in Raven I also love how this pencil is a lot more weighted than other eyebrow pencils I feel like it really gives you control and more precision over what you're doing last but not least look who's been wearing a new perfume what is shocking news if you watch my videos because you know that I only wear gel Malone's peony and blush suede but I have found a scent that works with my body and doesn't smell like dirty sock water it is Joe Malone star Magnolia and it is amazing and I'm so happy if you don't know about my thing with scents I don't switch out my perfume I've been wearing the same one for years because most perfumes just change on me in a way that smells like dirty sock water or it just smells funky and unpleasant and it's just from the chemical makeup of my body it's the way that it reacts to these scents and these oils that are being put on my skin Jo Malone peony and blush suede has always really worked for me it's like my signature go-to scent I wear every day I love the body lotion I love the candle I love the perfume and now I love Jo Malone star magnolia so this is a scent that came out for summer and I love it because it really reminds me of summer evenings it smells like my bedroom did when I was a kid and that jasmine smell would be wafting up into my bedroom it really gives me a memory of that and I love it so much it's just amazing all right so that is gonna be it for my favorites today I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I'm enjoying and if you have any questions about anything please leave them down below in the comments you can also leave comments for me on Instagram or DM me on Instagram because I do check my DMS and I read my comments so that's another place where you can go and talk to me thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have some more videos coming your way I am going go stand in front of the air conditioner because I am so freaking hot right now I hope you guys are cooler than I am wherever you are in the world and I'm sending you lots of love I'll see you next time bye whoa my armpits doh