hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so happy to be here with you today I'm gonna be showing you how to make a delicious fully raw chocolate mousse this mousse is delectable for those of you who are looking for the perfect treat to serve up at an event or just to enjoy during holidays this is amazing it's cruelty free it's fully raw and for all of my chocolate and avocado lovers out there this recipe may be your new addiction what I love about this recipe is that there are no nuts or seeds it is easy to make just simply by blending you can enjoy it at any time and it is just Oh amazing I know you guys are going to love this recipe so without further adieu let's get started for this recipe I'm going to be using my Vitamix blender and when ready I'm going to add in approximately one heaping cup of raw cacao powder you can also use carob approximately 7 to 10 pitted dates one whole avocado and if you don't want to use avocado you can use cashews instead but for the sake of making this creamy let's use avocado approximately a half to 1 cup of fresh coconut water one heaping scoop of Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder the chocolate flavor and a little bit of sin blend this up until it is completely smooth it will look just like a chocolate mousse pudding after this all you have to do is serve it up in your parfait glass of choice top it with some deliciously sliced strawberries and voila this is an easy delicious chocolate avocado mousse how incredible and creamy does this look who's ready to grab a spoon how cute and perfect does this look you can make sizes smaller than this one bigger than this one you can use it as a topping on a banana ice cream or more are you guys ready for the final taste let's give it a try [Music] Wow that is melt in your mouth delicious I hope you guys have loved this recipe if you have be sure to give it a thumbs up comment below and let me know what you think if you guys want to follow me on my social media you can find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter all the above at full Iran and holy rock Christina I'm so grateful to be here with all of you guys and I'll see you in my next video [Music]