it's sweet loving hug thanks mom bear hug hey you guys it's Christina hey you guys it's Sandra and we're so excited to be in the kitchen with you today because what are we making mom we're making a cheese we're making a raw cashew cheese yeah mom and I were talking about the foods that she has been missing eating while eating raw vegan and one of the things that came up was she so today mom and I decided that we're gonna make a delicious creamy cashew raw vegan cheese dairy free cruelty free environmentally friendly delicious nut cheese and you can do this with any nut right you can make it with almonds we're using cashews you can use macadamia nuts you can use Brazil nuts and so much more and we're adding a lot of interesting flavors spices so that week or I should say flavors so they don't make it even more tasty for me I love a lot of sauces and and seasonings so we're having that Middle Eastern Flair yes yes can't wait can't wait if you haven't already hit the subscribe button and join our family we're happy to have you in the kitchen with us and if you like this recipe give it a thumbs up and comment below and let us know other recipes that you would like us to make fully raw all right mom I'm ready to get cheesy you ready cheesy oh that's really completely Cristina start it started yeah yeah for this recipe I'm gonna be using my Vitamix blender but you can use a food processor as well if you prefer that instead if you guys are interested in getting a Vitamix blender you can use the affiliate code on the screen to get free shipping on any Vitamix order when ready you're gonna go ahead and add into your Vitamix approximately two to three cups of soaked raw cashews and make sure that these are soaked overnight until they're very soft next up you're gonna add in just a little bit of coconut water to help it blend like we're talking less than a half of a cup here and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt blend this up or process it until it reaches the consistency that you desire you can make it rough and chunky or you can make it very smooth after you get this processed or blended pour this into a bowl of choice a mixing bowl and you can add in different seasonings like chopped green onions chives mint cilantro even jalapeno and sprinkle in some salts mix all of these together until it looks just as you desire it to be grab a cheese cloth and put this cheese into the cheesecloth from here you're gonna take the cheese wrap it up in the cheesecloth and squeeze it tight to get any extra moisture out of the cheese we don't want any liquid in here we want it to be completely dry once you've done this you're gonna stick the cheese in the fridge for six to eight hours until it firms up this is a very important process because it's in this process that the cashew turns into this very delicious thick and creamy cheese you can eat it just like this but it may be a bit moist so don't forget to put it in the refrigerator for six to eight hours and that is all you need to do voila ladies and gentlemen I present to you a delicious fully raw vegan nut cheese YUM thumbs up for cheese I'm also gonna be using placards in this recipe which is my favorite brand of raw vegan crackers which is great to spread some cheese on I love flockers they're a good small family-run company because you know don't they have a couple flavors too they do we have heats the ones here but they also have the dill and the rosemary and the classic and yeah we're gonna be using them with our cheese today I love it shall we test okay here I just saw stop with your fingers not good okay so something that I want to add is that if you want just a cream cheese you can eat it out of the bowl just like this but if you want a more firm cheese spread and you definitely need to stick it in the refrigerator all right so we're gonna do our taste test are you ready I'm ready all right cheers Cheers [Music] the pizza-flavored flax cracker with the cashew jalapeno cheese yeah it is free me cheese very good mmm this tastes amazing if this recipe looks good to you be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit subscribe join our family we're so happy to have you in the kitchen with us if you guys want to follow my other social media you can find me on Instagram Pinterest Facebook Twitter all of fully Ron fuller our cocina all right you guys mom and I are gonna enjoy the rest of our cheese and we hope that if you guys want to follow me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram or Twitter you can find me a bully raw or fully rock Kristina all right you guys can't wait to see you in the next video mom and I are gonna go eat our cheese and we hope that you get to go and do the same I'm eating the cheese crackers by tide