hey hey hey hey hey hey guess what guess what this video is brought to you by Squarespace it's a website that helps you make website just because Christmas is over it doesn't mean you have to stop baking personally I love to bake all the time especially in wintertime it's one of the best ways to show people that you can have a decadent treat without using animal products this specific recipe comes to me from my friend Kate it's new to me but apparently this gingerbread cookie recipe is incredible she keeps talking about it so the other day we veganized it and of course it turned out perfectly so I can't wait to share it with all of you guys definitely try it out for your next party it is a definite crowd pleaser okay bye [Music] the first thing you're going to do is cream your butter and sugar so since we're making this vegan we are using Earth Balance it's the best butter replacer for the vegan baking if you did not prepare ahead of time like like me by leaving your butter out to get at room temperature you'll want to microwave it for a little bit just to get it nice and soft then you can use your stand mixer a hand mixer or you can just do this by hand you're gonna cream the butter and sugar all together till it's nice and combined and fluffy next you want to use the equivalent of one chicken's egg by using this egg replacer there are so many ways to replace chicken's eggs when you are baking but there really are some replacers that work best for certain recipes it really just depends on what you're making and I found that this energy egg replacer brand really does work best for this type of cookie just make sure you read the directions in the box to measure it out properly but the key to this egg replacer is really to whisk it as thoroughly as possible and getting out all the lumps so I spent a good 1 or 2 minutes just whisking it consistently getting out every single lump so it's nice and frothy this is really key for it to have the proper consistency then you're just going to add your egg mixture into your bowl and then you're going to add the molasses and you can use light or dark molasses I had dark masses on hand but the recipe actually calls for light but it really doesn't matter it just kind of changes the color of the cookie just stir that all together until it's nice and combined and then we're going to add the dry ingredients which is the flour you can try this gluten free let me know how it turns out but personally when I'm making desserts I want them to be as epic as possible and I care very little about health when i'm making desserts mostly because you know i just want people to see that you can have amazing vegan treats and they don't have to taste like health food do you know what i mean if you're new to baking i will just give you this little tip that if you are dreading all your dry ingredients to your mixer it might be a good idea to kind of do it in little batches so i added half my flour and first and then start it to combine and then I added rest of the flour as well as all the spices and the baking soda and the salt so that it's not gonna you turn on the mixer and then flour goes everywhere it just keeps it nice and tidy the the really big secret about why this recipe is so delicious is all the spices if you look at other gingerbread cookie recipes a lot of them tend to use minimal spices but this is too full teaspoons of each spice so that's what makes it so powerful delicious after everything is combined you want to remove your bowl and cover it I used a plate here instead of plastic and you can chill it in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour this just makes it easy to roll out and work with next chop up some lettuce and make a salad so you feel better about all the baked goods you've been eating over the passport we eat that while you're waiting for the dough to chill to work with the dough it's very simple it's just like making sugar cookies if you've ever done that you're just going to press it down and to a cutting board just take out pieces at a time and then roll it out I like to use extra flour it really helps to prevent it from sticking to the roller or to the board and then you can use your cookie cutter I like to place it in flour just to ensure that it doesn't stick and I'm using circles here and the reason is this recipe really does tend to expand a lot in the oven and last time when we made this we had shapes and the shapes really didn't hold because of some of so much expansion but you're welcome to try out the traditional gingerbread man to see if that actually works but the circles really work nice when you do line up your cookies on your cookie sheet just make sure they have enough space in between them you don't want them right next to each other because they are going to get bigger and then you're going to cook them for about nine minutes but I would recommend checking them at at seven or eight because you really don't want them to get too crispy they're much better when they are chewy that said if you like crispy cookies by all means cook it to nine minutes without checking them at seven or seven or eight yeah go for that and just make sure when they are all done and you test them and they're perfect remove them immediately and have them cool on a drying rack and this is done to prevent them from burning on the hot pan next you're going to make your frosting and you're just gonna combine all the frosting ingredients the powdered sugar the room-temperature vegan butter the vanilla and water and just combine them all together in a mixer and then just put enough orange zest for you to be satisfied you can not have the orange zest if you're not into it but I love it with the ginger flavor it's so good I tend to add a lot of orange zest you can even see it in the frosting a little bits of orange flakes also be sure before you Frost that your cookies are cool totally cool not hot at all because otherwise the frosting will just melt all over the cookies and it will be super messy next we're going to frost our cookies and you can either just spread them on with this like a nice thin layer of frosting it's quite sweet the cookies are also super sweet so don't feel like you have to put a ton of frosting on but I'm going to get a little creative here and put the frosting into a ziploc bag and push all the frosting into one corner then snip off a tiny little piece to create my own frosting bag and the reason I'm doing this is because I know how cannibalistic we can all get over the holidays we're stressed we're tired we're promised gingerbread cookies and expecting little men whose heads we could bite off so that's why I'm putting little faces on these circles so we can express any emotions that might overtake us by taking it out on a cookie rather than our living loved ones and I'm actually taking a step further by drawing out the spectrum of emotions I may feel in any given moment in the month of December I unlike Ronald Weasley do not have the emotional range of a teaspoon and as you probably have noticed so just feel free to express your own kind of therapy on these cookies in whichever way you please the people you give them to probably won't notice that they are eating your own personal catharsis and they will thank you for giving them the best gingerbread cookie on the planet special acknowledgment that Kate's on family for this incredible recipe [Music] I just want to say thank you to my sponsors Squarespace they made this video possible listen I'm a creative person and you are creative person too if you want to start your next big project you need an amazing beautiful website and I personally believe Squarespace is the best choice because it's all in one there's no upgrades and patches necessary and anytime you have a question they're right there for you I use Squarespace for my podcast website my podcasts I have with Evan Oliver and we love it it's so seamless and easy to use if you want a free 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