if you're a juice lover be sure to give this video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button because it's about to get juicy hey you guys it's Christina and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a delicious juice to help relieve headaches there are many different reasons why we can have headaches or migraines or just even a little bit of tension in our heads however we are going to be doing as much as we can to make sure that you are fully hydrated and that you're getting in enough nutrients in your body because this can really help to eliminate your headache if this is one of your problems are you guys ready to get juicing let's get started I'm gonna be using my kuvings juicer for this recipe and I'm absolutely obsessed with my new kuvings because it has a mini built in strainer so that I don't have to strain it twice and there's barely any juice in my Pole it is very dry pulp which means it's an amazing juicer and I'm getting the most nutrients out of this juice and I'm getting those nutrients into my body if you guys are interested in a kuvings juicer be sure to check out the link in the description below the first thing I'm going to be adding into my juicer is approximately 1 chopped pineapple pineapple is amazing for inflammation in your body and relieving tension it's also an amazing carbohydrate and will give you a lot of energy after this I'm going to be adding in a small thumb of ginger ginger is amazing to produce heat in your body and also to help with anything just –iv issues you may be having two appealed and cut lemons or limes lemon is an amazing antibacterial anti-mutant virus fighting fruit if you have any type of congestion in your head or in your body this will help to clear it next up I'm going to be adding in a large handful of spinach and also one Collard leaf if you don't have a Collard leaf you can also use Swiss chard these greens are high in every single mineral that you can imagine especially magnesium definitely want to get those greens into your body one cucumber with the peel cucumber is one of the most hydrating fruits that you can eat it has the essential electrolytes that your body needs and so much more a secret ingredient of this juice is going to be fennel this is an amazing Sun food that you can add into your juice to help with headaches next up we're gonna add in approximately four to five stalks of celery celery is an amazing source of natural sodium it helps to balance out your thyroid your adrenals your hormones and so much more and finally if you want your juice to be a little bit sweeter you can add in approximately one to two apples drinking juice in general is amazing for your body and also amazing to keep you hydrated and get rid of your headaches ladies and gentlemen I present the most delicious juice to help assist with headaches are you guys ready for the final taste let's give it a try [Music] hmm yes whoa that is good and delicious you know when you take your first sip of juice and you feel it just move through your whole body that's exactly what just happened to me that is how good this juice is mmm if you guys are excited to try this green juice be sure to give this video a thumbs up and click subscribe you guys want more tips tricks or recipes on how to go fully raw you can find me on my other social media at Facebook Pinterest Instagram all the above at fully rah Ali rah Christina all right you guys I'm gonna go and enjoy the rest of this delicious green juice and I hope that you get to go and do the same sending you all my hugs and my love and I'll see you in the next video [Music]