hey guys welcome back to my channel and surprise I am back blonde so today's video I'm gonna tell you guys the story two reasons why I decided to go back blonde and also tell you guys about my haircut I've been getting so many questions about my haircut that I did about three or four weeks ago so I'm gonna share with you guys that and let's just go ahead and jump right in if you guys are new to my channel or just have never heard me say this before I am actually naturally blonde I've been blonde pretty much my whole life up until I was about 24 and so that is I'm 26 now so it was like the majority of my life two years ago I decided to go pastel pink and it's really hard to go back blonde especially if you had like bleached blonde hair underneath which is what I had so it's pretty hard to go back to like a nice blond color after you do pastel so I decided to go brown for the first time ever in my life and I loved it I loved being a brunette I thought it looked really good on me but I am NOT a brunette it's just not who I am and I don't think like it really defines you in any way what hair color you have I mean obviously because I had pastel pink that's not even like a natural color but you guys know what I mean for the majority of my life I know myself as a blonde and so it just I don't know it just did not seem right every time I would see myself with brown hair or think about dyeing it again I knew it was kind of just a phase that I wanted to do for a little while but I knew that eventually I would go back to being blonde because I'm just blonde I'm gonna give you a the two reasons why I decided to go back blonde and the second one is the sweetest one ever but I'll go ahead and share the first one with you and that is I have an older sister that looks basically identical to me when we have brown hair and it was kind of getting to the point where I knew that when I was out and about and seeing people that she knew or you know like just acquaintances and stuff they kind of thought I was her which isn't a bad thing I absolutely love my sister but at the same time I am just really proud of what I'm I've accomplished I'm really proud of my husband my kids so basically that was one of the reasons why I just didn't want to be confused with my older sister that used to happen all the time when we were in school and I was just I I'm really proud of what I've become and my family and stuff and so I just really didn't want to be confused with anyone else it was kind of bothering me so I went back blonde just because everyone knows me as a blonde she's brunette and it's just a lot easier to keep us apart that way we're only 16 months apart and like I said we look so much alike so we are very easily confused and so that was my number one reason the second reason is for my daughter Julie which is probably the sweetest reason ever but if you guys have seen her before she has blonde hair and blue eyes and the rest of the family when I was a brunette we all had brown hair and green eyes and I could tell it was starting to bother her every once in a while she would say mommy I want brown hair like you like she just looks up to me so much and so occasionally she would say mommy I want brown hair like you and it was just no big deal to me but lately it was like every single day she was begging me for to let her die her hair and so she could look like the rest of the family and so I could tell that it was really bothering her so I told her Julie mommy wants to look like you because I actually have blond hair too and I actually you know we'll match we'll have the same hair color and so that was another reason why I decided to go back blonde you guys can definitely tell I put a lot of thought into this just because I genuinely loved having brunette hair and so it was kind of like I went back and forth for a very long time about whether I should do it or not but all of those reasons combined it was just like a clear sign for me to change my hair it was time to finally do it so this is actually the first session that we did of blond highlights and I'm actually going back for my second session in about three weeks we decided to go ahead and wait only three weeks she had originally said that we were gonna wait six weeks in between sessions but since my hair handled it so well and she was really happy and pleased with how healthy my hair came out of it she said that we would only wait three weeks so in the middle of October I am going to get a little bit more blonde on top of this mostly because you can see there's still a lot of brown down here so we just want to make it all like really blended especially up here you can see you know it's it is still kind of like streaky you can see the brown and the blonde but once we're done in October then it'll all look pretty much blonde and for the haircut this is the most asked question I've been getting lately is did you cut your hair something is different with your hair and can you tell us what it is so I will actually overlay a picture in right here of what I had her do to my hair and basically it is just lots and lots of layers and a side swoop bang but I will overlay it right here for you guys so if you want to take this to your hairdresser then you can I also have it on my Pinterest it's in my board beauty tips that's where I post like hairstyles and makeup advice things like that so it is in there if you guys want to follow me on Pinterest I always have my Pinterest linked in the description box below if you guys want to find it over there definitely feel like my true self again not to say that I probably won't try out other hair colors later on in my life but blonde is always I think probably going to feel like the most meat and when I feel like the most made because I was just blonde for the first 24 years of my life so I just associate myself with being a blonde I guess because it is actually my natural hair color so I definitely feel like me again I'm really happy with it and I hope you guys like it too give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos from me and I will see y'all in the next one bye