[Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited to announce the BMW i3 giveaway because you guys have been such great supporters to me and because I love you it's time for me to give back to you and for this reason I've teamed up with BMW of West Houston to give you an i3 BMW this BMW is the first of its kind it's eco-friendly it's electric biodegradable speedy and even vegan friendly I'm excited because this is the biggest giveaway that I have ever done I'm giving you guys a car and I'm completely honored to partner with BMW of West Houston to make this happen the giveaway for this car is going to be announced on December the 14th at our huge Christmas party that's going to be here at the dealership and all of you are invited to this awesome event there are three things that you'll need to do to win this car the first thing you need to do is enter the giveaway go to BMW foliage comm and fill out the form on this page to join from here two of the other requirements are that you must be subscribed to my youtube channel and you must be following my Instagram you'll see other entries on this page and the more entries that you participate in the bigger your chances are to win this car turn on your post notifications because from now until December the 14th I'm gonna be posting multiple times at least once a week about this giveaway on Instagram and on YouTube and your mission should you choose to accept it will be that every time I post you go to the post immediately like it and then tag five friends the third thing that we kindly ask you to do is engage help us to build a community share this giveaway with your family and your friends and even if you don't want to win this car enter the giveaway for somebody that you love or even have someone that you love enter the giveaway for you to help increase your chances of one so now that you know the terms and conditions of the giveaway let me show you how cool this car really is the most electrifying gift is here it is strong light and revolutionary made with high-performance materials such as carbon fiber it even has a sustainable open pour light eucalyptus wood that deepens and color over time the car comes with a leather free availability and it's true to its BMW DNA it's sporty it's fast and it's fun this is an electric vehicle with heart assembled in a wind-powered carbon neutral plan the i3 takes significantly less energy and water to produce some other bonuses that will act in your favor are the following BMW of West Houston is going to give anybody who walks into this dealership and says that they're a part of this give away a free t-shirt so come and get to know the people at the dealership say that you're here for the giveaway and get a free t-shirt I'm also going to be hosting a few pop-up events in a celebration of this giveaway so stay tuned to the BMW fully rad calm giveaway page for details I hope that you all are as excited about this giveaway as I am go to BMW fully rad calm to join the giveaway I thank you all so much for being here with me today sending you all my hugs in my love and I'll see you in my next video bye [Music]